Crystal Chappell Joins The Bold and The Beautiful as Lesbian Mom of Caroline 2.0!



Get ready for Caroline Spencer's (Linsey Godfrey) other mom to stir things up on The Bold and The Beautiful. is reporting Crystal Chappell has been cast as Danielle, a lesbian, who is one of Caroline's two mothers! 


As recently revealed, Caroline is also the daughter of publishing heiress Karen Spencer (Joanna Johnson) According to EW, B&B is embarking on its first gay storyline. This isn't the first time Chappell has played a lesbian. Her popular Guiding Light character Olivia Spencer fell in love with Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia) during the soap's final season and Chappell also stars in and produces the gay-themed webisoap Venice.

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    It’s about time. Unbelievable that it took a soap, set in the fashion industry, 25 years (!!!!) to tell their first gay storyline! I’m excited about this and hope they go somewhere with it and it won’t be over after putting this story on once five-times-the-week.

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    I’ve always been amazed that there were no gay people in the entire LA fashion industry as reflected on B&B. And I’ve never cared if they featured a gay coming out story or a weepy love triangle. But at least they could have acknowledged that gay people exist in the industry and not make a big deal about it. It would be amazing if they had some gay characters whose story had nothing to do with being gay, but it was just treated as a fact of life. Maybe this is a start.

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    Well, good for finally addressing the real world. However, I hope this doesn’t lead to endless scenes of other characters going, “A lesbian? Are you sure? Have you ever seen one before? What do you think they DO? Should be ask her? Let’s ask her, then speculate endlessly about their bedroom habits!”

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    Jetty I hope so to for all our sakes LOL!

    I think it will have to do more so with Caroline of course than Crystal and Joanna although I’d love for them to get some sort of storyline also. It will be interesting if Bill has been kept in the dark all this time.

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    so riddle me this….How are you going to have a “gay” storyline when only one part of the couple is on the show? Is Karen coming back as well? Am I the only one confused by that?

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    So great! It is about time B&B has a gay character. They are set in LA and yet are they the last soap to do this???
    I hope Crystal is on the show for long term! Love her! Miss her as Olivia!

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    Is the character of Karen Spencer gay?? I had no idea. Granted, I don’t regularly watch the show…But whenever I see Joanna Johnson will be appearing I try to tune in as she’s always been one of my all-time favorites.

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    Type-casting? I had been a longtime fan of Chappell up until her latest stint on DAYS where her acting was unbearable. Granted it was a horrid storyline but her acting was just plain awful. Chappell seems like a smart businesswoman and manages to maintain work as an actress over 40. Good for her.

    Separately, I seemed to have missed Jon Hensley on B&B. Is he expected to return?

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    I knew what to expect when I opened this thread.

    I love how people say, “Yes, finally a gay storyline!” without knowing whether it will be good or not, but people who are against that on TV get criticized. It is a double standard.

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    hey mon

    bookerman — C’mon man. What about Daytime Drama do you like?

    The near-incest of Ridge and Bridget? The 8 marriages of Brooke Logan? Countless GC non-marrieds having sex on their desk or office tables? Jack marrying Gen to get a hold of a cosmetic company? Spoilers for next week say that the Gen/Jack/Nikki/Victor is basically going to be 4 senior citizens having one partner on a Friday night. Then each different opposite gender partner the next night. This is good, just because it is opposite gender? This new weirdness on Y&R that attractive males in their late 20s and early 30s get drugged and raped, Daniel and Billy?

    So why are you watching Daytime? For the morals?

    What do you think showing a monogamous relationship between 2 people of the same gender is going to hurt?

    The only thing I don’t like about Daytime is that no one ever gets VD. Now THAT would be realistic, but not very interesting to watch.

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    I don’t remember much about Karen’s love life when that character was on the show in that character’s original run, but instead of calling it a “gay” storyline, could Karen simply be bisexual and this new character, Danielle, be a lesbian?

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    [quote=hey mon]bookerman — C’mon man. What about Daytime Drama do you like?


    The outrageous behavior, the addicting plotlines, the payoff from a well-crafted story arc….there’s a lot about the genre I love.

    I am not against gay relationships…..with a purpose. If it is thrown on the show because of caving pressure that is just as discriminatory as a show keeping it off because they think it is immoral. I am against forced straight relationships too.

    I didn’t mind Bianca and Marissa in the final months of All My Children, because it was well-done how an obsessive ex pushed her and she realized her true self. This storyline is done purely to please the gay audience and that I have a problem with.

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    [quote=thebookerman]This storyline is done purely to please the gay audience and that I have a problem with.[/quote]

    How do you know this? If we gays shouldn’t pre-judge a gay storyline as good, simply because it will soon exist, then why is it okay for you to pre-judge it as a bad thing, without having seen it play out?

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    I have a feeling this storyline will be just like the movie “The Kids Are ALL Right”

    Caroline parents come to LA they decide to stay in town. Caroline doesn’t know who her father is and ask Karen about him.

    then…BAM! It turns out to be some guy in LA (maybe Nick Maroine) and in the process of Caroline getting to know her father, Karen remembers the good times she use to have so on one lonely chilly night in Southern California the dad’s penis accidentally falls into Karen’s vajayjay.

    Danielle finds out about the affair and next thing you know the DRAMA will play out over the summer until the two ladies decide to move back to New York..

    YEP i’m calling it now.

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    Yeah, I seriously doubt CC has been brought to BB just for the sake of having a “Gay/lesbian” storyline. In fact, as others have said, it’s been on for 25 years…a show about FASHION, and has never had an actual gay/outed character (though that reporter for Spencer Publications that went out on the date with Pammie is up for debate)…but the point is, B&B has done just fine thru the years without this kind of storyline/character. And with this “danielle” being of age, I’m almost positive we won’t have the “Coming out the closet” type of story with her. I’m sure she’ll be just a normal character who happens to be in love/attracted to another woman. That’s the way I like it. So yeah, I seriously doubt Brad Bell is doing this to appease fans. B&B fans have some things to gripe about, but the whole “no gay character” thing at least TO ME was more of a joke…like who really CARES enough to stop watching because there isn’t a gay character or IS a gay character??? It’s not that serious…

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    The thing we should all be griping about is Brad and the writers’s inability to write more than one story at a time. Why must one story swallow this show whole? At one time, they actually could balance 2 or 3 stories at the same time, without relegating characters to once-monthly appearances while the audience is bombarded with the one story 5 days a week.

    I hope this story is well-done and interesting, and doesn’t go straight to the back burner like the majority of stories not related to Hope/Liam/Steffy and Brooke/Ridge.

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    [quote=thebookerman]I am not against gay relationships…..with a purpose. If it is thrown on the show because of caving pressure that is just as discriminatory as a show keeping it off because they think it is immoral. I am against forced straight relationships too.

    This storyline is done purely to please the gay audience and that I have a problem with.[/quote]

    ^^ How is being more diverse “caving to pressure”? And if you are against “forced staright relationships” then there’s no point in you watching B&B where Hope/Liam and Steffy/Liam are outrageously forced.

    I have a problem with daytime soap operas becoming increasingly less diverse and less reflective of the reality of our lives.

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    CrystalChappell is an AWESOME talent and I am thrilled that she is coming to The Bold and The Beautiful. I will definitely be watching !!! Thank you B&B !!!

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    Yes! Finally! Crystal Chappell back on our TVs!!! It doesn’t surprise me that its Brad Bell who is smart enough to capitalize on not only CC’s talents, but her fanbase. The daytime drama genre needs all the help it can get. I had been a longtime viewer of B&B up until last summer when I had finally had enough of seeing the younger set 24/7. I was missing other longtime characters. So I left, well, guess what, I’m coming back! I’ve already programmed my DVR and have already read the recaps from August so I’m all caught up! Thank You Brad Bell!!!!!

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    I for one am pleasantly surprised by this news. I’m happy to FINALLY see a gay storyline on Bold and Beautiful, even if it took 25 YEARS for it to finally happen!! It just wasn’t logical for a soap set in the fashion world to have NO gay characters; glad to see that’s changing!

    I’m a little surprised though that Karen is apparently a lesbian now. When Karen was on the show she was in a front and center triangle with Thorne and Macy, but I guess she realized somewhere along the way that she’s a lesbian? GL’s Olivia was in several relationships with men before she fell for Natalia as well. It happens.

    My only concern is whether Brad Bell will do the story justice. Considering that Brad has a tendency to drop stories and actors quicker than any other showrunner, this storyline might last a few months and fade into oblivion. Hopefully I’m wrong on this one.

    Is Crystal on contract? Is Joanna Johnson coming back on a full time basis? If not, Crystal should be on contract and so should Joanna Johnson. If their characters are broken up, Brad should cast Tamara Braun as Crystal’s girlfriend. I want Tamara Braun back on daytime!! :)

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    I have to be honest- I don’t have the time, energy or desire to read through these comments and respond directly to the nasty ones about a gay storyline being introduced to The Bold and the Beautiful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so please keep that in mind when I say I am thrilled that A) B&B is telling this story and B) B&B brought Crystal Chappell back to Daytime. Thank you B&B and know that as a longtime Days fan, I look forward to also adding your show to my line-up.

    As a longtime Days fan, I have seen the introduction of Will Horton’s storyline. I can honestly say that it is the most poignant and heartfelt storyline that Days has covered in a while. I truly think these stories are needed in today’s day in age. I am all for equality and support gay rights so some might not agree with my point of view. Fine. The fact is; many youth struggle with the feelings of not being able to come-out to their families and others for fear of rejection and disownment. I think if the Days storyline can help one youth feel more comfortable about their situation, they have gone above and beyond in their storytelling.

    Whether people want to admit it or not, people of the same sex fall in love all the time. It’s really that simple. If it bothers you that much, turn off the television. I’m not saying that to be rude. I am saying that because as a consumer, you have the right to choose what you do and do not watch.

    I have been a fan of Crystal Chappell since childhood and she will always be my favorite Days actress. She taps into her character and brings a level of believability and emotion to each of her storylines that is phenomenal to watch. Before you write the story off, how about giving it a chance to unfold?

    B&B, please know that we are thrilled to have Crystal back on our screen. She has been missed and I have no doubt this will be a great story to watch. I look forward to tuning in. Congrats CC- you are right where you should be! You have our support.

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    SO excited for B&B!! Not only will they be gaining such an amazing talent in Crystal Chappell but the fact tht they are open minded enough to bring a gay/lesbian storyline to their show says a lot about the evolution of the show!
    As a long time loyal soap fan, for orr 20 years, I find it interesting in the lack of same sex storylines. Story lines are constantly recycled, yet as times have changed the current soaps seem to be some what stuck in a rut, as far as evolving. Seems as though they are turning away from character driven storylines and using more and more doppelgängers and ok stories. Having said that, I applaud B&B for taking a stand and making a change. I for one, as a HUGE Chappell fan cannot wait to see this new storyline!
    I’ve said from the beginning, even if they brought Chappell to B&B just to be a window washer I’d watch AND support, lucky for her she’s got a better storyline than that but I digress!
    Overall, it was a perfect casting choice and I am SO grateful to have Chappell back in daytime!!

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    I was extemely excited to see that B&B had hired Crystal Chappell. I am equally excited that they are going to add gay characters. First of all I love Crystal and appreciate all of her work. I was not a B&B viewer but started to DVR the day after the first annoucement about Crystal. They have a new viewer in me. As for Crystal’s character, I was surprised the show already didn’t have gay characters already. It’s really shouldn’t be ground breaking but just another great story among many stories for this show. I support B&B in what they are doing.

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