Steffy Once Again Throws Shade at The Logans and Hope Confesses to Poppin’ Pills on Bold and Beautiful!

Someone should really sit Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester, Jr. (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) down and tell her the old saying about the pot accusing the kettle of having issues! On today's B&B, that hateful daughter of Ridge (Ron Moss) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) throws more shade at sweet, frigid, doped up Hope Logan (Kimberly Matula), who in turn confesses all to Liam (Scott Clifton) about her addiction to happy pills.

I cannot wait until Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) finds out Amber (Adrienne Frantz) had a hand in all of this. She's gonna make that trick wish she never left Death Valley! Watch a promo for today's B&B after the jump!



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    I think they should keep it a secret for a while that Amber is the one who gave Hope the illegal pills. It needs to come out at like a big event…I’m thinking Amber and Rick’s wedding or something.

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    Hey, I posted a comment in one of the other articles. Whats left to say? I literally almost switched the Bold and the Beautiful off because of Steffy. I mean Stephanie, Ridge, High and Mighty Taylor, Thomas all have blinders on when it comes to delicate Steffy. Give me a break.

    I would love to see her try to be a big shot at Forrester Creations and try to usurp Stephanie and Eric and Ridge. Do you think they would put up with that?

    I hate to say it but Amber will need a hell of a lot of rebuilding.

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    The reason why Hope might be preceived as pathetic is because everyone is in her face talking about her. How much more can Hope take? Shes doing what she can but its either Amber or Taylor or Ridge or Steffy up in her face.

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    Man please….I don’t see ANYBODY up in Hope’s face. HOPE is the one that’s always around in someone’s face. When she snagged Liam, not ONCE did Steffy go to Hope to say ANYTHING. Yet Hope always managed to find time to inform Steffy that she was finally going to open her legs and let Liam sample the buffet.

    Taylor has not ONCE visited Hope to say a word to her about her living with her daughter’s husband, unlike Brooke, who constantly badgered Steffy about “stealing” Liam from Hope.

    Ridge is a doofus (That is all)

    So yeah, I think a lot of what Hope is going through is because of Hope. Sure Steffy was treacherous in trying to get Liam, and in all actuality she GOT him. She didn’t force him to put that ring on her finger, and in the end…he’s still with Hope. So why all the Steffy blame? LOL. She’s the least of HOpe’s worries right now.

    Hope is the one who put her tangerine in the public eye as if it were the cure to the common cold and informed everyone that she was saving herself for Prince Liam. SHE was the one that informed all of America that they should all wait until they are married to have sex. And she kept that stance until she got horny, and then all of that went to hell. Then all of a sudden she’s married to Liam “in her heart”…GMAB. If that’s the case, I could get married to Justin Barber “in my heart” and screw him and then get an annulment “in my heart” in the morning. Hope annoys me to no end!!! I’m tired of her playing the victim because of her own ridiculous decisions.

    If she would’ve stopped teasing Liam in the first place with those “Let’s make out” sessions EVERY single night, and if she would’ve just been up front about her feelings from the beginning, NONE of this would’ve happened. Truthfully, Liam is a tool and he couldn’t be committed to one woman if he TRIED. WHen he was allegedly so “happy” with Hope in the beginning, he was looking at pictures of Steffy and fantasizing about her. Then he married Steffy, and looked at photos of Hope and started the fantasy (seriously…what is it with these damn photos?)…and now he’s with Hope but he can’t stop having these little “Chance” meetings and phone calls with Steffy. He doesn’t deserve either woman because they are both beautiful and smart.

    I just hope Hope grows up soon…because I’m tired of her whining and blaming everyone because the Earth didn’t move and the economy didn’t recover after her first sexual experience. If she wants someone to blame, stop pointing the finger at Brooke, Steffy, Taylor, Thomas, and President Obama…and look in the mirror!!!!!

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    I respectfully disagree. Hope would have waited until she was married but Steffy didnt want to sign the annulment/divorce papers. And that wasnt about her marriage to Liam. She wanted to put the screws to Hope.

    She didnt force Liam to put the finger on her? Thats true. She just trapped Hope in a Gondola and then moved heaven in earth in Cabo to distract Hope from Liam.

    Taylor didnt tell Hope directly about how she felt. Taylor told Brooke instead. And who is Taylor anyway? Shes going to talk about marriage? She was engaged to Rick? Shes in love with Ridge, then there going to get married and then there not.

    As far as Hope goes about praising virginity and the people who now hate her, you know what, deal with it. Like Steffy is any better. This is the woman who was going to have sex with Liam’s father right under Taylor’s nose!!

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    But the difference between Steffy and HOpe is….Steffy never claimed to be the queen of virtue and purity. She goes after what she wants, and makes no buts about it. Steffy is the type of woman to come to your face and tell you “I’ll take your man”…and then DO IT.

    Hope, on the other hand, preaches that sex is so special between two people and how all girls should wait for marriage before humping…and she pushed it and pushed it. Hope For the Future didn’t start out being about sex. That wasn’t its original premise. She MADE it about sex when she decided that she wanted to wait.

    To me, and this is just MY opinion, but Hope can’t blame Steffy for this. It was Hope’s decision to do Liam, and the annulment had nothing to do with that. I mean, Hope and LIam had waited for over a YEAR to have sex, so what difference did the six months make? If she were going to do Liam, she could’ve done it from the jump and saved us all from this storyline. NOTHING has changed between she and Liam in the past year or so, except now he’s MARRIED!! Why didn’t she just “marry him in her heart” back when he was single and begging for it???? I personally think Hope knew that Liam would eventually drift back to Steffy after a month of blue balls, and so she had to do what she had to do to keep him. It’s sick and ridiculous that Liam couldn’t wait that long, but it’s also a lot to ask to have his relationship be the new face of “young adult girls everywhere”…

    So Hope threw away all her beliefs, her morals and values, and everything that her campaign stood for, and did Liam….and after it was over, she realized it wasn’t worth it, and now she wants to blame Jesus, Mary, and Joseph because Liam didn’t break her off the way she thought he would. WELLLLLL Hope, it happens that way sometimes. To me she’s just a spoiled brat now that wants to have her way, and when she doesn’t get it, she does what she’s been wanting to do all along…and blames everyone else when she’s exposed.

    Now I’m not saying Steffy comes out of this smelling like roses…but I DO think that the biggest issues now are due to Hope. Steffy caused issues with Liam and Hope’s relationship, but as far as the HFTF campaign, the backlash, the sex not living up to what Hope thought it would, Hope’s insecuritites, etc…it had nothing to do with Steffy. And even worse than THAT, Hope sat in the doctor’s office and pointed the finger at Brooke! I can understand Brooke’s past having a hand in the way that Hope is, but she hasn’t ONCE taken responsibility for her part in all of this…it’s not Brooke’s fault…it’s HOPE’S. I’m sorry for these long comments, but this is what I yell at my screen every day when I watch it…lol.

    ANd I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone. I’m passionate about it, but I’m not that much of a crazed fan….:)

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    Yes, that is exactly how I feel about her & this entire storyline as well!
    You didn’t disappoint me after I married your previous post ‘in my heart’!

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