Will Carmine Get Burned By Abby on The Young and the Restless?

It's been a long time since a casting decision by the brass at The Young and the Restless hasn't caused me to want to tear open my T-shirt and beat my chest, while standing over the mouth of a live volcano asking the Soap Gods "Why?" Okay, that's a bit melodramatic—even for a soap fan—but you get my drift!

The recent addition of Carmine (Marco Dapper), the jilted lover of Angelina, the singing mafia princess played by Diana DeGarmo, doesn't have me complaining one bit. In fact, I find myself wishing the hunky actor was onscreen more often! Dapper, who has appeared on primetime television in Dirty Sexy Money, Veronica Mars, 90210 and The Client List, is likely familiar to fans of the Eating Out movie franchise for his appearance in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. 

The actor and model offers up the pretty boy, eye candy swag Y&R has sorely been lacking in since Shemar Moore departed to hunt creepy serial killers on CBS primetime. On today's episode of Y&R, Carmine has a pretty, ahem, "hot" run in with Newman/Abbott heiress Abby (the adorable Marcy Rylan). Here's hoping this leads to something positively scorching! Watch the promo for today's Y&R after the jump!



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    Carmine is hot, but why does he have to be a Jersey Shore guy? Why not Chance? He’d be a perfect Chance. Y&R needs to grow and develop it’s legacy characters. Viewers of all ages are interested in our long time characters children that were born on-screen.

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    hey mon

    penny — That is a great idea. He could be Chance.

    Caption the above screen shot of the preview: Kevin, Chloe, Carmine.

    Kevin: My name is Greg Rikaart, and your name is Marco (Mr) Dapper, as well as a couple of other names that I am thinking of?

    Chloe: Kevin who, Greg who?

    Carmine: I understand why this place is for the ‘young and the restless’.

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