The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki and Victor Break Up and Screw Other People!

Sharon: Ms. Thang is going to start to take stock of her life and try to stand strong. Where have we heard that jive before?

Victor/Nikki/Jack/Genevieve: The Black Knight's chickens have come home to roost.  Victor's lady love finds out he paid Chelsea to get Billy drunk and have sex with him. Nikki has had it with Victor's stunts. The couple has a huge blow up, ending with Nikki once again kicking Victor to the curb.

Meanwhile, Jack and Genaura Genevieve head to Las Vegas to get hitched, but the Abbott bad boy just can't bring himself to marry her. Jack gives Genevieve her walking papers, breaking her heart. Later, Jack calls Nikki and fills her in on everything. She flies to Sin City to be with him. She tells Old Smilin' Jack about her romantic woes with Victor, while he gripes over Genevieve. Jack may not be able to walk, but everything else seems to be working just fine, because he and Nikki make love!

Victor decides to go to Vegas also. He plans to try and convince Genevieve to sell Beauty of Nature to him one more time. Persistence pays off, as she says yes. The former mob moll learns of Nikki ending her relationship with Victor and gives him a shoulder to lean on, while dishing about her break up with Jack. Well, I guess that turns out to be be one heck of a shoulder because the two wind up hitting the sack!

Later, Billy and Victoria hold a party in honor of Baby John's birth, and it seems the place to be for folks wanting to make statements. Jack and Nikki go public with their renewed relationship, while Victor arrives with Genevieve, just in time to discover Nikki and Jack are an item! Victor accuses Nikki of ditching him for Jack. Victor may have gotten BON from Jack, but Old Smilin' has snagged the one thing Victor is obsessed with: Nikki. If that isn't bad enough, Victor's purchase of BON may not sit too well with the board over at Newman Enterprises.

Kyle: He returns to Genoa City and is NOT happy when he finds out Jack is with Nikki.

Tucker/Ashley: The couple's business disagreement causes strife in their personal lives.

Neil/Harmony: The two try to make sense of their kiss.

Lauren: The department store heiress is goes to jail.

Lucy: The judge makes a decision in the custody battle over her.

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    Did they forget that they just spent months with Jack working on his case against Genevieve for BON?…..So now that they aren’t getting married he can’t have it why?

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Jack and Nikki reunite … but that fast???? One trip to Vegas, almost marrying another woman and he renews his relationship to Nikki?

    And then Kyle comes to town and of course has a problem with Jack’s woman. Wait … didn’t that just happened last year??? With Phyllis????? It’s not original!!!! It does make sense because of Nikki killing Diane, but it’s just an repeat of a storyline that was done not even 12 months ago. Talk about awful timing …
    BTW, one thing Genoa City DOES NOT need is another angry kid. -.- It’s lame!!!!

    Sharon trying to get her act together can only mean that she is one week from getting in BIG trouble – yet again. We know how this works … this is basically all there is to the once amazing character of Sharon Collins Newman for the last four years now!!!!!! :/

  3. Profile photo of Duchess

    Very disappointed that Gen is selling BON back to Victor. I guess I should know by now that Victor always wins but I keep forgetting that and hoping just once he’ll be the loser. He’s the one who wanted to sell it in the first place so he shouldn’t be rewarded with getting it back. I was hoping Victoria would get it since it really means the most to her and it was strictly business for Jack and Tucker. On the bright side hopefully Sharon is finally done for good. If I have to endure Chelsea staying on the show then at least if she’s with Adam that keeps him away from Sharon and she’s allowed to have a brain again.

  4. Profile photo of pennywise555

    Hmmm…who is Lauren going to shoot. I know it won’t be Daisy because I’d enjoy that too much. It better not be the baby.

    Neil/Harmony- what’s to make sense of they are attracted to each other. My sympathy for Sophia is gone, this business charade she’s playing on Neil is over the line. Neil may not love her, but he’s backing her personally and business wise, Sophia is choosing her boss’s success in business deals over someone she professes to love.

    Can’t wait for Nikki/Jack/Kyle. The only downside is we all know Nikki has to go back to her owner no matter how bad he treats her. Why Y&R?

    Didn’t the business disagreement w/Ashley already happen? It was boring the first time, so now an encore presentation is planned? SNORE ZZZZZ Ashley just isn’t convincing as CEO of Jabot, she’s either too bitchy or too whishy-washy. Kay, Jill, Victoria as CEO.. yes. Ashley, Sharon, Genvieve as CEO, sorry it’s too funny. I just don’t buy it no matter what earth shattering deal they make.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Ashley should return to her lab and divorce this snooze husband of hers. Seriously, Y&R needs to free Ashley from her marriage with Tucker. These two just bore the hell out of each other. Their relationship should have ended after Ashley found out that Tucker slept with Diane.

  6. Profile photo of Bartman202

    It just keeps getting worse and worse – Wild West wagon trains didn’t go around in this many circles as Maria Arena Bell’s tenure as Head Writer/EP of “Y & R”!!

    So a now-fully-grown Kyle Jenkins Abbott is coming back in two weeks and will see Daddy Jack with Nikki – the woman who allegedly killed his mother Diane Jenkins back in 2011 – WHEN KYLE WAS TWELVE!! But Daddy Jack will still be in his wheelchair in two weeks, right Maria??


    This show has become a complete bust – SONY fired the wrong head writers last week!!!

  7. Profile photo of pjc722

    I like the pairing of Nikki and Jack but I am just soooooo over this Beauty of Nature/Jabot competition. Can’t it just be Victor and Jack battling one another?!! And please do not have Kyle go work for Victor! If there is one person, besides the woman who killed … accidental, self defense or otherwise … his mother it’s Victor! Seriously when will this show write characters who listen to their parents advice especially when the evidence is there to support it!

    Abby we can understand not listening to Ash or Victor because she’s doing stupid things to herself like the naked heiress.

    But you have Ricky who won’t listen to his father when he says that it’s about family not yourself. Where is Paul’s religious mother when you need her. How I wish to see her approach Ricky and rip him a new one and tell him to grow up. SOme of these characters truly need the proverbial slap/tongue lashing that no one gives them!

    Now Kyle is back and mad that Nikki killed his mom (I am of the camp who still believes that the reasons all the suspects had for killing Diane were not strong enough to warrant her death!). He should be mad no matter what Diane supposedly did to Nikki. I think it would do this show some good to tell a compelling story of the Abbot heir returning and dealing with the circumstances and not coming back and just being a spoiled brat. This show has too many of them.

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    The character of Sharon is such a waste now. They need to bring on a character she falls for so she doesnt pine for Adam. I like Adam with Chelsea. they have really good friendship chemistry that I hope turns into something nice.

    Poor Sharon out in the dark.

    BTW, where are Phyllis and Sharon with their Nick spawns?! They fit tooth and nail to get them and then hand them directly to the nanny. zzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Profile photo of goyankees

    I will let the rest of you discuss amoungst yourselves the Awesomeness that is Jack and Nikki, the Grossness that is Victor and ANYONE, the Snoozefest that is Tucker and Ashley…. I personally wanna vent about Neil. For the writers to have had him marry Sofia like that, just bugs me. Again, we invest in these people. That was not Neil Winters.

    But I do PRAISE JESUS that we have no custody battle with Baby John. I really like Chelsea and Adam (our version of Todd Manning…dispicaple trying so hard to be good)

    Thrilled we have this triangle of Jack/Nikki/Victor. Laura Spencer is another story entirely….

    p.s. CARMINE! Who knew?? I’m DIGGING HIM, but digging he and Abby even more.

  10. Profile photo of tedew

    RealityCheck 33’s simple statement in post #1 is purely and sadly the truth. These spoilers really do seem like Ground Hog Day, except now with more SORASED creatures on the horizon.

    And … I’d like Nikki just a bit better if she yanked that ever present pole out of her ass.

  11. Profile photo of Scout

    I don’t know…

    This show has become a hideous cartoon, an elaborate parody of soaps on par with the show portrayed in “Soapdish”.

    Does that make sense?

  12. Profile photo of tori87dec

    I can’t wait until Tucker hears about this Bon exchange with Gen and Victor the $it is going to hit the fan. I like the fact Victor got Bon otherwise it would be too boring,he and Gen working together to cause a holy hell alliance can cause alot of problems. I agree the Ashley/Tucker pairing is as boring as you can get but the past with the many (secrets)Gen told Tucker he told her when they were kids sounds suspious. I also like the flirtious relationship between them. Any man that remembers you drank wine coolers over 25 years earlier I think either wants revenge or still carrys a torch for you:)I want Victor/Tucker to go head to head and Gen get caught in the middle. Jack and Niki sound like a pathetic pairing as you know it won’t last as Victor/Niki will never get over one another – can’t live with him and can’t live without him. I am sad over the fact that Jack seemed so in love with Gen and now acts like he never loved her because she made a mistake sounds pretty shallow. They could of been a great team together,he’s making a big mistake and could of found real happiness with her if he would of forgiven her as she really loved him. The writers are all over the place and it’s for sure the Gen/Victor pairing is nothing more then business. Gen deserves a man that will really love her that she can trust,so frustrating. I am however very happy Cane and Gen have made amends,they are wonderful together in all there scenes,he really loves her – Yeah finally,hope the writers don’t ruin their reconcelliation!

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