General Hospital’s Sam vs. Days of Our Lives’ Stefano: Which Soap Parent’s Paternity Pickle Are You Most Excited to Tune In For?

SPOILER ALERT: Next week two daytime parents are going to learn their kids weren't sired by the people they thought. No, I am not describing an upcoming episode of Maury either! On General Hospital, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will be sent reeling after discovering Franco (James Franco), not Jason (Steve Burton) is the father of the child she's carrying. Meanwhile, the man who fathered more soap children than any other character—Days of Our Lives' Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo)—will find out his beloved Elvis (James Scott) isn't really his son!

Which DNA plot twist has you most excited to tune in next week?

General Hospital's Sam vs. Days of Our Lives' Stefano: Which Soap Parent's Paternity Pickle Are You Most Excited to Tune In For?

  • Neither. I hate both plot twists! (30%, 550 Votes)
  • EJ's true paternity on Days of Our Lives. (36%, 666 Votes)
  • Sam's baby drama on General Hospital. (34%, 644 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,860


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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Since Heather saw Sam’s papers for a DNA test and figured out that Sam believes Franco could be the father, I think tampering with the results will be her way of getting her revenge on Sam after all. So I don’t find it really shocking, but I am excited about the performance that Kelly Monaco hopefully can give us.
    In the end this plot will see Sam searching for McBain’s comfort while Jason just might be getting closer with Liz again!?

    The truth about EJ should be more shocking and more exciting to see. So DAYS get’s my vote even though I don’t think that it’s a wise decision… If anyone was ever really a child of Stefano’s it’s EJ.

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    The EJ story should involve Kristen Blake in some way. Apart from Eileen Davidson, Jessica Tuck is the perfect actress for this role. Days had an opportunity to get it right when they hired her last year. Unfortunately, they wasted it by casting her as Chad’s mom.

  3. Profile photo of DenverDean

    No wonder those DAYS writers were fired. This is one of the stupidest “twists” I’ve heard. Hopefully, the new writers will undo it. I’m just curious, if the whining writer complained that NBC wouldn’t let them tell their stories, I can only imagine how truly bad they must’ve been. Good riddance!

  4. Profile photo of TicToc238

    Hold up……Is this the secret Grandma Horton had in her letter? How are they going to pull this off.. I was in 6th grade when i remember this storyline with Susan and Stefano but wasn’t it clear that he used his “home made body lotion” and put it in Susan???

    I guess only time will tell. =/

  5. Profile photo of GatesBear

    EJ had Susan “impregnated” … and if I remember correctly we even saw from her point of view what was happening during the inplantation. EJ was also born onscreen, so unless they say that somehow Stefano missed up the sperm sample… which I doubt, this is ridiculous. I cannot stand EJ but this story seems dumb. I truly hope they do not make him the son of John and Princess Gina. I would stop watching.

  6. Profile photo of Lukeistheman

    I guess this storyline twist could fit with the Alice secret (found in the letter). I don’t like EJ not being Stefano’s kid because of the retcon issues, but i guess DOOL is doing what they can to connect the old school (Ie Stefano) with the new school (EJ, Chad, etc..).
    Perhaps EJ will be John or Ian’s kid?

  7. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    so you telling me that Alice sat quiet and did NOTHING when EJ was terrorizing the Brady’s and Horton’s on behalf of the almighty DiMera name??!

    she knew full well for decades that EJ was not Stefano’s son and could’ve stopped him from hurting her grandson Lucas and stopped Sami’s wedding to EJ.


    i bet the EJ paternity is going to be reversed when the new writers take over.

  8. Profile photo of snags

    Um, so what about the whole Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera looking EXACTLY like Sami and EJ? What purpose does it do? Tony isn’t Stefano’s biological son yet he cared for him deeply. So what is it about EJ that doesn’t work? Stefano cared deeply for Peter and Kristen Blake and they weren’t his biological children either. It just doesn’t serve a purpose really then to shake up the show.

    Really, Sami, EJ, Nicole and Rafe need to be backburnered. Other than Sami’s involvement with Will’s coming out, I really have NO desire to watch them waft back and forth between Rafe and EJ or now Lucas either. They need a rest. That’s part of the reason I’m annoyed with the reboot, that the SAME characters are still getting screen time.

    I want Jack and Jenn working on in the news media cracking open stories rather than Billie trying to “solve” John’s mess. It thrusts Jack and Jenn in peril with the DiMeras while trying to balance their lives with Abigail. Forget the paper form of the Spectator, they should be on the internet site of the Spectator and cracking stories left and right.

    Why not pick up elements from the books that Sheri Anderson wrote to tie in with the show? It would be wise especially since the last of the 3 books is coming out later this year. Or better yet, HIRE Sheri Anderson to be part of the writing regime as she did a great job with the books. I even enjoyed how John was written as I’m not a huge John character.

    This show needs MORE Hortons. Bring back Bill Horton. Let him try to come between Victor and Maggie. Nick Fallon can be released from prison and mix it up with the younger set or Nathan comes back. Melissa and Sarah need to meet Daniel. I’m not a fan of Daniel’s but it’s to bring continuity to the show. Melissa or Sarah could need an organ and Daniel gets in an accident (Jenn accidentally hits him…One Stormy Night) and Lexie harvests his organs to give to people, Melissa being one of them. Think of the irony and fun…for me!

  9. Profile photo of ILoveKarenWolek

    Neither of these twists sparks much interest with me. But if EJ turns out to be John Black’s child, that’s it–I’m done with Days. I’ve endured a demonic possession; John/Hope on a submarine in the Pacific; and Mrs H being “killed” by Marlena then sent off to live on an island with Doug, Maggie, Gilligan and the Skipper too! But this is it. I don’t care if the Will Coming Out story is the best thing going on daytime at the moment–the rest of the show is garbage!

    So, Days rebooted itself last September bringing back Marlena and John and Carrie and Austin and Jack. Now, Carrie, Austin and Jack are being written out–not even one year later?! Really? And Greg Meng’s excuse is that characters were meant to freely move on and off the show’s canvus?! No, what that means Mr Meng is that you put the cart before the horse! You signed actors to the show before you had a fully developed story for them. In daytime drama story is everything. It doesn’t matter if you bring Marlena back–if she’s just standing around looking pretty, then people aren’t going to watch that. And I never bought that whole storyline that John somehow developed the business savvy to steal the pension funds that belonged to his employees. John Black–a business tycoon? Really?! I might have bought the story had Kate or Victor been the one being implicated but John?! The man has had his mind messed with so much he can’t do simply addition and subtraction, but he’s going to steal and then hide millions and millions of dollars?! No, I don’t think so.

    For my part, the reboot was a disaster and that’s what concerned me when I heard they were bringing back all these characters. Now maybe if Douglas Marland were the head writer, it would have worked. Mr Marland was a genius at resurrecting a soap (see GH; GL; and ATWT). But in the last 25 years, Days has not had a head writer that could have come close to weaving this many returning characters into the fabric of a show. Like MAB on Y&R, Days saw a chance to lure people back with stars. And yes, that might buy you a few weeks, but the audience is smart and they realize what you’re doing and eventually tune out. Days 2.0 was about as successful as Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Unfortunately, Matt Lauer is coming for your time slot–so I’m not sure Days 3.0 has much hope of long term success. I fear that like AMC, Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell will only come in to tidy up the house so it’s half way presentable when those last sands run out.

    I can’t believe this once grand genre has been reduced to this. We went from Agnes Nixon, Douglas Marland and Bill Bell crafting incredible stories in the 70’s, 80’s and part of the 90’s to MAB and company running the genre into the ground. Yes, there are many people to blame—meddling network executives; changing technology to provide more on-demand content; the emergence of reality tv; changing in viewing habits among other issues; however, the reason people are not watching anymore is because these shows are not good anymore. They’re a shadow of their former selves–and for that, I grieve. I cannot believe this is happening to our “stories” –as my MawMaw used to call them!

  10. Profile photo of strawberrygurl22

    Don’t watch Days(try for months but between the boring stories and bad acting couldn’t continue), I would probably watch their paternity story than Sam’s. We all know Jason gonna turn out to be the father. Bianca from AMC and TSJ/Todd was the last rape/baby story line I found interesting.

  11. Profile photo of Carol2

    Neither. So far GH’s looks like a bad knockoff of the bad story RC told with Natalie and Jessica. EJ’s just too convoluted a character at this point and I have no idea why Stefano would dump EJ over biology when he loved Kristen and Peter.

  12. Profile photo of mecasey

    Jake would not have been killed so that Jason’s wife could give birth to another man’s child Besides, we never got confirmation that Sam was raped. Since Jasam is the lamest soap couple of all times and can’t ever lose, the idea that the paternity of Sam’s baby is even in question is ludicrous. The kid is Jason’s and Jasam will continue to go forward with their lame fake angst.

  13. Profile photo of Kazy24

    I really can’t stomach any story line that revolves around Sam unless it also involves a character I actually care about. That used to be Jason, now, not so much. I really have a hard time liking Jason when he is with sam. I just can’t stand them as a couple. So honestly, I hope it isn’t Jason’s, but we all know (as someone stated already) that jasam will get their so-called happy ending and go on being a boring couple who eats up way too much screen time. I can only dream that Sam and McBain will hook up and eventually be endgame. Their chemistry is off the charts and when sam is in scenes with John, she is much more tolerable and could even be likeable (to me at least).

    That being said, Kemo looks fantastic in that picture!

  14. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    Standing and applauding!!! BRAVO!!! And my nana called them her “stories” too.

    These networks are ignoring the fact that these very large fan bases were built over decades of with the help of family members handing down the tradition of watching these shows from generation to generation. Part of the reason the audience is dwindling is they aren’t worth passing on anymore. In their current state I wouldn’t pass them on to my daughter.

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