Bold and Beautiful’s Dollar Bill to Liam Re: Hope: “Crazy is Forever!”

Now this is just foul! Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is continuing to urge the fruit of his loins, Liam (Scott Clifton), to dump Hope (Kimberly Matula) on today's eppy of The Bold and the Beautiful. I know dude doesn't like the girl, but uttering the phrase "crazy is forever" about her is just cold-blooded. 

It isn't Hope's fault Amber (Adrienne Frantz) tricked her into taking pills that—according to online dope expert Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd)—might have boric acid and/or God knows what else in 'em.That would make you cuckoo too, Dollar Bill!  Watch a teaser from today's The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump!




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    I am seriously not enjoying how the BELLS write their characters on both shows and don’t give them any backup arguments! On Y&R, we see the likes of Daisy get visitation and custody with 24 hours of getting out of prison without even having Michael or Phyllis there to argue and it’s now taking WEEKS for Daniel to get his case heard and, of course, each and every time they get up there NO ONE ever mentions the fact that Daisy is a convicted criminal whether or not she is out of jail. HER CHARGES were not dismissed or pardoned!!!

    Then on B&B, we have Hope dealing with stress/anxiety by taking Xanax (on the show it is shown as the generic name) and the pure reality is that she would never act that way (yes, they are illegal but most illegal drugs are placiboes and not ACTUAL loopy-loops!) Then we constantly hear Steffy talk as if Hope is a home wrecker to her mother, who as a psychiatrist who would think she would be saying “sweetie, yes Hope jumped in and got into your marriage but she is your step-sister and you did sleep with your father in law”.

    I just wish that sometimes these 2 shows would just stop playing to one side of it and have people call the others out. The biggest injustice was when Billy lost custody of Delia on Y&R. Chloe threw everything at him and not once did he throw the fact that she lied, cheated and married another man all the while knowing Delia was Billy’s. Then they have Chloe, who ALWAYS said Billy couldn’t see Delia, yell at him for not seeing Delia?! None of it makes sense to fans who see it everyday and then yell at the tv screen and STOP WATCHING THE SHOW OUT OF FRUSTRATION!!!

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    Why don’t they get Don Diamont out of this stupid story line and get Bill a real story. To be reduced to some sort of sounding board for these 3 idiots is a waste.

    And why is Liam talking to Bill about Hope? Especially with the way Bill feels about Hope. Unless she gave Liam permission, it is no one’s business for now. Until Hope herself decides to talk about it.

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    “Crazy is forever”……that belongs on a coffee mug…..or a t-shirt! :D Personally, this show has become too centered on Hope and this character is not NEARLY interesting enough, nor is Kim Matula a strong enough actress, to become a show-eater! BALANCE, folks! Can I get some BALANCE on this show????!!!


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    They have just turned Bill into a creep. This man is oddly obsessed with both Hope and Steffy. And Liam is just plain dumb.

    I actually like the addiction story overall and I think Kim Matula is doing a great job. It’s B&B so it will never be Shakesphere but I think she’s handing the storyline very well.

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    L — O — L at “online dope expert Dayzee.” Even Lloyd, who is a good-to-excellent actress, couldn’t sell those crazy scenes. I hope she isn’t a gun expert next. I’m exaggerating, but only a little bit.

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    Bill is just a creep, and I don’t understand why they keep on acting like Steffy is this paragon of virtue and strength. Aside from Hope’s therapy scenes and scenes with Amber, this is one of the worst written stories on TV.

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