DC #670: Busting Out The Tootsie Roll

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikles dive into the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines including:

General Hospital’s life has been extended by ABC, thanks to the cancellation of The Revolution. Former One Life to Live star Florencia Lozano will pop up in Port Charles. What does the DC gang think of Sonny’s trial?

Days of Our Lives drops the axe on four stars in a casting bloodbath. Sarah Brown learned she was fired on Twitter. Could a fifth hour of The Today Show put DAYS in danger?


Crystal Chappell will visit The Bold and the Beautiful as one of Caroline’s lesbian moms. What are the DC gang’s impressions of Caroline 2.0?

The Young and the Restless’ Maria Arena Bell promises sensational summer storylines to viewers. Expect to see a SORASED Fen and Summer appear in Genoa City. What is up with Y&R's ratings?

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!




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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of GHFan76

    Great podcast! Fans please remember GH was not renewed, it was extended. ABC owns outright which means it could go or stay any time ABC deems fit. Just like with GMA in the Afternoon, if it works out it could be extended. ABC is under no obligation to keep room for GH.

    Please keep watching and supporting GH!

  2. Profile photo of Katheryn71

    Luke, no to Felicia being paired with Crystal Chappell’s new character. I like both Lesli Kay and CC as actors, but they had zero chemistry on Venice and I have no desire to see them ever paired again romantically.

    Otherwise, great podcast.

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Always engaging, always entertaining, always hilarious! I agree about the fact that Y&R is making all of the same mistakes that other cancelled soaps made toward the end. I remember how ATWT was the last few years and it’s the same thing over again. Hope Sony doesn’t pull a P&G.

  4. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]Did I miss thoughts on Jess Walton’s leave of absence? I’ve listed to the last several podcasts, and nobody said anything.[/quote]

    I read that she was taking 6 months leave for when her son and wife had a new baby. I also read that she moved to Oregon. She is getting up there in years. If I was her, I would be ready to give up on the show, as she doesn’t get much good stuff anymore and they have so many worthless non talented people that if I were in her shoes, I believe I would be ready to move on to better things and they would not include stories by a hack, like Maria Arena Bell.

  5. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    ^^^I already knew all of that. I was just curious about Jamey and Jillian’s views on it.

    Jess is hardly *getting up there in years.* Both Jeanne Cooper and Eric Braeden are significantly older than she is. TPTB just don’t like writing for Jill. At ALL.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Jill Foster Abbott is one of the most damaged character during MAB’s regime as head writer and executive producer!!! Nothing that she wrote for the character of Jill honored the rich history she has with the show. It was beyond stupid making her Lauren’s sister and in the end, MAB didn’t even use this fact much. She just wrote another plot-driven storyline there. And then there was this romance with Colin. Well Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers might have chemistry together BUT this story was poorly written too!!!! And to be honest, when Jill was with Colin – that wasn’t the Jill I loved and adored for years. She looked desperate holding on to a lying mobster … and Jill Abbott is anything but desperate! She used to be a socialite that comes out on top of things. With this Jill/Colin romance, people were just happy to see Jess Walton in a storyline with a co-star that she shares great chemistry with. Nothing else!!!!

    Anyway, it was a fun podcast. And Luke, I’m waiting on the “WISHFUL RETURNS” and “BLOODBATH POLL”.^^

  7. Profile photo of ILoveKarenWolek

    Jamey — there are many reasons I love you– but never have Ioved you more than when you gave props to Diana Colville from Days!!!!! I love Genie Francis in that roll –she was amazing. That role was the very first time that I saw Genie Francis as an actress. Up to that point, I would look at Genie on some random tv show and say, “oh look, there’s Laura!” But with Diana, I was in love. Genie finally played an adult character –Diana was from a rich publishing family who herself was an investigative reporter. This of course led her to cross paths with then police Captain Roman Brady (played then by Drake Hogestyn). And as Drake pointed out, “Genie can have chemistry with a card board box!” Genie had great chemistry with Drake–and she is to-date, the only actress who can make Drake look remotely like a competent actor! Oh, did I say that out loud, sorry! Don’t get me wrong, Drake has one heck of a chest. Days should let that man walk around bare chested in every scene! And with Genie, there clothes seemed to always be coming off. That storyline where Roman and Diana went to Greece and made love for the first time in that dungeon—yummy! Honey that was the most romantic and erotic love scene I’ve ever witnessed on daytime television. Well, that is until a year later when Roman and Diana had a bet where they wouldn’t have sex until they were married–well, the two made it for about 3 weeks and then the clothes came flying off. And when the two finally hit the sheets, well let’s just say Diana grabbed the goods! Yes, she reached out and grabbed a handful of Roman!!!! Honey, Drake and Genie steamed that show up. And beyond her relationship with Drake, Genie had great chemistry with Arlene Sorkin’s Calliope Jones. Those two were Salem’s answer to Lucy & Ethel. Then there was Genie’s chemistry with Mary Beth Evans’ Kayla and Judi Evans’ Adrienne. I could go on but this is a blog..ok, sometimes I get a little long-winded on here but I’m trying to get better! So, let me just say, I love ya Jamey for giving props to Diana as played by the wonderful Genie Francis!!!

  8. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great podcast guys!!! Love all of you at DC!! And you guys are right, two years ago I had four soaps to watch, now I only have two, GH and Days sad.

    We need to support the remaining soaps, no matter how bad the writing is, or that you may not like a certain character or couple!! These soaps need our support!!!

    I hate that they fired Christie and Patrick, after bringing them back, and Matthew and Sarah as well. I also hate the fact that they’re changing EJ’s paternity, but I will watch it!!

    Thanks Jamey, for telling everyone GH hasn’t been renew, just extended, BIG difference, it just means that it will make to their 50th anniversary!!! If GMA in the afternoon does well, it will replace GH!! I mean there’s still some dead weight, they need to get rid of, but Frank and Ron have GH on the upswing, as I knew they would.

  9. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Oh snap! I just listened and Jamey’s bit at the end in which he says that he watches all five episodes of Y&R a week with the aid of “milk of magnesia, prayer beads…” LMAO! Too funny.

    I wish I could watch Y&R but it brings me no joy. I’d rather read recaps and listen to your thoughts on the podcasts than watch the show. We are being driven away by the show we love. Even on it’s “death watch” the execs aren’t committed to making quality TV and getting Y&R on track.

    P.S. Jamey & ILoveKarenWolek – I loved Genie Francis as Diana Colville too.

  10. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]^^^I already knew all of that. I was just curious about Jamey and Jillian’s views on it.

    Jess is hardly *getting up there in years.* Both Jeanne Cooper and Eric Braeden are significantly older than she is. TPTB just don’t like writing for Jill. At ALL.[/quote]

    Sorry, Junkie, I thought U were asking for info on Jill/Jess. My mistake. Although she is old enough to draw social security, I do realize that Vic/Eric and Jeanne/Kay are much older than Jill/Jess.

  11. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Good podcast; but I take issue with people saying that we should watch the shows in order to keep them on the air, even if we are unhappy with what we’re seeing.

    To me, that’s like saying keep shopping at a store that provides poor service or inferior products just because you’re friends with the owner.

    I want to be entertained; and, after almost thirty years as a loyal viewer to just about every soap, I will only support shows that make a real effort to do so.

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