A Shocking Paternity Secret Brings Stefano to Tears This Week on Days of Our Lives!

How will Kate (Lauren Koslow) and EJ (James Scott) react when Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) turns on them? Meanwhile, Salem’s evil mastermind isn’t someone Days of Our Lives viewers see in tears often, but this week (SPOILER ALERT) the truth about EJ not being his son causes waterworks. Watch the DAYS promo after the jump!

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    i’m one of the few fans (who sticks with the show even after silly storylines) that actually is looking forward to this story. i somehow new this was gonna happen. call it intuition i guess…and i’m wondering what the new regime will bring to DOOL as well..

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    i don’t feel sorry for him.. i actually think it’s time Days gave us a new villain…Stefano is so over for me… i wouldnt mind EJ still being devious as he is…and if Ian is written right, he’d make a cool baddie..

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    Why for Pete’s sake? Why?

    Why must ALL the soapwriters on ALL the soaps, but especially Days, keep going to the MY-DADDY-AINT-MY-DADDY well in all its variations over and over and over again?

    The soaps aren’t dying. They’re DEAD. The four that are left are just inching up that Green Mile in chains and shackles. And we can all come up with a million and one contributing factors, but the main one is an absolute failure to come up with anything new and fresh to keep viewers interested.

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    Stupid stupid stupid. This is why soaps are jokes, Endless stupid paternity ish

    Plus EJ works as a DiMera and as Stefano’s kid. Why mess that up. EJ should be the resident new generation villain ala Victor Newman not some sap in endless love triangles.

    I’m glad I’ve tuned out of this show until the new writers take over.

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    I know I’m a late comer but people please have some faith! I have been watching Days since the 80’s begining of Bo and Hope Marlena and Roman (WN)/John Funny Line Sami said “I’ve had drama since I was 16″ And HOW!! I have to hold on to hope that it will pick up again! I know there have been mant let go and that was not fair but there are still MANY doors open! Lucas’ fiance, Kate sleeping with Ian Who’s the daddy for EJ If it’s done right it will be great! If soaps are a joke then why are you watching and why are you on the SOAP websites????????? |( We are supposed to suppore not bash! Give you opinion great but I know that I don’t want to see my soaps go off the air I want to comtinue to watch daily even if they get a little off the beaten path!

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    Purple Crayon

    I’m not sure what the point of un-DiMera’ing EJ is especially at this point in his life but as long as there’s a possibility of EJ and Sami in the future, I’m gonna be along for the ride.

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    I’m an avid 40+ year Days’ viewer. As someone said above, I stick with them even through all of the STUPID story lines. Right about now I’m becoming concerned with Days and all of the changes they continue to make. There are entirely too many characters in Salem right now. Story lines are being dropped and forgotten.

    Stefano in my opinion may be retiring. Has anyone read anything about him retiring? Joe Mascolo is a veteran actor who has given us YEARS of great villianist acting but perhaps it’s time to put the Pheonix to rest and not rise from the ashes.

    SILLYTEE – Hope and John are not EJ’s parents. Susan Banks is Elvis’ mother and John is EJ’s father. Crazy Susan Banks swapped places with Kristen when John and she were in love. (Played by Eileen Davidson)

    I wish I knew why Days wants to continuously change history. They’ve been doing that a lot of late. The EJ/Stefano dynamic was awesome to watch but now it just seems they are building Stefano a list of who done it suspects in what appears to be the ultimate demise of Stefano Dimera.

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    So if EJ is not Stefano’s son, how come Santo Dimera looked just like him! Especially since Colleen Brady looked just like Sami! Did the writers just forget this bit of information for a couple of years ago! Are we supposed to wipe that from our memory and start over again!!!! COME ON!!

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