General Hospital Casts Lindsey Morgan as New Kristina!

Sorry Lexi Ainsworth fans. The Daytime Emmy-nominated actress isn't returning to General Hospital as Kristina Corinthos. TV Line is reporting Lindsay Morgan has been cast as the daughter of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

According to the site, Krissy is coming back to Port Chuck with a brand new attitude, after discovering how she really got into Yale. Look for NuKristina to hit the screen the week of May 21!

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    This reminds me of when they got rid of Drew Garrett unnecessarily and just randomly recast the role. I just hope this chick can act, but I am really tired of these non-sensical recasts, especially on GH! First Drew Garrett, then Megan Ward and now this!!

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    Bourgeois Nerd

    As someone who never really got the whole Lexi Ainsworth thing to begin with, I don’t care, but I know there is going to be some showing out about this! Someone wrestle NLG to the ground before she Tweets something we’ll all regret!

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    Yeah OK whatever. Kristina could have stayed at Harvard or whatever the GH cast is exploding but this show is all about Sonny & Jason so I expected his daughter just had to be recast.

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    At the time of the Drew switch off I thought there may have been some behind the scenes mess going on and one of the recent podcasts confirmed there was some backstage happenings. I still haven’t taken to Chad. Just like I never took to Billy Warlock as AJ. Some actors just become wallpaper to me. I see right through them. I will give this new actress a chance though. She definitely looks more latina to me. Sometimes I forget that Sonny is hispanic.

    Lexi may have declined. This is probably the best for her. I much rather see her land somewhere else than come back to a soap that is circling the drain every April 1st.

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    Kristina is only 1/4 Latina (Sonny’s father Mike is non-Hispanic Caucasian) so I don’t think her “look” really is an issue, but I agree that from that one picture Morgan appears more Latina-looking than Ainsworth.

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    There is a rumor out there that Lexi Ainsworth wasn’t fired because ABC wanted to recast the role with an older actress. The rumors says that Lexi ties in to the story why Kristen Storms has serious health issues that go way beyond what the public knows that involves something about anorexia.

    What I want to say with this is that we don’t know why Lexi Ainsworth was fired. I just find it curious that rumors like this come to light around the time a new actress is found to play Kristina.

    Ainsworth is one talented actress, but I wouldn’t call out TPTB without knowing the facts. A rumor can just be rumor … but sometimes there is also some truth to find.

    So I’m open to the new actress. I don’t think that Kristina is really needed right now, but we’ll see. I’ve seen the demo reel of Lindsay Morgan and even though I don’t want to judge if she is a good actress or not, I think she’ll fit in as Kristina. :)

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    Are we really having a “more Latina look” discussion. I really had hopes for Lexi to return as Kristina, but I know now that is not happening. I am so tired of these musical chairs between actors. I say just keep what you have and try to work with that person, especially if they are good actors.

    @alstonboy-I also miss Drew. Chad worked while Michael was in prison and the storyline a bit afterward, but he is so misplaced on GH right now. I also hope whoever this actress is can hold her own with the likes of Nancy and Maurice. Last thing GH needs is a recast that can’t act!

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    Given how FV seemed to cast based on looks versus talent over at OLTL (ahem, Andrew Trishitta, David Gregory) I am cautious about this recast. Lexi Ainsworth is a fine talent and really breathed life into Kristina, so I don’t understand casting her with different girl who looks about the same age. Perhaps, the new actress is a foot taller!

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    @soapjunkie88-I was recently informed of the rumors regarding Lexi and Kristin. I just leave at that, rumors. No one knows for sure. I know that Lexi was a bit on the thin side, but she is also vegetarian and seems to have a smaller frame. Based on the pictures and videos she posted after she left GH and in her new movie role, she looked like she had gained some pounds and looked great. Just like Jonathon incessantly crying or looking like he was going to cry in every scene, apparently it just came down to he was overworked and exhausted. KM was very thin for a while there too. Sometimes people could have personal issues they are going through as well. Acting is not their whole life.

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    [quote=Scout]I don’t see the point of bringing the character back at this particular time.[/quote]
    Its so many new characters to digest I mean let these newbies gel for a minute its like an explosion I’m getting whiplash..

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    When is sam going to be revealed as Alexis’s love child with ROBERT ;)

    The Davis girls are the best “family” in terms of the dynamic being positive, close-knit and relatively health and realistic. While I would have preferred Lexi, Im open to the new actress, esp. if they let molly age naturally and they reinvest in the Davis family as a unit. Ive missed k’s interaction with her sisters (and I think its criminal that Sam hasnt told anyone in her family about HER rape…not Jasons)

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    I really liked Lexi but I’m open to the new girl. She looks more like Sonny and I would really like to see him BEING a father to her instead of WHINING about it. I don’t think she looks that much older either so I’m glad about that.

    Until they bring back Mike to randomly run over one of them in the middle of the dark night on a curvy road after tossing back one too many, ALL of Sonny’s children should be on the canvas. Let the man GROW the cluck UP and BE a father.

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    For those who are curious, Lindsey has a vimeo page with several videos of herself acting/auditioning. It’s worth a look. Soap acting is a different beast, so it’s way too early to judge, lol, but there seems to be potential so I’m willing to take the wait and see approach.

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    I never really cared for LA, so I’m fine with the recast. I was also never a big fan of DG as Michael. I thought he was talented, but I think CD is a good Michael and looks the part.

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    I loved Lexi, but I’ll give Lindsey a chance, remember, Lexi knocked out of the park despite the writing. We’ll see what Lindsey’s like under Ron’s writing.

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    I still miss Kali, the real Kristina.

    Lexi is in the same category as JJ and KMc, she looks a lot younger than she is, the difference: we saw JJ and KMc grow up on air. I think Guza was in such a rush to add to the mob storyline that he aged both Michael and Kristina too much too soon.

    It’s sort of ironic that Ron who gave teens lots of storyline(maybe too much) has inherited a show in which the generational lines are all blurred.

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    [quote=inspiron]Is she older, cheaper salary?[/quote]
    No.but she IS prettier and i would not mind TIIC pairing HER up with Johnny now.I was not a LA fan so to me this is a improvement.

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    I was no LA fan either when she was playing the romantic pairing (in fact the only one I ever found LA to have chemistry with was Kieffer) but she was a great actress when playing the abused young women. The problem is that Guza had no idea how to play teen stories IMHO (except the Lulu abortion storyline which was pretty good and made me fall for JMB as an actress).

    The problem is that she is obviously for Johnny… If not, who could she be paired with already on screen? Now that Ethan is gone playing with Robert and crying stupid Cassandra?
    Spinelli? Don’t think so…
    Matt? What would be the drama?
    A new guy? It is already tough enough to replace a beloved actress so pairing up with a new guy won’t work, they will need to anchor her to an existing guy…
    It could be Dillon if played by Scott Clifton (PLEASE DON’T BRING JOHN PAUL LAVOISIER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) but I don’t see SC leaving B&B anytime soon…
    Which leaves Johnny… Unfortunately… because I hate “pre-paired couples” (look at the disaster that Lante is) and I certainly don’t want Sonny and Johnny new drama… I like Johnny with Carly right now… while waiting for Lulu to dump Dante and reunite with Johnny ;)

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    Just by checking out the few acting reels I’ve seen, Lindsey shows more range than Kate Mansi (Abby Deveraux) has shown in a whole year she’s been on DOOL. Lindsey’s line delivery is great, and unlike Kate, Lindsey can actually cry on cue. I can tell she’ll be a great Kristina. Check out the “RAW Audition footage.”

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    I think the show has really done a disservice to the fans here. When the new regime could show the fans that they are listening to them they could have easily brought back the former actress. But I agree with some of the comments here is WHY are they bringing the character back? The show is too bloated and none of the stories are really that good.

    Sonny on trial?! Seriously there is no suspense here at all. He will get off.

    Jason and Sam with the paternity? Boring. This pregnancy and Franco story ARRRRCCCC has been going on for far too long and is just boring as well.

    Lulu and Dante? Dull.

    Michael with Starr? Depressing. Seriously, Michael needs to lighten up. And where is Starr’s friends and family for this trial?! Dorian would definitely be here for her as would Blair and Todd. Budget aside the courtroom doesn’t have to be packed with unknowns, how about the stars we want.

    Luke, Anna, looney mobster and Tracey? Please end the looney mobster and get back to story here. (I will never understand why Luke has never paid for killing his own grandson while driving drunk!!!)

    This show is boring

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    Never liked the character of Kristina (nothing against LA who should have won the Emmy last year) so I was really not missing her.

    Another Corinthos back… Just what we needed… Great… They should call this show General Corinthos, at leats there would not be any misunderstanding…

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    If they have to bring that character back, I am so glad they did a recast. I would rather have a recast of a known character and get rid of the rest of all those irritating new ones.

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    I think this new actress is very pretty and looks the part of Kristina. She is also from what you can see in those vids a pretty good actress. I liked Lexi…but I am willing to give this girl a chance. Especially with Johnny….they have potential to be hot.

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