Revenge Returns With ALL NEW Episodes Starting Tonight!


The most addictive soap on television returns tonight on ABC! After weeks and weeks on hiatus, Revenge, the steamy, Mike Kelley sudser about a young woman's quest for the ultimate retribution, is back.

When we last left Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp) and Co., Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) was still on the hook for Tyler's (Ashton Holmes) murder; the SEC was investigating Grayson Global; Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler)  was still desperate to find a missing "Amanda" (Margarita Levieva ) and the generally cool-as-ice Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) was thisclose to coming completely undone! Watch a few teasers from tonight's episode after the jump!



Revenge airs at 10 EST on ABC.

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    I simply love this show and for any mother, ESPECIALLY VICTORIA, to have her son assaulted brutally in prison is the kid of momma I want on my side!!!

    I can’t wait til next season after Emily is revealed and the REVENGE is now on Victoria’s side to exact!

    Why aren’t daytime show mom’s like this?!! Kate on DOOL would never in the past CRIED because of what Stefano did. She would plot her exacting revenge. DO IT KATE!!!

    On B&B, in the past Stephanie did all that she had to do to protect her family, even convincing one of Ridge’s girlfiend’s to have an abortion. Come on, Stephanie, GET BACK INTO FIGHTING MODE and show Taylor or Katie how a real Lioness protects her territory!

    On Y&R, Genevieve came on with revenge in mind and then silly Maria Bell changed her mind and made her a wimp (with surprisingly, a half billion dollar bank account … has to be the value or thereabouts). Let Victor cross her. Then let’s see the new resident BITCH come out and devour the men in her path! Seriously, we already had Genie Francis in enough “we love you Genie” roles, get her to being a BITCH!! She’s ripe for being just like Victoria.

    On GH, Carly is all bark, a stinging bite but no follow through. Even with Blair in town, she still ain’t no match for Victoria. Olivia? She’s just a former teenage mom. Anna? To strong. Alexis? Not even Casadine blood to turn this one evil. Who then could rule the roost over this town and show? Maybe Tracey but they have her as a comedic foil to Luke. hmmmm… back to Carly. I think it’s time that Momma bear Carly has enough of Sonny and all the other men in town treating her as if she’s a loose cannon. Show them you are. You don’t need friends. You have power to be a real BITCH!

    Daytime please take notice to what is great about REVENGE. Strong women controlling men. Not men controlling women. On Dallas, JR was only as strong as his momma, Miss Ellie, allowed him. If you look back at that powerful man, he always was fooled by the feminine ways of a woman!


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    pjc722, Genie did try to play Genevieve as bitchy. SHE CAN’T DO IT.

    Her idea of a bitch is Cruella Deville or Ursula or Snow White’s evil stepmother or any other witchy Disney cartoon character you can think of.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh I love this show!!!! I’m addicted to REVENGE.

    ABC should order 32 episodes each season like FOX used to do with MELROSE PLACE in the 90s. ;) This hiatus is killing me!!!!

    I hope all the head writers in Daytime watch this show and maybe learn a thing or two from it. This is one great soap with strong female characters and twisted storyline that don’t feel plot-driven.

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