Eight Days of Our Lives Stars Who Actually NEED to Get Cut!


The new writing team at Days of Our Lives will be busy penning even more exits this summer, as both Soap Opera Digest and Soaps In Depth are hearing the beleaguered sudser will be making even more cast cuts soon! As previously reported, DAYS has fired fan favorites Matthew Ashford (Jack), Christie Clark (Carrie), Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Sarah Brown (Madison).

Might I make a suggestion to DAYS' executive producers Ken Corday and Greg Meng and head writers Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell? Why not fire people who the fans actually want off their screens?

I don't believe the loyal viewers of this soap opera were taken into any sort of real consideration when the decision was made to cut Ashford. He's half of one of the soap's most popular supercouples of all time. The fact that fans knew Ashford's DAYS were numbered the moment Tomlin was announced as head writer speaks volumes. It's time for writers and execs to put personal preferences aside, and actualiy write for the fans!

 Clark and Muldoon also have an enormous fan base. It isn't the actors fault reunion stories for Jack and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Carrie and Austin—tales that could have written themselves— were botched.

As for Brown, while she was new to DAYS, she is a wildly popular, multi-soap vet and her character Madison had nice chemistry and potential with Eric Martsolf's Brady. That being said, I would have rather seen Brown play someone from one of Salem's already established core families (Like Maggie's daughter Sarah Horton!), so to some degree I can see cutting her.

What I can't for the life of me understand, is why are 1.) Camilla Banus (Gabi) and 2.) Shawn Christian (Daniel) still employed by this soap opera, when Ashford, Clark and Muldoon are out of work?

I get that Banus likely comes cheap, but you also get what you pay for; no offense to the actress. Banus isn't terrible, but she also isn't needed; nor is Christian. Every pairing they've put Dr. Daniel Jonas in has failed. I don't blame this on the actor. He's very good looking and has decent chops, but again, he would have likely worked if his name had been Dr. Mike Horton or Scotty Banning.

3.) Kate Mansi should also head for the hills, even though she does play a core character. I've enjoyed some of the young starlet's work, but Abigal was written into a corner with that six-minute obsessed student storyline. Now they have her being all judgemental to Gabi, who herself has turned into a six-minute stalker! Makes no sense. Have Jack and Jenn arrange for the fast little mess to join all those missing Hortons in Africa.


Sami (Alison Sweeney) currently has three leading men—two of whom she shares with Nicole (Arianne Zucker)—I'd say that's one too many. While I enjoyed Sami and Rafe (4. Galen Gering) early on, there's no need for him to be standing there, staring blankly as Carrie screams at him for betraying her with Nicole. Killing of Rafe, as an accidental result of one of Sami and/or EJ's stunts, could provide the show with a much needed jolt of drama.

With Lexie (Renee Jones) leaving Salem, I see no real need for Abe (5. James Reynolds) to stick around. Why not have Abe take Theo and move to London to take a job with Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) at the ISA?

Abe's best pal Roman (6. Josh Taylor) can go too. If Wayne Northrop was interested in reprising the iconic hero, who introduced the Bradys to Salem, I'd be over the moon. With Taylor in the role, I'm still asking myself, "Why does everyone think Chris Kositchek is Roman?" and it's been a good decade and a half since he got the part.

Additionally, while I have enjoyed 7.)  Ian Buchanan as Salem's latest dastardly villain, with Madison heading out of town, her hubby shouldn't be far behind. Bring back Thaao Penghlis to fill the void both Jones (as a DiMera offspring) and Buchanan would leave.

Wishful Storytelling: Tony faked his death to go work for the ISA to help bring his father down!

Lastly, I know she gets a lot of celeb blog headlines, but 8.) Lisa Rinna continues to prove she only had a handle on Billie Reed during her first stint on this show. Her line delivery and storylines, such as they are, have been dreadful. Let's put this character out to pasture for good.

Who would you cut from DAYS? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Profile photo of pjc722

    I agree on all your choices to dump from DOOL and want to add one more, Casey Deidrick’s Chad. He is the least interesting DiMera on the show and brings no energy to any of his scenes. I also would add his aging and evil father, Stefano. It’s not only what fans want but also what drives the show. Stefano is cartoonish and if you look at the four soaps still on the air, the cartoonish evil guys are all over the place.

    Days wants to tell stories but they dove into the past and dug up stories we don’t want anymore. And is it me, or does this show have the SMALLEST SETS EVER?!!! It’s like they dusted off the sets from the 50’s and reused them!

    (When I say CARTOONISH, I mean they get away with everything and nothing happens to them (Bill tries to kill Amber n Katie knows and NOTHING. Victor has been doing soooo much wrong on Y&R and he is still walking free, throw Daisy and Phyllis’ past deeds in there as well. Stefano, of course, on DOOL. And, dare I say it, Sonny on GH. Why can’t we retire the character for a year, send him to prison and then have Diane get him out?! Seriously, the show could use it as a great source of REBOOT. They won’t.)

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    This list is pretty spot on and I totally agree with it though I think there will be outrage that you didn’t put Molly Burnett on this list (I don’t have a problem with her) since there are some who feel strongly that her character is detrimental to the show. I’m actually going to go out on a limb and say maybe it’s time to put Eric Martsolf out to pasture. :| Brady hasn’t done anything interesting in a long while and with Madison leaving, who are they going to pair him with? Nicole for the umpteeth time? It’s not like they have him really interacting with his father much anymore.

    I don’t think Ken Corday will ever allow for Josh Taylor to be cut. Aren’t they tight golf buddies?

    Sami (Alison Sweeney) currently has three leading men—two of whom she shares with Nicole (Arianne Zucker)—I’d say that’s one too many. While I enjoyed Sami and Rafe (4. Galen Gering) early on, there’s no need for him to be standing there, staring blankly as Carrie screams at him for betraying her with Nicole. Killing of Rafe, as an accidental result of one of Sami and/or EJ’s stunts, could provide the show with a much needed jolt of drama.

    Yes. Yes to all of the above. I could really get behind this happening. And thanks for the laugh with the “staring blankly” comment. :bigsmile:

  3. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Jamey – I’m in agreement with you on nearly all of your choices, however, I’d trade out Kate Mansi for Melissa Reeves. With no Jack there’s no point of Jennifer being in Salem without Jack. KM has talent and could tackle the social issues that plague woman of her age range, like eating disorders, drug use or pregnancy. I’d keep Abigail and develop a bond to Maggie

    I’d also rid the canvas of Eric Marston for the same reasons you listed for Shawn Christian. Brady has no where to go in terms of story and he’s essentially playing Ethan Crane from his PASSIONS day.

    Keep James Reynolds and pair him up with Celeste or a new woman. IMO, Abe is such an essential character to Salem. Now, Josh Taylor should have never happened. The absolute worst recast in the history of daytime soap operas. Yeah, I said it and I mean it. Worst than Charity Rahmer IMHO.

    I’d keep Ian Buchanan and chem-test him with Deidre Hall. Marlena needs men failing for her besides Stefano. I think Marlena and Ian could be interesting.

    I would love for Stefano DiMera to take a long leave from the show. I think the character is played out. Joseph Masco seems talented but Stefano is beyond one-note, so after 30 years I couldn’t tell.

  4. Profile photo of Mel_O

    Even though I’d hate to advocate someone loosing their job, you’re mostly dead on. The only person who does not deserve to be on this list is Kate Mansi, imo. With a good storyline this girl could really do wonders. Plus, she’s Jack and Jen’s daughter!

  5. Profile photo of ElectraWoman

    I agree with your choices. And I totally am with you on Lisa Rinna. Her lines are terse and without emotion. Her lips are so big, she looks plastic. Why she cannot see how silly her lips look in proportion to her face is ridiculous. Julie Pinson was the best Billie. She can actually act and she looks so naturally pretty. Ian Buchanan’s character is actually Stefano’s brother and most likely EJ will be his son. The idea of Tony having faked his death to take down Stefano is a tasty one and I’ve always liked Thaao. Roman has been a joke actually. He has a few lines once a week or less and everyone knows he was Chris. Now, if they brought Northrup back and embroiled him in something, then it would be good. But, Northrup played that bad guy at one point, another writing choice that made no sense. And here they bring in Bev Todd as Celeste and you see her maybe twice? Also what is to become of her character once Renee leaves for good? I know Joe is retiring and I think this is pretty much his swan song storyline, the scenes look to gradually climax like a crescendo in one of Joe’s favourite operas from Pavarotti. You hardly see Mary Beth Evans[Kayla] since she got back. Adrianne and Justin are not there, Maggie and Victor have faded out considerably. I really would like to see Belle and Shawn come back. And what ever happened to that document with all those brilliant physics formulas on it for alternative energy that Nick Fallon had come up with? That was a storyline never quite finished out. It seemed so important, so crucial at the time and that it would net the owner of that document billions. I think Galen Gerring would have much more of a role if they let he and Ari[Nicole] have a love story.

  6. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Honestly, I agree with most of your choices Jamey, however, I’m not shedding any tears over Austin (Patrick Muldoon) being ousted, while I’m upset to see Carrie (Christie Clark) leave, I’d rather Austin Peck play Austin Reed. But honestly, the only thing that excited me about Austin and Carrie was when they first reappeared in September 2011, other than that, they’ve been boring me. Carrie’s more interesting with Rafe, who I wish would trade places with his little brother Dario (Francisco San Martin)!!! I think Gabi is a necessary evil because without her, Chad and Melanie would be an absolute bore.

    I couldn’t disagree more when it comes to Abby (Kate Mansi); people have gone nuts on this soap and so many others plenty of times and bounced back!!! Besides, I’m actually interested in Abby’s new pairing with Cameron.

    As for Ian McCallister (Ian Buchanan), I’ve been hearing rumors that Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) is leaving and Ian will fill that void; rumor has it that Mascolo is about to retire. With Madison leaving, I think Brady should go as well, never really cared for the character, accept for when he’s beating up EJ.

    I know people are gonna chew me out for saying this, but the only thing interesting about John Black (Drake Hogestyn) is the fact that he’s an illegitimate DiMera, but I could do without him as well unless they wake him, most of his scenes seem to drag along, very painfully!!!

  7. Profile photo of blake3b

    It definitely should be Gabi, Melanie, Chad, and Ian.

    I really like Abigail, she’s the best young actress on the show. She just needs a decent love interest that the audience can cheer for.

  8. Profile photo of BFluellen1

    Jamey, I agree with 98% of your choices except I would keep Abby & Abe as they both have plenty of story that could be told between the two of them. With Abe (like stated earlier), I would pair him with Celeste. Have the two grow close over Lexie’s upcoming death, which results in a kiss. Then play the beat of there being some awkwardness between the two for awhile before they both realize that they do have feelings for each other; meanwhile, implant Stefano in the mix and have him detest the thought of Celeste & Abe being a couple (feeling it disrespects the memory of Lexie) and have Stefano do everything in his power to keep the two apart, even going as far as possibly marrying Celeste to do so.

    With Abby, I’ve always felt that they should’ve kept Carly and Vivian, brought back a very much alive Lawrence, and had Lawrence have a hand in killing Daniel. This would then bring a conflicted Nicky back to the canvas (not played by Cody Longo but by a slightly older actor–thinking along the lines of Chad Brannon, ex-Zander, GH). Have Nicky buy the paper from underneath Jennifer and Jack, thus forcing them work underneath him. Abby, following in the footsteps of her parents, decides to become a writer and mirror her after a young Jennifer — Abby hating Nicky at first but later growing feelings for him. Then add the parents: Carly, Jen, Jack, and Lawrence. Jack & Jen detesting the idea of Abby dating an Alamain, Carly conflicted as she has to worry about her friendship with Jennifer but her son’s happiness too, Lawrence & Vivian seeing the relationship as a way to stick it to Jack & Jenn, and even adding a dull Melanie to the mix, as she opposes to the relationship too.

    But everyone else you stated can go. I like Rafe but Lucas back, there is no need for him at all. Dr. Hairy Chest should’ve went ages ago with Gabi. Love Ian Buchanan but he serves no purpose, and Roman is irrelevant at this point (and we all know why he is still on the show b/c Taylor is supposedly one of Corday’s good friend). Lisa Rinna can go too. They should’ve brought Julie Pinson back instead IMO.

    I hope with these exits that they do consider bring back characters like Jeremy, Bill, Mike, & Laura Horton along with Chelsea, Phillip, Belle, and Shawn and a debut of either another Kiriakis son of Adrienne and Justin, or Andrew and Jeannie, who they should model after her older sister, Eve, and cousin Sami as the new bad girl of Salem (b/c this show desperately needs that young bad girl ingenue).

  9. Profile photo of sillytee

    can anyone please tell me why is Matt Ashford treated like a yo-yo???What is the animosity there??he’s a great actor and Jack is a great character with soo much potential…do the wirters or producers have soem kind of gripe with him???

  10. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah I can pretty much agree with all of those except Kate Mansi, who’s actually good as Abby. I’d swap her out for Molly Burnett and/or probably Casey Diedrick. But before I shipped those two off, I’d cut Joseph Mascolo; no offense to the actor, but Stefano is the most absolutely cartoonish character on daytime. If his moustache were slightly longer I’d be expecting him to twirl it. Ridiculous.

  11. Profile photo of rozzberry

    I absolutely disagree with you on Kate Mansi. Abby & Nicole are really the only characters that interest me anymore.

    I’d really like to see Shawn, Belle, Philip & Chelsea back as well. I also wish they’d change their mind on Jack & have him stick around. They’ve really left Jennifer with next to nothing. I’m not sorry to see Austin(PM’s) go, the actor is dull as dirt. I liked CC(Carrie) with Austin Peck much much more.

    As for the rest of your castoff list, I’d add EM(Brady). He’s pretty dull & pointless, especially with Madison leaving. If Sami wasn’t so popular, I’d say her too, but she’s a necessary evil. The rest I agree with, ESPECIALLY Rafe(what a bore. I feel awful for AZ sharing a s/l with him).

  12. Profile photo of lostfan

    agree with Ian Buchanan–he’s dreadful and definitely with Lisa Rinna–she doesn’t act anymore, she appears as celebrity Lisa Rinna. Also, what she has done to her face is too distracting.

    Camila Banus is bland but not there, and Shawn Christian is harmless but too exciting. he hasn’t been written well.

    I completely disagree about Galen Gering–love him–and he is good actor and gorgeous

  13. Profile photo of Parrothead

    I agree with most of the list but i’d keep Matthew Ashford, his character was just getting interesting again & telling a good story about PTSD but i would try pairing him with someone else for awhile, i just don’t see the passion with Jack & Jen this go around.

    I’d get rid of Camilla Banus, she’s boring & just pathetic right now & can’t carry the psycho off where Kate Mansi can & i like the new pairing of Cameron with Abby.

    Billie’s got to go too along with Brady who can leave with Madison when she leaves town.

    I’ve never liked Rafe but he’s growing on me with the possible Nicole pairing, i see more sparks there than with Sami or Carrie, both were boring.

    And you’re right on with Josh Taylor playing Roman, he’s Chris & will always be Chris & years later i still see him as Chris.

    I understand the reboot & trying to bring back fan faves from years ago but they dropped the stories they had going to give these people stories & haven’t introduced those stories back & the most popular storyline they have going with Will coming out is going so slow that alot of people have stopped watching & only watch when they hear that they were on & catch it on Youtube which isn’t helping the ratings or they read spoilers to see when they’re on to watch it which means sometimes it’s a week or so between watching the show.

  14. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    I am a few months behind but I agree on most but I like Abby and i Like Gabi too for eye candy purposes. LOL

    Get rid of Rafe, Abe, Roman, John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin etc. etc.
    I have’t see Billie yet but I have seen her picture and know she is definitely clown like now with her ridiculous lips.

    Nikki Cox is alot worse though. LOL

    I don’t mind Sarah leaving if this frees her up to somehow come back to GH even if its another new role.

    Aren’t they making EJ John’s son now? How ridiculous.
    Stefano must be retiring soon. He is 82 or 83.
    So now he has no ties to Salem.

    Lexie will be dead and EJ isn’t his. No reason for him.

  15. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Unless the storytelling improves drastically, not even the best actors in the world will prevent us from hearing next year:

    “Like sands through the hourglass…so are the LAST Days of Our Lives.”


  16. Profile photo of snags

    So does anyone know WHY there are people who work on Days who have a grudge against Matthew Ashford? I didn’t realize that Gary Tomlin disliked him. I was aware that James Reilly wasn’t a fan of his, hence the Mark Valley recast and the other blond after Mark Valley. But really, why so petty? Maybe this vendetta was somewhat acceptable before, but really in this day and age when you can only count the number of soaps on ONE hand, you can’t let grudges or immature behavior guide you. You should be bringing out the best and brightest to each and every one of the shows and let them shine! It’s sad to say, but I’d be happy to see Days hit 50 years on the air.

    But I agree with most of the choices above as I’ve said the same thing about some of them in previous posts of mine as well. But I would keep Abe because he is a legacy character. James Reynolds is talented and he should be given a chance to shine. I wish they let the story between Abe and Fay Walker develop further instead of killing her off.

    I honestly wish they would just back burner EJ, Sami, and Nicole. They are on so much that I really just fast forward through it. I mainly watch Will’s story and catch Jack and Jenn when I can and even bits of Marlena with Hope, Bo, and John. I really would rather see Adrienne and Justin get a story. Justin is a lawyer, which is why I didn’t see the point of making Carrie a lawyer back during the reboot. If anything, Justin and Carrie should have opened up a firm together. That was my frustration, there were and ARE characters on the canvas who aren’t fully utilized so why bring back people just to bring them back? Lucas coming back adds to Will’s coming out. Billie coming back makes little sense. Sideline Sami, EJ, and Nicole and rotate the canvas in better!

    Chad and Melanie can go as well along with Daniel. He can pack them up and take care of the sick with his trembling hands elsewhere. I would rather they keep Abigail because she IS a legacy character with Will and Sonny around. In fact Shane is coming back, why not introduce his kids (Andrew and I can’t remember the daughter’s name, Jeannie?). Tie them back to the canvas. I know summer is around the corner so there’s a need to beef up the kid quotient. Just tie them to the core characters better and I’ll watch!

    And Roman DEFINITELY needs to go. Like Jamey says, Josh Taylor has portrayed him for over a decade yet I still won’t accept him as that character. Only Wayne Northrop does it for me, even if he was the ill conceived Alex North character. Josh has NO chemistry with Deidre!

  17. Profile photo of gato1

    At this pont I cant even recall why I ever loved DAYS. TPTB need to realzie that it does not matter which actors you bring back, if you have NO STORY you have NOTHING! You could bring “back” Francis Reid, but it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing.( RIP FR). I am no soap writer, but I dont know if it’s the character or the stories- but they MUST meld together! This show is a Disaster, and I DONT like to say that as a long time fan. They have a major identity crisis about what they are about. Does anyone know at this point? The “reboot” was a hot mess that went NOWHERE. I am feeling they almost need to start from scratch.

    What works-Wills coming out story
    What doesnt work- everything else

    There is no angst, drama, longing, suspense….NOTHING

    Best of luck to the new (old) writers, which no one has any high hopes for, I dont think.

    Obviously, Sami isnt going anywhere, build a story around her with Will, EJs “new” paternity, with John and Marlena, with Something at stake.
    Abe & Celeste= no one would care, they are supporting, and without Lexie are pretty much useless.

    I would write out Rafe, Nicole, Melanie, Daniel,Jennifer**(always boring with or with out Jack) **See current story

    Ramp up a EJ/Lucas/Sami story that would pull in others( Kate, Stefano, John, Marlena)

    Bo & Hope are one of the best super couples ever, but it all seems been there/done that…..Billie is useles unless involved with them, & no one wants to see that.The writers need to come up with a “family” story for them, perhaps with Belle & Shawn.

    Carrie and Austin were ALWAYS boring, Sami and Lucas made them intresting because, they were the “spoilers” in their relationship. That ship has sailed and sunk.
    NO BODY cares about Melanie….NOBODY
    I would mix Abby up with a new guy and involve Will, who has a crush on said guy.
    Justin/Adriene-who cares? Ditto Kayla
    I feel Brady has potential turn him into a straight up villian who clashes with John/Victor in a business type story.
    The main problem with this show is that all the writers and viewers want to live in the past….80s & 90s are OVER. Build NEW characters/storylines around Sami, Marlena, John, Victor, Will, Bo, Hope,Lucas, Abby, Kate, & Stefano(if not retiring) Dump Ian whats his name.Too obvious. I think Brady could have a finger in every pot, he is related to everyone, and has been a bit “gray” for awhile now.
    I guess it all comes down to what type of DRAMA they want to serve, I humbly advise them to stop living in the past! Kayla, Carrie, Austin,Jennifer, Jack, Billie, Adrienne, Justin,Roman are all so tired! UNLESS a talented writer can show us some new dimensions to them, but, based on the history of all these “great” returns, I highly doubt it. I still have high hopes for DAYS, but I am not holding my breath.

  18. Profile photo of ElectraWoman

    I can actually see Kate getting together with Ian and when Stefano is gone permanently, Ian taking over the mansion and living there with Kate who he will marry. They will be the new villains supreme. EJ will be out but, he will have helped take Stefano down and perhaps even renounce is mayorship and get Abe back in. I can see eventually them bringing in a new love interest for Abe. I can see a power struggle between Ian and EJ with eventually them both coming to the conclusion that Ian is EJ’s father after all and Ian will make sure that EJ is important to him like he rarely was for Stefano.

    As far as Stefano’s demise, I see one of those that are leaving as his ultimate inescapable perpetrator. I would think Billie but it may even be Madison in some odd twist.

    I agree about the small sets. My aunt always used to say when encountering a small space, “It was such a small room, you couldn’t change your mind in there.” I long for the old days when they did location shooting and real outdoor shots. Horton Square was a good idea at first but, it seems everything takes place there now. You can tell that Abe and Lexie’s place is just rehashed Marlena and Roman’s house. They also have such a love of burgundy and pink/purple that they paint it everywhere! The Dimera manse is so tired with it’s same decor for so many years. It is nice to have the new coffee house, the different angles of the hospital although it now looks almost deserted with that darkish narrow corridor to Bo’s room. In a real hospital, it would be wide and brightly lit. You’d also see major concourses with nurses stations, the gift shop, car park, cafe, and many people bustling about. Heck, the Brady Pub is tired, too.

    Oh, and that whole Quinn coming back storyline was a total joke. Then he suddenly isn’t there any more? Who owns the spa? And what’s happened to it? Hardly see it either. And when anyone dines in the Horton Square, they all seem to do so out in the concourse when there are supposedly restaurants. Why not show some of the interiors of restaurants and shops there instead of always the same centre of the square?

  19. Profile photo of Carol2

    Kate Mansi is one of those people you can always see acting – she does a lot of posing and yelling. I think the crazy story suited her talents more than when they try to pass her off as a young heroine.

    I don’t think Shawn Christian would have worked any better playing Mike Horton or Scotty Banning. There’s something very skeevy about him as an actor, and he just has no real talent. He didn’t on ATWT or in primetime, or now.

  20. Profile photo of sallyv

    I agree with most of the suggestions.

    If I could pick only one to let go, it would be Joseph Mascolo/Stefano. I’m a new viewer and his scenes are the ones I always FF’d through. If it’s true that he’s retiring, then yeah.

    I also find Hope/Bo boring; not crazy about John but love Marlena; most of the younger set are boring as hell…except for Will; and all the characters that show up once every two weeks? If they aren’t any more important than that, then get rid of them.

  21. Profile photo of js3557

    I agree with almost all of your list. I wouldn’t cut Rafe, though. I like him and I like him with Carrie. I would cut Austin and pair up Carrie and Rafe to be the current version of the old Marlena and Roman.

  22. Profile photo of lostfan

    I hope Joe Mascolo isn’t retiring. And Ian Buchanan replace him?? Not possible–he’s horrible.

    I love Galen Gering and DO think he is a good actor (and gorgeous), and he did have chemistry with Sami and does with carrie and does with Nicole. he has played the nuances of his character really well. He plays a good guy, so sometimes people think that is boring, and it’s not. And when he played the fake Rafe, he was fantastic and hilarious.

    The most underrated actor on Days is Eric Martsolf–he is a terrific Brady. he has chemistry with Nicole, he did with Arianna (Lindsay Hartley), with drake and deidre and even Molly Burnett, in a sister type of way. He has done drama and comedy and romance so well. As for Madison, Sarah Brown is a really different type of actress. When she was first on GH and played a bitch and won 3 emmys, she was terrific and a real dynamo. I didn’t watch her on CBS shows or second time on GH, but on Days, despite her best efforts, it just doesn’t work. Maybe she should only play bitches. And i see no chemistry between her and Ian Buchanan (who has chemistry with nobody)or really flowing from her to Brady, but I see it from Eric martsolf toward her, if that makes sense.

  23. Profile photo of iamglory

    I completely disagree with you about Abe. As other people have mentioned, he could be paired with Celeste and have Stefano (or even EJ) so disgusted with that, they will do anything to keep them apart. This includes finding the man who fathered Cameron in the first place. I think it could be interesting and could add a story for a character who needs one and I think is a huge part of Salem.

    They should have made Daniel, Mike Horton in the first place. It would have made the character much more exciting and made much more sense.

  24. Profile photo of ILoveKarenWolek

    I know some of my comments below may not be popular, but when you’ve got Matt Lauer, Star Jones and the rest of the Today’s So-Called Professionals breathing down your neck, you need to take drastic measures.

    My first cut would be Stefano. This character, much like Helena on GH, is meant to come into town, cause havoc and then leave for 6 months or a year before returning to cause more trouble. I’ve also had a problem with Stefano’s god-like abilities–his seemingly endless wealth which allows him to buy entire islands throughout the world; his potent sperm that seems to impregnate every woman he comes close to with the exception of Marlena; his mind control powers; and that accent (I mean where is the man from?).

    Second, Kate. I have never liked Lauren Kaslow from her days playing opposite Terry Lester on Y&R. She was such a poor choice to replace Deborah Adair and Kate doesn’t really add anything to the canvas unless she’s insulting Sami. Momma Kate can also take her children with her including Billie (don’t forget those lips) and Lucas.

    Third, I would get rid of any of the teenage characters minus Will. I would list their names; however, I haven’t taken the time to learn any of them. Will is great but the rest need to go & fast.

    And finally, get rid of Rafe, Roman III (Josh Taylor), Daniel, Madison, and Ian Buchanan’s character.

    With these exits, I would then bring back (or allow to stay): Carrie, Austin, Jack, Kyle Lowder as Brady, and I know this would be a stretch but work your magic Greg Meng and get Sony to help you move Stephen Nichols and Genie Francis from fellow Sony soap Y&R and bring them back to Salem as Patch and Diana. This would allow Kayla to have a real story again rather than acting like the daily special at the Brady Pub. Plus, this frees Genie of that horrible, contrived role developed by MAB over at Y&R. Genie reprising the role of Diana would allow a much needed storyline and one heck of a triangle with John and Marlena. If the writers aren’t paying attention, Marlena can often come across as too cold, frigid, and clinical. To me the character of Marlena is at her best when she is human with very real emotions–as when Kyle Lowder first appeared in Salem as Brady–the green eyed monster came out in Marlena and it was great to see! Plus, can you imagine the scenes between Genie Francis and Deidre Hall. OMG, they write themselves.

    Marlena: Do you ever grow tired of acting irrationally?
    Diana: Do you ever grow tired of hanging on that cross?

    Oh the joy that would bring to my heart and the excitement it could generate for Days in these most desperate of times. And hey, Diana could have been pregnant when she left Salem?! Just saying!

  25. Profile photo of GaryJr

    I couldn’t agree more Jamey…my one add would also be John Black as one poster previously mentioned. He was a necessary evil when he was going to marry Kristen but that was mostly because the chemistry between Eileen Davidson & Dee Hall was so fantastic as they scrapped for his attention. Now he just seems like a sad old man trying to relive the glory days. He can barely get his eyebrow up anymore. :P

    I have to wonder, what’s going to happen to Jennifer (please don’t force another Daniel pairing down our throats again) and Brady (while at one time I wanted him with Nicole–they really put a nail in that a long time ago by having both characters acknowledge they’re terrible for each other).

    If we have to keep Rafe, pair him with ANYONE BUT Sami. Worst pairing in her history. The only bright spot in the return of Carrie & Austin was breaking up SaFe.

    I say keep Carrie & Jack–and ditch all eight of the people you mentioned (including Billie).

  26. Profile photo of lizzyann70

    Although I love Genie Frances (I want her back on GH) I would love to see Kristen come back as a love triangle for John and Marelna. Diana was short lived and the chemistry between John and Kristen was amazing plus Marlena was ALWAYS green with envy with the two of them!!! I hope Brady sides with Sami on the Kate/Madworld story (stupid) forcing Madison out! Loved SB as first Carley on GH but haven’t seen much after! She is an amazing actress but even GH screwed up with Claudia UGH! Can not stand Ian, hope this brings Vic back into the mix!! Ian and Vic at it for bringing Kate J) Agreed all teens can go minus Will! Best line Will said was “wow,my best friend is my grandma!” LOL loved it!!! Sami NEEDS a friend, girlfriend! WAy too many guys around her! Bring Lucas’ fiance on screen! Daniel and Billie scenes make my skin crawl! He was with her daughter and her mother EEEWWW!!! Not even ok! I know most hate Stefano but when he lurks it makes me laugh, I will miss him! Mel and Dan should go find Carley and live happely ever after! Shawn and Bell would make a good addition, they’ve been gone a while! I did read Chloe might come back? MAybe for Brady….RETRY? Don’t know how to feel about that or her coming back. I am a long time fan and want nothing more then my Days and General to be interesting!! I will keep my fingers crossed!

  27. Profile photo of sexxxyeyes

    Please you guys. Don’t push to get rid of the little eye candy this soap has. Now that Reckell is leaving I see the chemistry that the old regime flirted with developing between Daniel and Hope can now blossom. For the most part I agree with the “list” you came up with. I am glad to see Burnett, Buchanan, Muldoon and Ashford leaving. I don’t really see why they cut Brown though. I thought the chemistry was great between her and Martsolf. Yes Lisa Rinna can go, as well as Gabi and Abby although I can stand Abby and the new relationship with Cameron. I do believe Reynolds should go though as I will NEVER buy the love story with Kayla. Unfortunately I also cannot buy Beverly Todd as Celeste. She has 1/10th the presence that Tanya Boyd had so she needs to depart as well.
    Atually the problem is not so much the actors though. You say such and such is boring. That is the stories they are given. Not a DIRECT correlation to their acting ability. What disappoints me as a fan is the constant disappearing act of core characters. They get to work one week and then have 3 to 8 weeks off. Just an estimation. I do not know how the scheduling works. Like Maggie and Victor. All of a sudden they are hardly shown. I know Doug and Julie have always been seen very little but I would like to see them more. I know peggy mccay was hurt for a while but the trend is the older actors are no longer a commodity in Salem. I liked Days when a full family was always integrated into the stories. I understand there are budget constraints so why not just pare down the list of characters and do not add many new ones. This way all the actors will get face time, then just develop stories as if their lives move forward and do not recycle worn out stories for lack of imagination. And I guess people can live in a sarcophagus and basement rooms unlimited amounts of time with out needing to use the bathroom.

    I agree I always saw Josh as Chris and never could buy him as Roman. That is the only reason I don’t gripe about him getting more face time. I love Galen. Do not fire him. Do not want Christy to leave. Love her with Galen. So mad about this.

    I LOVE Joe and hope he is coming back. This was so quick and unexpected. They had him in the middle of a story with the coin and now that whole thing has been dropped so I think this was not a long planned exit. I think Joe was upset over The Lisa Rinna comment and now is thinking over if he will retire now or come back and set up a death we can buy will be forever. I do agree that Ian will turn out to be EJ’s father but not sure if Stefano’s brother fits. Maybe half brother. They are certainly two different nationalities. At lease EJ LOOKED like he could have been half Italian. I suppose the mystery woman named on the coin is Ian’s mother.

    I saw somewhere it says Eric has been recast. Are they talking Martsolf or are they bringing back Sami’s twin? Isn’t his name Eric?

    Yes I rambled, Sorry!

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