General Hospital’s CarSon vs. DAYS’ Lumi: Which Exes Are You Most Ready to See Smooch Next Week?

Days of Our Lives' Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas Horton (Bryan Datillo) have more than their fair share in common with General Hospital's Carly Corinthos-Jacks (Laura Wright) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Okay, so no, Carly never dressed up as a man to aide terrorists and Sami doesn't own half a hotel, but both women are slightly-recovered schemers, who always go back to their brooding, dark exes when times get tough.

Next week in Salem, Lumi will share a lip lock once Sami learns Autumn has dumped Lucas. Meanwhile, Port Charles' four-time spouses, CarSon will also share a smooch. This particular tongue-wrestling event will follow Connie (Kelly Sullivan) having pulled another scandal involving Carly's current beau Johnny (Brandon Barash), in an attempt to break up Kate (also Sullivan) and Sonny. 

Which of these two former soap couples are you most excited to see kiss next week?

General Hospital's CarSon vs. DAYS' Lumi: Which Exes Are You Most Ready to See Smooch Next Week?

  • Neither. (35%, 408 Votes)
  • Lumi! (43%, 500 Votes)
  • CarSon! (22%, 255 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,163


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20 Responses

  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    NO MORE CARLY AND SONNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gosh, can we PLEASE not go there again? I thought Ron was gonna write NEW and FRESH stories, not the same “lather, rinse, repeat” bullbleep that Garin Wolf was writing!

  2. Profile photo of Duchess

    I haven’t watched GH in years but I will have to tune in to see Sonny and Carly kissing! I didn’t even realize they were on friendly terms. Carson reuniting would definitely be the one thing to get me to watch GH again on a regular basis.

  3. Profile photo of liason4real

    LW is a very tall lady and needs someone like IR who can pick her up without it looking like he’s about to drop her on the floor. Plus, I have never seen any chemistry or heat between this version of Carly and Sonny.

  4. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Why in the world would Sonny and Carly be kissing especially now that she is with Johnny and she can’t stand Sonny? :Sp

    Lumi!! Now that is the kiss I want to see. :party: :party:

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I don’t want to see either of these pairings kiss. -.-

    While I love Laura Wright as Carly, her version has NO chemistry with Sonny when it comes to romance. The last time I’ve loved seeing them together as a couple was when Tamara Braun was playing the role. She and Maurice made it work and for me were even better than he and Vanessa Marcil. With Laura Wright’s version I only see a friendship between co-parents.

    The same goes for Sami and Lucas. I like seeing them as friends together, but I don’t need to see anything romantic going on with them. And while we are at it … doesn’t Lucas has a fiancée?

  6. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I only know LW’s version of Carly. I do not understand this character in this version. I am assuming she watched tapes of prior versions and tried to continue Carly’s past. Clearly it is not working. LW does not match up with either Sonny and/or Jason. Watching them kiss only brings out curiosity in me. I think she can carry either out of a room. I must admit I would love to see a past actor brought back so I can understand who the hell Carly is. I can’t be the only one wondering this. Carly depending on Jason is ludicrous. Same with a relationship with Sonny. At least with this actress.

    Oops I almost was thinking EJ. Now I know why I don’t like the joined names. I realized after giving second look it said Lucas. I have not seen a lot of them. I am a hit and miss viewer. I watched to see CC. Anyway, having said that, I did watch one day and I was thinking Lucas has a sense of maturity at this age and I can see them revisit the relationship. I can’t explain it but I liked the scenes I saw.

  7. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Laura Wright has said she didn’t watch any Carly tapes prior to her arrival & Frons said she owned the role. So? I think Sonny/Carly have an annual kiss and periodic grief sex; I can do without it…but if they have fans who want it so be it…Personally I’ve never seen chemistry between this Sonny/Carly.

    I would say neither couple would interest me.

  8. Profile photo of The_Moustache


    CarSon have absolutely ZERO chemistry and their “love” scenes were always forced & not cute.

    she’s 5 feet taller than him FFS!

    it’s over and what the F is the point of bringing it back.

    Frank & Ron, is this what u mean by “saving the show”??? SMDH!

  9. Profile photo of nickskelton

    The thought of Carly and Sonny kissing makes me want to vomit my diner. If Carly was still SJB why noy but LW and Mb have ZERO chem and Carly kissing Sonny after he tried to kill Jax is clearly not an upgrade of Carly in my opinion… She must be under the same drugs as Olivia is.

    Always LOVED Lumi. Always thought that Lucas is the only one who both truly loved and understood Sami. I think EJ and Sami are hot as hell together but Lucas is such a better match for her.

  10. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    I think comparing Sonny and Carly to Sami and Lucas is about as silly as can be.

    That said I’m all on the Lumi Train. I’m ready for my scheme team to bring it, Nancy and Craig style! Yeah, I know that will never happen because they can’t seem to write Sami worth a damn but a girl can dream.

  11. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Neither. As others have already said, LW and Mo have NO CHEM. They don’t even “match” so to speak. I buy them as exes, which is odd because I just have never, ever bought their versions of Sonny and Carly’s love for each other! He was best with Tams and VMG, but he and VMG were not “it” this time around, and this is coming from a diehard S&B fan since I was 9 years old. If Sonny had to kiss a Carly again, I’d rather it be the one who made me torn over Sonny/Brenda when VMG first returned in 2002.

    Lumi work as friends. That’s their best chem and appeal at this point IMO. Friends and co parents.

  12. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Do NOT want to see Carly and Sonny together again. Besides the fact that the actors do not have any romantic chemistry, Sonny tried to kill Jax, and flat out admitted it! Then got PISSED off at her when he found out that she knew Jax was still alive and didn’t divulge that information. But then again, ever since Jax left, Carly has been involved with nothing but gangsters and gangster lackeys. At least when Jax was in town, he was there to balance her out, and she had rare moments where she realized that the men she involved herself with were putting her children in danger. Since then, she sort of dated Shawn (who worked for gangsters), kept meddling in Jasam’s marriage, and got involved with Johnny (another gangster). Meanwhile she shipped Morgan off to parts unknown, and Josselyn is merely an afterthought. She is a TERRIBLE mother, who has not learned a thing from all of her past mistakes. Ugh.

    That said, I am looking forward to the Lucas/Sami kiss. I’ve always felt that Lucas was the only person who really understood Sami, and loved her for it anyway. He’s also constantly tough on her (which she really needs sometimes) yet he is always there for her when it counts. He’s the only one who calls her out on all her nonsense, but has her back. Also, since Lucas has returned, there have been shades of the old Sami returning. Sami with Rafe became such a victim all the time, and Sami Brady is not a victim. I really hope Tomlin and co. keep Lucas around this time, and explore a true Lucas/Sami/EJ triangle. She has oodles of chemistry with both of those men, and both men bring out a fire in her that Rafe never has.

  13. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    [quote=Sound]Lumi is the kiss that will make me barf. PLEASE, if there is a soap god do NOT let Sami and Pucass get back together.[/quote]

    I agree, I don’t get the Sami/Lucas pairing, now I wasn’t watching when they were together. But I never saw any chemistry with those two. The only relationship Lucas had that I found entertaining was Lucas/Nicole that was only because she was driving him to drink. Honestly Back when I first started watching Days in the 90’s I though Lucas was gay, he never clicked with any female on the show to me.

    Sami needs to be with EJ those two have chemistry off the charts, I think they could be Days version of OLTL’s Todd/Blair.

  14. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    [quote=cheesehead91182]…I don’t get the Sami/Lucas pairing, now I wasn’t watching when they were together. But I never saw any chemistry with those two…[/quote]

    Oh I can say so much to refute but I think this says it all.

  15. Profile photo of soapcrazy

    I would love to see CarSon together. They are a couple I can relate to. LW is taller than MB but they make it work. Whenever I think of Carly I always think SJB version. That’s who I see on my screen. I suspend my imagination for an hour and that includes the actor who is portraying a character that I like. what can I say, I am nostalgic

  16. Profile photo of bryandattilofan

    I am so loving the Lucas and Sami are back in action again. Its about time Lumi and the Lumi fans got their chance. We have been waiting 19 years for Lucas and Sami. Lucas and Sami deserve the chance to be together after Ej destroyed it by forcing Sami to divorce Lucas or he would terrorize her family. Its high time this magical, wonderful super couple got to be together. By the way, is Johnny Lucas’s son?, bc in the camp out scenes they sure did look alike as well as Johnny seemed so relaxed with Lucas. Talk about the drama that would ensue if Johnny turned out to be his. The twins Allie and Johnny should have one father anyways, Lucas!

    It would be awesome if Sydney turned out to be Nicole’s, then Sami would have no ties to Ej, then Days would be my perfect world because Ej and Nicole would finally reunite and be the super power couple they are. Keep the Lumi love coming, Sami should have one man only, Lucas!

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