SOAP BYTES: EJ and Kate Compare Notes on Days of Our Lives; The Redemption of Adam Continues on The Young and the Restless

Y&R BYTES: Tucker (Stephen Nichols) was rocking those sunglasses!

Does anyone actually care what Victor’s (Eric Braeden) endgame is? If it was all abour Victor vs. Jack (Peter Bergman) that would be one thing, but the fact that it involves Genevieve (Genie Francis) wrecks the whole thing.

Speaking of Genevieve, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) weren’t too happy about Victor making the loon their boss.  How long do you think they’ll put up with it?

Adam (Michael Muhney) is slowly, but surely redeeming himself to Genoa City citizens. Sharon is being compassionate towards him. He’s getting good press. He saved a drowning woman and delivered her baby. What more can be done to redeem Adam? Personally, I prefer a villainous Adam.  


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Ugh I hope they are not screen testing Johnny and Starr. They have destroyed Johnny enough already ... he doesn't need this screaming girl anywhere near him. -.-

Can't believe how fast Brooke became her mother-in-law. While she was always a little bit judgmental, Brooke never acted so Stephanie-like. I don't like it!!!!

I for one like the new version of Adam. I just find him a little bit out of character. The change just came way too fast ... And sorry but this week at his mother's farm wasn't life changing.

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Days: I'm thoroughly enjoying the banter between EJ and Kate and I agree with Luke, they need to do an EJ and Kate pairing again.

Sami needs to stay single for awhile.

Ian giving Madison a divorce does have strings attached to it, only Madison will never know until it's too late. With Sarah Brown leaving Days, I can no longer be that invested in the character or her relationship with Brady. I'm guessing that Ian Buchanan will likely also bite the dust.

Lisa Rinna (Billie) needs to leave too. That woman can't act her way out of a paper bag and I'm tired of looking at her ginormous lips.

It was so cool of Will to tell Gabi he wasn't gong to help her break up Chad and Melanie because it smacked of something his mother Sami would do.

Where are Victor and Maggie?! Did they forget about those two altogether?!

B&B: The only good thing going was Rick being photo shopped into a Forrester dress. Everything else was a snooze.

Brooke is becoming Stephanie 3.0 and that is grating on my ever-lasting nerve. Remember, Steffy is Stephanie 2.0.

Glad to hear that Sean Kanan is returning as Deacon Sharpe!

GH: Don't watch, never will.

Y&R: About the only thing I'm liking about Y&R these days is that Jack and Nikki (Nack) are back in each other's orbit. Let's just hope that the writers don't destroy this couple like they do most other couples. Also, with Kyle coming back as a college graduate with a grudge to grind, that should make things interesting between Jack and Nikki.

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Michael Muhney's Adam needed to get a shot of redemption. If he swings back to the "grey side", I hope TPTB don't make him full on evil again. It was time to pull the character back to a more realistic person.

Frankly, I like Adam walking on the "good side" right now. He's still got an edge, so his balls are intact. I like the fact that he sold Victor out to his sister, Victoria. Maybe he'll develop a close relationship to at least one sibling.

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I liked EJ and Kate, but I liked them as they fling they were especially after EJ met Sami, everyone else is simply unimportant, invisible and a waste of my time.

Team EJ and Kate as co-conspirators OTOH could be soapy gold.

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"Please let this mean they are chemistry testing Starr and Johnny."

Are you kidding? Please tell me you're kidding. Whoever Starr is with, she is going to drag them down. If this is a chem test, it should show that there is NO ONE on the show that she is any good with. She was a mistake that should be rectified ASAP. If we must have characters from OLTL, make it ones that people actually liked and cared about.

On Y&R, I hope Nick and Sharon stick it to Victor...they should team up with Victoria and create their own cosmetics company. Better yet, all of them team up with Tucker. Now that would really get Ole Vic's goat!

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That Y and R scene with Tucker talking to Sophia in Crimson Light over there cell phone was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.

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B&B: Amber is the best thing on the show right now. Her scenes with Hope were great - she had the right balance of being concerned and making sure she met her goal (staying at the company). The photoshopped pic of Rick - hilarious! The look on Caroline's face - priceless - as Amber was describing Rick's "fetish."