Sofia vs. Harmony: Which Woman Should Neil Choose on The Young and the Restless?

Suave exec Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) has a baby with his brother Malcolm's ex-old lady, Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell), but he's been smooching his adopted son Devon's (Bryton James) recovering addict, bio mom, Harmony (Debbi Morgan) on The Young and the Restless!

Next week on Y&R, Harmony will pull Jack Abbott's (Peter Bergman) A.B.M. (Angry Black Man) physical therapist Sarge (Morgan's former All My Children leading man Darnell Williams) into the mix, by asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend, so that people won't catch on to her feelings for Neil.

Poor Neil's love life has been a hot, $3 dollar mess ever since illiterate street urchin-turned-ballerina-turned-supermodel-turned-cosmetics queen Drucilla Barber Winters (Victoria Rowell) went sailing over the edge of that cliff. Could Sofia or Harmony be the woman to finally get Neil's groove back? You tell us:

Which woman should Neil choose?

Sofia vs. Harmony: Which Woman Should Neil Choose on The Young and the Restless?

  • When is Drucilla coming back? (51%, 508 Votes)
  • Who cares about Neil?! I want Sarge and Harmony to hook up! (19%, 187 Votes)
  • Harmony! (18%, 176 Votes)
  • Sofia! (12%, 127 Votes)

Total Voters: 998


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25 Responses

  1. Profile photo of ranger1rg

    Neither one has chemistry with Neil. Both are complete busts as romantic partners.

    Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia) is a terrible actress, and Debbi Morgan plays Harmony about 4 different ways.

  2. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Debbie Morgan plays Harmony really strangely. One day she looks like she’s ready to hit the pipe. The next day she’s a confident church counselor giving out advice. The following she’s at Restless Style taking orders from ‘Miss Phyllis’.

  3. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    This would have been a storyline if Debbie Morgan had been brought on as a savvy Business Executive with her own company that Victor secretly bought controlling interest in to get a stronger foot-hold in the African American cosmetics market.

  4. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    This would have been a storyline if Debbie Morgan had been brought on as a savvy Business Executive with her own company that Victor secretly bought controlling interest in to get a stronger foot-hold in the African American cosmetics market. That would have brought her to town with a vengeance and showed a bitchier cut-throat side of Debbie Morgan. I was thinking a daytime Dominique Deveraux.

    But the moment she hit the screen in bad wigs, 1980’s outfits and finger snapping like her name was Loretta Renee Jackson, I was too through. Debbie turned out to be playing a modern urban Amos and Andy caricature of a black woman trying to rebuild and re-brand herself as a woman.

    Debbie ain’t “hood.” She can’t play “hood.” Debbie is a Clair Huxtable type of actress when it comes to daytime. So for her to play a bitch would be an easy step-up.

    And for Maria Arena Hell, you don’t take take a woman akin to Angela Bassett for daytime and cast her down. Hell even miss Bassett has turned down roles she felt were degrading (I guess with Tyler Perry she needed the pay check ;)). Why would Maria think this was the way to use a legend in the genre?

    Now for that other one. Julia Pace Mitchell. All I gotta say is this:

    A pink slip for Julia Pace Mitchell.

    I’m not sorry, but her character never struck me as she played her as nothing more then a gloried secretary, trying to channel the magic Victoria Rowell created. It’s like the director told her to “be urban” and to “do the black woman thing.” But with her abysmal acting talent (paging Stella Adler and Stanislavski) “Good Times” (Dynomite!) storylines it has all been bad.

    And on another note since VR left Y&R has lacked a strong African American female (Tonya Lee Williams guest appearances don’t count) to represent for the sistah’s. It has been often badly imitated, but never duplicated!

    So if the writers want to try and write for black people on Y&R and in daytime in general here are some suggested viewing materials to get them on track:

    Films: Soul Food, The Best Man, The Brothers, Waiting to Exhale.
    TV Series: Girlfriends, Soul Food (Drama Series) and Kevin Hill.

    Also take the time to read novels by Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dicky, Toni Morrison and Carl Weber.

    Once you have that sort of education then you “may” be able to get all the right nuances Bill Bell allowed the actors add to their characters and storylines as well as what Agnes allowed Hubbard’s to do on AMC and what Sally Sussman Morina was able to pull from the black actors on Generations.

    But this mess is just terrible.

  5. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @david46208: Standing ovation over here.You are my leading Blackologist who specilalizes in Blacks in Daytime! I agree with your post, especially, the character Debbi Morgan should have played versus Yo!Harmony. I did shutter at the mention of Toni Morrison with those other authors. Toni Morrison is a great author and the others don’t measure up.

    I digress. Lawd, we need more soaps because we shouldn’t even be discussing this “non-story.”

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Where is my beloved Drucilla??? Since it appears I am never gonna get her back, why can’t these producers just admit that Julie Pace Mitchell is a HOPELESS case as an actress? If they had done a triangle between Leslie, Neil and Harmony, I could get behind that….POSSIBLY. Angell Conwell has FAR more talent than Mitchell does!

    Hell, I’d even settle for an Olivia/Neil/Harmony triangle before I’d believe that Sofia and Neil are a viable couple! Not in this lifetime……….

    Kristoff looks PAINFULLY uncomfortable in EVERY scene he’s in with Julie, and ironically, so do I as I watch. CRINGE-WORTHY!!!!!!!!!! :tired: :tired:

  7. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey & soapbaby: You would think that if they were attempting to pull in the audience from AMC that they would have thought of something better for her to do then play a recast of a recovering drug addict. Having Debbie Morgan go from “heart of the show” to slapping Victor Newman around with a “Who you think you yelling at? Do I look like Nikki Newman?” persona would be just the things fans would want.

    I envisioned her storming into Victor’s office or a board meeting tell him “you might have won the battle, but you won’t win the war!”

    Having Phyllis run some tabloid story on her in Restless Style and having her show her muscle by getting most of the advertisers pull out and send the magazine tumbling as a show of how much power no one knew she had.

    I wanted her taking no prisoners and not falling for any of the usual power players tricks.

    Watching a character who seems to know how the citizens of GC work and how to beat them at their own games could made Y&R some must-see TV.

    Then they could have started to reveal her vulnerabilities through a budding friendship with Neil.

    Then if they wanted to cast Darnell Williams and play off of the AMC connection he could have been a jaded ex-husband from her past (whose political career was destroyed when she left him) that Victor dug up and they could have played it out Mahogany style.

  8. Profile photo of sillytee

    can you imagine the chemistry debbi might have had with eric braeden if she were cats as an executive??? and i dont necessarily mean as a love interest. i mean as rivals!! david that was great thinking!!!!

  9. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    David, you and I are thinking alike– it’s scary!

    I was thinking why not make her an ice queen business exec like the character that Diahann Carroll portrayed on Dynasty? (only I couldn’t remember the name). Bill Bell, did the Drucilla’s redemption story in the 90s, why not go for a more sophisticated character now? I’d even settle for Vanessa Williams’ character from Ugly Betty!

    I hate to sound like a snob but the writing on this show is terribly LIMITED.

  10. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]This would have been a storyline if Debbie Morgan had been brought on as a savvy Business Executive with her own company that Victor secretly bought controlling interest in to get a stronger foot-hold in the African American cosmetics market.

    Yep there are no words I’m trying my damnest to like this black ensemble because at least its there…

    Dominique Deveraux is the character Diahann Carroll played on Dynasty & the Colbys.

    Speaking of Eric Jerome Dickey I’m reading his novel “Pleasure” at the moment. There are so many awesome writers out here for Black women its a pity what I see (or not see) on the screen.

    Never in my wildest dreams would’ve believed that in 2012 we’d be having this kind of discussion regarding the Beulah-land writing of African American women. I minored in Afro-American studies & all I can do is shake my head in disgust & total dismay…. but then there is only one Black lead actress in a TV series Kerry Washington’s Scandal so … there you have it. thank goodess for Shondra Rhimes, Tyler Perry, the Van Peebles, Spike and so forth & so on….

    I don’t think Judy Pace Mitchell is that awful as some do but its still hard to say…

    I guess I am just triangled out by soaps I don’t find them as interesting as I once did any more its just way too many. Writers seem to be lazy this is their easy way for angst. Triangles use to be a big thing in writing now its run of the mill soap; I don’t recall them back to back nonstop like they are now.

    Besides I think Neil Winters is boring it was Dru who gave him a razor’s edge. He needs someone fiesty

  11. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    WHERE is Drucilla? By Neil’s Caption THIS! he’s wondering the same damn thing. Sticking him with either Sofia or Harmony is just cruel and unusual punishment. From the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. smfh

  12. Profile photo of stoney07

    Meh….where’s Dru??? I voted Harmony because, I admit…like I used to do in school, I answered the question before reading all the options. SO take ONE from the YoHarmony option. LOL

    Anyway, where the hell is Dru? IDK who is involved in bringing her back, but hell…MAB allegedly did what she had to do to keep EB and MTS…so why not stick her neck out for Dru? The ratings are in the toilet, the Winters have been in the toilet since 2007 (and arguably before that), and Dru is STILL one of the most popular Y&R characters EVER. Where the freak is she??? It’s stuff like this that makes me understand why daytime is perishing. It’s not just because of different viewing formats and housewives going to work…it’s pride and stubborn execs that aren’t willing to do what they have to do to keep their show on top.

    I love Debbi Morgan, and I actually kind of enjoy her as YoHarm sometimes…BUTTTT, the thing is…there were tons of other opportunities had they brought her on as someone else. And even IF they were going to bring her on as Yolanda…enough time had passed for me to suspend my belief and bought her as a cleaned-up businesswoman on the rise. ANYTHING but this. And then to have her come on as she is, and then use all that damn slang…it’s painful to watch. I guess by throwing in Darnell Williams, we’re supposed to just accept it…but NO!!! It’s not acceptable, and I’ll be the first to say I’m totally not interested in Sarge and Harmony hooking up. (Sarge and Nikki or Sarge and Ashley is Anyway, back to the point…MAB and Co. should be ASHAMED. I say it all the time on the other board, and I’ll say it here: There is NO excuse for the treatment of the black cast. They are extremely lucky to get one day a week, while others get 5 days, and when they ARE shown, the storyline is rushed and botched. I sincereley believe its done to get the viewers uninterested in the Winters, and its mostly working.

    Julia Pace-Mitchell….
    I like her. NO, she’s not a good actress, but I DO like what she represents. I thought that by bringing her on, TPTB were going in a nice direction. It was something we hadn’t really seen before on daytime…a strong, “healthy”, African American businesswoman who CAME ON the show already with reading capabilities and her own money. BUT, the actress is extremely limited. I was just too through during that story where SOMETHING happened (I don’t remember) but Sofia was hit by a car, or ALMOST hit by a car…IDK the details cuz I was barely watching at the moment. But her acting was just…UGH!! It’s frustrating.

    Then you have ANgel COnwell…
    And while I have to go against the grain and say her acting can be wooden at times, I liked her. I bought her….I liked her wit, her charm…and she made the part her own. She had HOT chemistry with Neil (in my opinion), and she was AN ANIMAL in that sex scene…lol. But, of course, the fans liked her on most of the boards…and so of course they had to get rid of her with no explanation. Sure, she was never a regular cast member, but she could’ve been. I mean, we’re seeing freakin’ DAISY regularly, so what gives?

    Tonya Lee Williams
    When given good material is an AWESOME actress. Her character has history and roots in the show. She’s Ashley’s best friend (Or at least she was)…she’s LIly’s aunt, Neil’s ex-wife…lol. She’s a lot! Why not do what you have to do to keep her around. ANd where the freak is NATE??? SOOOO much wasted potential with all these characters. I’m just over it. It’s like we’ve back-tracked….ALL soaps are going through this…not just Y&R.

    Ok I’m starting to get pissed, so I’ll just

  13. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: I really thought long and hard about ways to salvage this show and to continue the legacy of integration. I mean for the long term not the short-term. And I am all for diversity, but this coonery and buffoonery (thanks Spike) is just not going to work.

  14. Profile photo of aveRex

    While ‘Never’, ‘Not Ever’, ‘”Nev-uh”‘, is a really, really long time…I’m going to go ahead and say it:

    Victoria Rowell will ‘NEVER’ be seen on the Young & The Restless again…except if you’re into watching reruns and youtube.

    She’s done.

    Either Neil will click it with a new woman, man, or child, or he won’t be clicking with nothing but himself.

  15. Profile photo of Carol2

    In all the years Neil has been on Y&R, I have only seen him have chemistry with one woman – Victoria Rowell (at times I saw it with Nia Peeples, but I doubt she’s coming back).

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Y&R write out the entire Winters family and bringing in a new family – what about bringing back Phil Morris as Tyrone, with a wife and kids, or even grandkids? Bring back Jazz too.

    I feel like the only reason they keep the Winters around is laziness and tokenism.

  16. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Sorry Carol2 but that idea of ‘swapping’ one Black family for another sounds totally disingenuous.

    Phillip Morris is a decent actor, the lasting image of him in ‘white face’ is not one of endearment as far as I’m concerned. And that was when the writing was good. There are somethings that should be left in the 80s.
    And Jazz, I shudder to think what this writing regime would turn him into today. He had no family connections as it was back then.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stephanie E. Williams’ Amy drop in to work with Paul (anything to give that man a storyline, I keep hearing people complain about this) but again, she only had a Dad who was played by the incomparable Brock Peters who, unfortunately has been dead for years now.

    The Winters clan was an organic spinoff of the Barbers, who were the nieces of Mamie, who worked for the Abbotts.

    The Winters don’t suffer from anything other than POOR WRITING. Exchanging them for another Black family will not solve this problem. Better, sharper, more emotionally invested, more focused writing will solve the problem.

  17. Profile photo of Carol2

    Yes, but Tyrone had more story than that. He had a romance with Amy, who from what I’ve heard was popular but never used by the show (she said Eric Braeden and others all wanted story with her but the show never did anything).

    I just don’t see the point of Neil. I don’t think he’s ever worked without Dru. Malcolm only worked with Shemar Moore in the role, and even that had its limits (that poor return with the fake dreads). Lily just seems to be done as a character. I think Devon has potential, but Tucker is just a huge drain and that affects the story.

    I think the family is played out. Aside from Devon, the only member of the family I’d like to see more of is Olivia.

  18. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    My vote is “who cares–they all suck.”

    Why did Neil marry Sofia anyway? Was he worried about the “scandal” of having a baby out of wedlock? This isn’t 1955. This whole plot is lame and stupid and it needs to end.

  19. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Maria Bell doesn’t care about black characters PERIOD, except for that pointless bore, Lily. She only writes for them now because the NAACP is breathing down her neck about this show’s lack of diversity. And bringing back Phil Morris, a character who hasn’t been on the canvas for decades, seems silly to me. It would give Hackarena Bell a platform to destroy even MORE of Bill Bell Sr’s history!

    The only black characters that need to go on this show are Lily and Sofia!

  20. Profile photo of Carol2

    You’re right. I wasn’t thinking about MAB because my issues with the non-Dru characters in the Winters circle have been going on for over 10 years. But MAB certainly will ruin anything she touches.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    I don’t buy that Julia Pace Mitchell is as bad an actress as many of you seem to think she is. However, her character is completely ridiculous and nowhere near the type of person Neil would be involved with. This is more evident with her basically telling Neil that she and Tucker are joined at the hip.

    Debbi Morgan is not all that bad either except that her character is written all over the map with no clear direction at this time. The same goes for her wig of the day or hour.

    Neil … should anyone bother to get involved at all with that dour sourpuss? Does he ever really smile at anyone? Is he any less a hypocrite than anyone else around? He is also one of the most unforgiving persons in or anywhere near Genoa City.

    (Anyway … today is Shemar Moore’s 42nd birthday … )

  22. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Shemar Moore – Happy Birthday. The guy does a great job on Criminal Minds. Who remembers his first week as Malcolm in the 90s. Nervous, hilariously nervous. I turned to my wife and said, “That guy won’t make it. Look at his nervous acting”. She replied, “It’s not his ‘acting’ that some of us viewers will be looking at”.

    I hope MAB can get the Winters Clan thing down correctly. Cause we need the show to have someone other than Vic/Nik/ and Gen on. Plus, it didn’t hit me until 3 or 4 months ago, how many African-Americans watch Y&R. I think MAB really needs to try to focus on getting this s/l right.

  23. Profile photo of aveRex

    They will never write for the Black audience. They’ve captured the Black audience since practically the beginning of time and still have it, even after slaughtering and butchering the stories focused on Blacks. Beside those of us complaining on these boards (who are a very tiny minority), the majority of Blacks just love their ‘stories’ and continue to accept and watch whatever is given.

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