Is Nadia Bjorlin Heading Back to Days of Our Lives (Take Two)?


A few months back, scuttlebutt that Nadia Bjorlin was set to reprise the role of Chloe on Days of Our Lives was the talk of the interwebs. Negotiations between Bjorlin and the soap's brass reportedly broke down at the time. However, an item in this week's Soap Opera Digest cover story states "setsiders say the return of Nadia Bjorlin could be imminent." Could Chloe be on her way back to Salem after all?

If so, I seriously hope Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell return the character to her roots as a selfish, bitchy comic diva. I want the Chloe that knocks back expensive champagne, while bragging about her opera singing career; not one with so little self worth she becomes a not-so-high class hooker! What are your thoughts on a possible Chloe return? Sound off in the comments!

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    Enough with all the BUZZ about returning stars and characters! Spend more on the writing and the sets and do a show with a smaller cast with revolving characters who build on the story of established characters. The show could go a long way in increasing ratings if it decided to tell more generational stories … choose Maggie and Victor and a possible health scare for them. Marlena and John and the story of their undying love. Bo and Hope and rekindling their love and starting a family. Sami and whomever she chooses to fight this month. And then the kids of the show but in little bits. Of course, you need a bitch/villian and Kate could be that person. She could easily delve into any of the stories since she has connections to them all.

    Some of the rest of the characters could back up those stories, like Jennifer with Hope, Roman with Bo, etc.

    The show doesn’t need to be FANTASTIC unrealistic storytelling, it just has to be realistic stories that are fantastic.

    No DEMONIC storylines or vampires or the like. Just stories. We don’t need all the cast they have. With the savings from depleting the cast that money could be put into nicer sets. Seriously, Days has THE WORST SETS/set designers on daytime. It’s as if they borrowed sets from the 60’s & 70’s.

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    Nadia Bjorlin has always been a substandard actress. If they bring Chloe back, they need to RECAST! How about Rebecca Budig? Or Chrishell Strause? Or someone who knows how to do more than just stand there and look pretty?

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    And JasamForever–

    WHY are they giving Kristian Alfonso ANOTHER dual storyline? She can barely handle playing ONE character, much less two! lol. They should have given the dual role to Lauren Koslow, Arianne Zuker or Renee Jones!

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    Unless bringing on someone can make a huge impact on all the stories i’d not bring anyone else on for awhile. They need to build up the core characters & get back to basics & stop the showboating with bringing back so many people & trim the dead weight that they have right now.
    Alot of the ones they brought back on the reboot are now being fired because they ran their course because they ran out of stories & the stories we cared about were shoved in the background to write for these who we ff through anyway.
    TPTB need to read all the emails & letters & comments posted on the Official Days FB page to see what the people who watch the show want to see instead of rewriting history to do a story or ruining a character for a story nobody cares about anyway is losing the viewers & they need to keep personal feelings out of this by firing someone who they don’t like but the fans love (Matthew Ashford, Crystal Chappel), that only loses more viewers instead of building up viewers like they’re wanting to.

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    We must be remembering two different roots of Chloe. In my head, Chloe was the misunderstood girl who didn’t need all this stuff to make her happy…but then she became vapid and a black haired Nicole!

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    What in gay hell??? This makes no sense, no sense at all! Let’s fire all of these great, legendary characters and bring back another somewhat popular character…for what? WHAT? Quit dicking around and write for who you have! A great soap should only be writing for 15 core characters TOPS! Let’s see if I can manage to narrow the playing field down to 15…

    Sami, EJ, Nicole, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Maggie, Victor, Stefano, Kate, Melanie, Lucas, Jennifer, Will….Boom! Got your core characters, your families! It works! Get rid of everyone else! They are dead weight!

    I would probably keep a couple more in place of giving bigger stories, like Sonny as a love interest for Will and give Kayla and Justin more to do…put them on contract.

    All I’m saying it, you have enough characters to write stories for, quit adding even more. It’s preposterous

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Nadia Bjorlin has always been a substandard actress. If they bring Chloe back, they need to RECAST! How about Rebecca Budig? Or Chrishell Strause? Or someone who knows how to do more than just stand there and look pretty?[/quote]

    Budig and Strause are probably even worse.

    Borlin had a lot of screen presence, which is something sorely lacking on DAYS at the moment, and I did like her with Brady. But if they are going to go back to Chloe/Dan, then just don’t bring her back.

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    They should be doing some more realistic stories too, like Will coming out. Take advantage of their more experienced actors. A breast cancer story with Maggie would be great! Have her fall into a depression and try to push Victor away until she realizes how much she needs him and then he helps her through it.

    Make a story where Victor and Stefano are forced to partner up and help each other in some way. These older actors are sooo good and you are not utilizing them.

    Or, how about Kayla accidentally gets pregnant. She never thought a woman her age could get pregnant and have her deal with a late in life pregnancy. Educate your audience! Raise the romance between her and Justin.

    Keep the Will story going. It’s going great!

    I’m just sick of these larger than life stalker storylines or different Princess Gina personalities. They are great every now and then but quit shove them down our throats like that’s all you can write about.

    Okay…I’ll get off of my soap box. :)

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    Please no. yes, Nadia is beautiful and by all acoounts, a very nice person. However and most importantly, she can’t act!! She sucks the energy out of every scene she is ever in with her monotone delivery. Are they kidding? If they should bring anyone back, it should be Jay Kenneth Johnson as Phillip. I love him–great actor and gorgeous–how come no one mentions him?

    And firing Matthew Ashford was and is huge mistake–what’s the sense in that?

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    I would like to see Chloe back and the rest of her group Belle, Shawn D and Phillip. The young set they have now isn’t working, so bring back the Last Blast Crew! They were must see tv back in the day.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Please don’t bring back Kristin Alfonso 2.0. All she ever does is blink with those false eye lashes and overdone makeup.

    Days begun it’s legacy with talented actors now it appears that when it comes to a close it will be known for a few good actors and the budget deficit castings ah-la Passions.

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    I do think that Bjorlin has screen presence, charisma. I think that has carried her for a long time. Budig is a cold fish and hasn’t bothered to act in years.

    If they don’t bring Bjorlin back then I think they should just keep the character off, as it’s not like she is a vital part of the show.

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    You and I normally agree, but in this instance, we couldn’t disagree more! Still love you, though! :)

    Bjorlin’s only “screen presence” is her beauty and those heterosexual man-friendly boobs that take up half the screen! lol

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    Perhaps Bjorlin’s return will be a short stint. The DAYS’ team may be cycling in characters/actors for brief runs to tell a short-term story. Hopefully, that’s the case. I don’t mind the actress but Chloe bring nothing to the table. How can Bjorlin inspire writers when Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves could not when the characters virtually write stories for themselves! I wish the best for DAYS because unlike the other remaining soaps, it truly reinvented itself in an effort to remain on the air. No other soap has done such a thing. It’s too bad DAYS seems to make bad decisions and wastes it’s budget on these cast returns versus expanding it’s sets and hiring quality writers!

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    Oh please, not again. She is a very beautiful woman but there’s not time for this. April 2013 is one year away! That means NBC has one year to prepare a talk show for Matt Lauer to fill the time slot currently used by Days. We don’t have time for Nadia…again.

    Yes, I love core characters and families–that’s what an American soap is about. But these beloved characters can become stale and boring if new blood isn’t injected. That’s why Douglas Marland always introduced a new family on each soap he took over. Now he did it slowly and let the audience grow to love/hate/laugh/cry with this new family but the result was genius because that new family often gave life and new story opportunities to existing, core characters. Look what happened when he added the Quartermaine’s to GH and the Reardon’s to GL and the Snyder’s to ATWT. Sometimes you have to have new families. Afterall–in the early 80’s, the Brady family was new to us but now they’re a vital part of the fabric of Days.

    My point is, Nadia is very pretty and her acting abilities are ok; however, I don’t see her adding anything to the show except maybe a ratings spike if she were to experience a wardrobe malfunction and have that massive chest come bouncing out on national tv. Chloe is an ok character, but we don’t need ok at the moment. We need sensational, Earth-shattering, and amazing–you know, good stories that will increase ratings and keep Matt Lauer and crew at bay! That could possibly mean another core family being developed and thus bring new life to the Brady’s, Horton’s and Kiriakis’.

    Nadia, I love you and wish you the very best. You are absolutely stunning. Those eyes are amazing. The lips are perfection. And that chest, well, you need to thank your plastic surgeon. But, I do love everything about ya! My advice is to go to David Kelly’s doorstep and let him cast you in the role of the new Wonder Woman since you were obviously born to play the bracelet wearing heroine; however, don’t come back to Salem. Best of luck Nadia.

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    Could it be possible that Ian McAlister is EJ’s dad? Possibly he slept with EJ’s mother and now Kate slept with Ian. Both of which Stefano loved and was betrayed by sleeping with the same man. Stefano has had so many children with many different mothers. Obviously, he was a womanizer and a big baby making factory. Evil always comes back to roost and haunt.

    Could Victor Kiriakis be EJ’s natural father. Now, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to Stefano? Let’s talk revenge…with EJ knowing what he knows about Stefano’s latest evil deeds, telling Victor about them could lead to Victor being the “stronger arm” by being “top dog” and calling the shots with the potential of blackmail lurking in the wings.

    Bring Chloe back and her parents as well. Have a storyline of Philip with a terminal or serious illness and have him relinquish all parental rights back to Chloe. The writers can take it from there…

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    [quote=Carol2]I do think that Bjorlin has screen presence, charisma. I think that has carried her for a long time. Budig is a cold fish and hasn’t bothered to act in years.If they don’t bring Bjorlin back then I think they should just keep the character off, as it’s not like she is a vital part of the show.[/quote]

    Bjorlin has a lot of screen presence and obviously that’s what’s carried her. And screen presence is what the 30 something women on this show has lacked. God love Sarah brown but she’s a disappearing wallflower on Days, I do lke Christie Clark but I’m not sure she’s added anything. And look at the crappy writing for Nicole. Sami is it. But I’m not sure adding another name to the canvas seeing how all the additions this part year haven’t helped really makes sense.

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    I couldn’t agree more IAMGLORY–Chloe was only interesting when she was coming out of her shell opposite Kyle Lowder (as Brady). Once she was paired with Lucas, then Daniel, then turned to hooking I was completely turned off by the character. I mean even her friendship with Nicole (whom threw acid in her face at one time) was so ridiculously out of left field. While I hated the pimp/hooker story–when they started to soften Quinn I did see some chemistry there. I also enjoyed her clashing with Kate but I don’t want to see her in a romance with anyone currently on the show so if they bring her back I hope it’s to stir up a storyline unrelated to her lady-parts.

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    I too think Nadia is a beautiful gal BUT the gal just can’t act her way out of a paper bag. NO expressions on her face. It looks like she had a LOT of botox because it doesn’t move and at her age no need for the stuff.
    Now for who’s the father of EJ. IF memory serves me correctly wasn’t John supposed to have impregnated Susan via insemiation and Stefano switched his ‘sample’ with John so EJ would be his son. I’m going to go out on a limb here and think that John’s really EJ’s fatha. How good would that be? Here’s EJ trying to bring down his own father and not even know it.

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    No need for her to come back. The cast is very big right now and they aren’t utilizing all of them to their full potential already. Why bring people back? While I was happy to see Carrie come back, I quesetioned the benefit in the long run? Several months later, she’s on her way out and so is Jack who I love. There’s Justin, Adrienne, Victor, Maggie, Marlena, Jennifer, and Sonny who still are interesting to me, but the writers aren’t catering to them. Victor and Maggie were interesting yet they stepped into the shadows once Victor handed Titan over to Ian?

    Chloe’s last boyfriend was Daniel, why cater to him? I still hate that he’s tied to Maggie because if that’s the case he SHOULD be older and they never fully realized story line potential. How do Melissa and Sarah feel? Or Nathan? Nathan became related to a girl he once liked. Instead it’s all swept under the rug.

    Why not use who you have rather than the superficial and standard sweeping of people until 6 months later and we get a new regime?

    And I liked Chloe as “Ghoul Girl”. Once they put make-up on her she has since turned into such a slutty character that she no longer was unique or interesting. I don’t need or want her back.

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    I’ve been hoping the character of Chloe Lane would return to Days. After all, upon her departure before they stated she could possibly return at a later date. There is still the subject of little “Parker’s” true paternity. Those test results were handled by so many people, i.e. Caroline, Carly, Stephanie’s IT guy, and Phillip’s IT friend that we really cannot be sure that Parker’s paternity is with Phillip. I will always maintain that Parker is Daniel’s son. I guess time will reveal all should they decide to bring her back.

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    hey mon

    Billy and Chloe back on DAYS? Set the DVR to record the show again! Too bad they can’t get Nicole’s real-life husband back on to play Brady.

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    Windsor Heights

    I remember Chloe as a misunderstood girl who had the most beautiful “coming out of your shell” moment DAYS has ever had. I’ve said it a million times over. Chloe IS the reason I became a DAYS fan in the first place. As the Ghoul Girl turned beautiful Swan, Nadia BROUGHT it to the story. But as a desperate man hopping hooker, nope. Nadia tried to portray it as Chloe of old which is why Chloe’s fans were HAWKED off.

    And I think you are all seriously misinterpreting Chloe and her place in DAYS history. THe girl is one of the few Non-Hortons or Bradys to make an impact and stay a popular character. And before you mention the men, this is PRE-Higley Chloe I’m talking about. Chloe/Brady/Philip is STILL talked about to this day and even Corday himself has said what big of an impact Nadia had on DAYS as Chloe. SO yes, Chloe does belong with Jack, Jennifer and other important characters. She may not be #1 or on Jack and Jennifer’s spot, but she is a fan favorite who was just watered down by Higley.

    But if Nadia were indeed to come back, I don’t trust Whitesell. He co-wrote with Dena and he too is to blame for destroying the character of Chloe. Here’s hoping, we can get the REAL Chloe back.

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    Loved Chloe when she first was on-NOw she will bring NOTHING to the show, They will mix her with Daniel and Lucas zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, If they were smart they would make her Stefanos child, which was briefly hinted at a million years ago, but I have NO faith in these writers

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    RE: #9: Remove Marlena, John and Jennifer (without Jack, no reason for her)from the mix and add Brady, Chloe and Ian and you’ve got yourself a good core group.

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    IMO, Nadia never should have been fired. For that matter, neither should Louise Sorel and certainly not Crystal Chappell. For those who say she brings nothing to the table, I beg to differ. She brings something that Matt Ashford (whom I love and think the show has totally trashed), Christie Clark (much prefer her over Ali Sweeney), Pat Muldoon and many who are on the show do not — DEMOGRAPHICS.

    We all have our faves and those we want to be front and center all the time, but the reality is this, if the ratings don’t improve — especially that 18 – 49 demographic then Days is done. Nadia was on this show for 10 years. She has a fan base… the key demos No, that alone won’t do it. The writing has to be there and I’m hopeful that it will be. Bringing her back will go a long way in rectifying a very big mistake on the part of this show.

    One thing I wish not to see is Kristian Alfonso and her bad acting in ANOTHER major storyline. Every single time she is front and center, then Peter Reckell/Bo Brady is shipped off for weeks on some bullcrap and we are forced to endure raised eyebrows and feigned tears.

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