The Young and The Restless Spoilers and May Sweeps Scoop!


YoHarmony/Neil/Sofia: Things are a bit weird between YoHarmony and Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, after they share a kiss. Neil and Harmony attempt to fight their growing feelings; unfortunately for the the pair, Sofia may be onto them! She notices the tension when they all run into each other at Crimson Lights. Harmony decides to throw Sofia off by introducing Sarge as her boyfriend (Who didn't see THIS coming?!). Sofia is no dummy and a cheater knows her own kind. The business woman is not about to let a recovering crackhead  take her man!

Nick/Phyllis: Phick fans rejoice. The two start to sketch out their future together.

Victor/Michael/Lauren: Mr. Mumbles balks at meeting the legal eagle half way, which infuriates Lauren. She decides to take matters into her own hands.


Daisy/Lauren: No sooner than Michael finally convinces Lauren it's safe to bring Fen home, Daisy pops up at Fenmore's department store looking to cause trouble! Both Jill and Lauren tell the milquetoast sociopath to hit the bricks, which she refuses. When Jill goes off to an opposite section of the store, Daisy issues a threat to Lauren about Fen! A fed up Lauren pulls out a piece and holds it on Daisy! 

Jill is able to prevent Lauren from busting a cap in Daisy (Why, Jill?!), however the police arrive and book Lauren for assault with a deadly weapon. Michael is stunned by his wife's actions. Look for the Baldwins to be at huge odds over this latest stunt.

Kyle/Jack/Nikki: Old' Smilin Jack's youngest son (Yep, we still remember Keemo!) returns to Genoa City, throwing a huge wrench in his relationship with Nikki.

Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire's past with Genaura Genevieve is discovered by his wife.

Cane: The Aussie con man is grilled by the SEC.

May Sweeps

Victor/Nikki/Jack/Kyle: Even though The Black Knight  came out on top by snagging Beauty of Nature, Jack has walked away with the one thing Victor can't let go of: Nikki! Look for Victor to use Kyle's animosity towards Nikki to his own advantage. When Kyle makes it clear he isn't happy about his dad being involved with the woman who killed his mother, Jack will have to choose between his boy and his lady love!

Genevieve/Tucker/Ashley: Mr. McCall's past with the mob moll is revealed, causing major drama in his already strained marriage to Ashley. Did Ash everly really know Tucker as much as she thought she did? Don't look for Tucker to give up on this marriage without a fight.

Nick/Phyllis: Phick fans are going to be giddy as a fat kid in a candy store. Nick and Phyllis are determined to stay true to one another this go around, however Phyllis' intense jealousy of Sharon could muck everything up, not to mention some of her past sins coming back to haunt her.

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: Child, the slonkey's days of being the Newman black sheep's obsession are over! Adam is all about the scheming Ms. Chelsea now. Look for Sharon to find a new man's shoulder to cry on. This relationship will tear Genoa City apart…

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    [quote=Jillian Bowe]Look for Sharon to find a new man’s shoulder to cry on. This relationship will tear Genoa City apart…[/quote] Really? Worse than with Adam? Can this dumb-as-a-stump, Victor-marrying tramp brilliant but misunderstood businesswoman ever catch a break from the prying eyes of Genoa City?

  2. Profile photo of goyankees

    “Look for Sharon to find a new man’s shoulder to cry on. This relationship will tear Genoa City apart…”

    Who in the…?? Not Billy. She’s been there, and done that (him), It’s not Victor, as we’ve been there and she MIGHT have done him… It can’t be Kevin, it shouldn’t be Cane…? Jack’s with Nicki, and Sharon’s been there, ditto Nick with Phyllis (Jeez, Sharon’s busy…)

    Oh, God.


    Carmine’s more Sharon’s speed. Tho Sharon Newman deserves Jeffery Bardwell.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    We’ve seen most of these stories play out already. -.-

    Neil destroyed his last marriage by cheating on his wife. Why do we have to have a repeat of this? Debbi Morgan is a great actress, but dead wrong for the role.

    Phyllis and Nick are working on a future together. Why? It didn’t work out the last time and it hasn’t really anything changed. Phyllis still can’t deal with seeing Nick somehow involved in Sharon’s life. Do we really have to go through all that again?

    And then there is this story with Kyle coming back and hating the woman is father is involved with. Last time he was hating on Phyllis for writing crap about his mother, this time he is hating on Nikki because she actually killed his mother. Even though it’s somewhat different, we already saw a VERY similar storyline playing out just A YEAR AGO!!!!!

    Well last and very least (?) we have Sharon. Of course we’ve heard over the past two months that Sharon is becoming a power house not in need of a man. She will appear as an independent woman … and yet she becomes involved in ANOTHER relationship that will tear Genoa City apart??? Who’s she sleeping with now? Maybe become a little bit of a cougar and gets in bed with Daniel, Ricky or Kyle (or all three of them)????
    What’s left for her???? This character has been tortured by the current regime SEVERAL TIMES!!!!! I feel so bad for Sharon Case to have to put up with this crap. Maybe it’s time to bring Monica Quatermaine’s daughter Dawn back to life on “GH”, so Case FINALLY has something to do worth her acting skills. -.- And with all the “GH” people on “Y&R” maybe a good revenge. :P Anyway, I hate seeing one of my favorite actresses in Daytime television handled so badly.

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    RealityCheck 33

    WTF? Sharon and Adam are hot together. They rank as one the most popular couples on the show in reader polls. Why are they throwing them under the bus for the old biddies that “don’t approve”. Fuck those old, dried up bitches, we want Shadam….but I guess we’ll get Sharon and some “NEW MAN”…is there a pun in there? MAB needs to get a clue.

    If we can’t have Adam with Sharon, then bring on Chelsea. Let’s see some hot fuckin’ from this pair!

  5. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Jill Foster Abbott is the only remaining “original” character left on this show, she is leaving for SIX months and not a single solitary word about her here. What assholes TPTB are. No wonder she’s leaving.

    Even if she is leaving May 1–it merits a mention.

  6. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    LOL, again, this is a hot a@# mess and MAB needs her butt kick for this mess onscreen, smdh. I wouldnt be surprised if Sharon sleep with all the men in GC and the world and don’t catch a disease.

  7. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=alstonboy4315]The only MAN that Sharon needs in her life right now is Dr. Phil!!![/quote]

    Amen! Has there ever been a character in the history of daytime drama more in need of dealing with her ‘Daddy issues’? I know half the town needs a shrink but all of Sharon’s actions for the past like four to five years scream out for therapy in the worst way!

  8. Profile photo of Mets82

    I can see Micheal and Sharon together considering I guess Micheal and Lauren are having problems. I give Y&R credit for there relationship. Didnt they get married in 2003? There still together, thats pretty good.

    I like Micheal and Lauren anyway but I hope Micheal isnt Sharon’s new man. Im so sick of her crap. She preaches about being a strong woman and yet hear comes a man…again. You know what got me a little peeved about Sharon. Was it me or was she giving a little lip to Genevieve the other day? Maybe not lip but she was a little mad that she would take orders from Genevieve. Who the hell is Sharon anyway? All of a sudden shes some type of Cosmetics queen?

    As far as new Kyle, thats something else I cant stand. They are bringing in a new Kyle was too fast. Kyle just left and now hes an adult? Nick and Phyllis. Wake me when thats over. There together, then there not, then they are, then there not.

    I dont get the problem with Lauren. I mean dont you guys think shes in the right for trying to kill Daisy? Daisy is just using Lucy as a pawn. Shes trying to piss off Daniel, Phyllis and Lauren.

  9. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I don’t think Michael is going to get involved with Sharon at this point. He knows what a mess she is. If he is going to cheat on Lauren my guess is that it will be with Avery.

    I guess because it’s a “new” man it won’t be one of Sharon’s many exes. The more I think about it the more I believe that it could be Daniel. Phyllis would completely lose it and Nick would be once more disgusted with her. The rest of the GC residents will talk about it over lunch, while Adam is going to be pushed into Chelsea’s arms by this.^^

    BTW, Ashley finally needs a new man. Do something with her and stop making Sharon the tramp of Genoa City. -.-

  10. Profile photo of Carol2

    I doubt Sharon and Adam are being split up because of biddies. The show used the same story for them over and over, and people got tired of it. Now Adam will be paired with the new Chloe, AKA Chelsea, another noble, angelic drug rapist.

    I’m hoping for Sharon/Daniel, especially if he gets a haircut.

  11. Profile photo of Carol2

    MG and SC have always had chemistry. If this show wasn’t such a shitpile I’d probably ship them and write fics and wave a lighter or whatever. If this is them I hope it works out well because I don’t think there is anything left for Sharon and the Newman men – even with Adam, more people talked about Adam’s belt buckle than they did about Sharon.

  12. Profile photo of mannym716

    “The business woman is not about to let a recovering crackhead take her man!”

    Really. Really! Really? This is what the writers want us to sit through!? *SMDH*

    In the words of Sweet Brown, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT (SHIT)!

  13. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Sharon, hopefully, will end up with Cane. That way watching Cane and Lily won’t be so d@rn boring all the time. I know I’m incurring the wrath of 17-yr girls when I write this.

  14. Profile photo of tedew

    hey mon … Sharon with Cane?!?!?! And why would that be so much less boring and more interesting than now?

    Basically I’m fed up with practically every single CURRENT relationship that exists between our fine feathered Genoa City friends. I think we need one or two re-pairings, a lot of “let’s call it quits forevers”, some interesting new pairings and some new pairings that are not conventional (FOD alert).

    Of all of the above … the one that must NOT continue is Phyllis with Nick.

  15. Profile photo of cgoff

    Sharon with Victor, she has always had the hots for him anyway, plus she had to have a man with money!

    Michael, is see turning to Avery

    Daniel is leaving, dead or alive I do not know

    Phyllis and Nick – ready for MAB to write her wrong since Paris!

  16. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    It’s Victor and Sharon – I’m sure. This show is like a merry-go-round at the moment.Where are the days of slow-build romance and the audience looking forward to each episode?Long gone I feel:the show is badly edited and there are few scenes where you can get involved in the dialogue.
    On the positive side,I love Debbi Morgan and she is great to watch with everyone except Stephen Nichols.Neil needs a woman with spunk and the Sophia-thing does not “cut it” with me.
    Who knows where these writers are going,but I will still watch as I support the genre. :)

  17. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies]It’s Murphy. I know it’s Murphy. It’s going to be one hot summer in GC.[/quote]

    LOL. Eventually, it will be Murphy! I don’t watch anymore but I want to play…

    I’m thinking either Ricky or Daniel, I’m leaning more toward Ricky, Paul’s badseed son.

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