Lauren Fenmore SNAPS on The Young and the Restless!

So long, sister killer! Well, not quite. After months of target practice, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) is just about ready to take a shot at Daisy (Yvonne Zima). Unfortunately, her gun slinging could land the department store queen in hot water.

Meanwhile, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) are back together! Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    Didn’t SyPhyllis have fertility problems back in the day, making it difficult for her to get pregnant? And now she could possibly be knocked up? UGH! She needs to go home and take care of the daughter she’s already got, Summer. SyPhyllis is one of the most selfish mothers/grandmothers in this show’s history, so the idea of her getting preggers again doesn’t excite me!

    Lauren SHOULD shoot and kill Daisy, but of course she won’t, because as my auntie would say: That’s too much like the RIGHT thing to do. And of course, that would mean that they’d have to fire that horrid excuse for an actress, Yvonne Zimaless! And that is too much like an astute business decision, which means Bell will never do it. She loves to torture the audience with bad casting choices!!

    Okay, rant over!

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    Seriously, I don’t get the writers of this show. I wish they would write it that Daisy lost custody of Lucy and it was she who had to revisit the custody in 6 months and that is why she and Ricky want to take her down. No. They wrote it that Daisy won and is allowing this loser Ricky to use her to ruin it all by going after Phyllis, who has lost already?! It makes no sense.

    Makes no sense and the writers even had Phyllis say it. Daniel loses the kid for 60 seconds and Daisy leaves her in the winter on the church steps in the middle of the night, kidnaps two ladies (one of whom gets ill because of it) and Daniel is seen as unfit?!

    I am tired of the writers taking the easy way out just to have DRAMA that shouldn’t be there in the first place. I think we would all warm up to Daisy if she was on the losing side and going in her family’s loony routes! Maria Bell is a lazy showrunner and the writers are doing the fans a major injustice. Daisy can stick around but why does it have to be by making everyone else look dumb?!

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    This is BAD!!!

    Lauren being afraid of this pathetic excuse for a villain is laughable. Miss Fenmore used to put Sheila in her place and now she feels threaten by this child???
    Anyway I’m still waiting for the truth to come out that Daisy and Ryder ARE NOT Sheila’s twins. If anything they are Sarah’s children, who once had an affair with Terrible Tom because as we all know Sheila and Tom DID NOT meet until 2005!!!!

    As for the Phyllis and Nick reunion … who cares??? The chemistry they had is long gone and I don’t feel that these two love each other. They seem bored at the most and just need sex after playing video games – but that’s all. And NO, Phyllis doesn’t need another child!!!! Neither does Nick!

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    Restless Fan

    Too much nonsense! I stopped wishing for things to get better a while ago. But after I read Maria Bells latest interview in Soap Opera Digest I’m more convinced than ever with her in charge we will continue to be treated to one poorly plotted story after another. No doubt she will be patting herself on the back the whole time. She is freakin delusional. Or drunk. Or both!!!

    On an upside I read on Michael Muhneys twitter page the show is FINALLY going to update their opening. Now if we could only get Kay Alden and Jack Smith back.

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    PLEASE,not another baby.Is she going to be pregnant when Cricket comes back,just so she can lose the baby thru an accident,by either Cricket or Lauren?This is just terrible.

    Y&R has become nothing but background noise while I do other things.B&B is on its way there also.The only story on the 3 soaps I love is Will’s story on Days.And they are now backburning that story to a snail’s pace.Do the networks really want to get rid of soaps?It sure feels like it.

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    This regoddamdiculous! The writers want us to believe that Lauren Fenmore, who got down and dirty with the likes of Big Tracy and Sheila Carter, is afraid of that little REDHEADED TURD! And the that damn SYPhillis going at it (AGAIN) with Nick the Caveman. And now she’s pregnant? WTF? What about her damn kid Summer, who she tossed aside for her own granddaughter. Really. Really! Really? *GARBAGE*

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    Restless Vixen

    Yes alstonboy, Phyllis was supposed to be infertile. She went through fertility treatments when married to Jack and was unsuccessful at getting pregnant. Summer was supposed to be a miracle baby since Phyllis was diagnosed as unable to conceive again after Daniel. But what the hell do these writers care about history? Every couple on this show winds up going half on a baby no matter how inconceivable or unnecessary. I’m not a Phick fan, but why does this couple NEED a baby? Why can’t couples on this show just be without a required BAYBEE to “hold them together”??!! And nine times out of ten with this regime a baby will only result in more angst instead of solidifying the couple. What’s more, the kid will be ignored/forgotten most of the time, anyway, until they get SORASed from infant to 18 year old. I’m sure Phick fans will be jerked around yet again in time for summer storylines. Why can’t Nick and Phyllis just be together without yet another “Oops, preggers!” plot twist? They both have adult children, so I vote “No baby”.

    I swear MAB&Co are obsessed with weddings and babies even if they get thrown out the window a few months later. *sigh*

    But what bothers me even more is this ridonkulous bullshit with fraidy cat Lauren shakily toting a gun. What the hell happened to my girl Lauren? She was fearless and answered to NO ONE. I will never buy Lauren being afraid of this sorry Sheila Carter 2.0 knockoff. It’s just stupid and beneath Tracey Bregman.

    Just when I thought this show was getting better, they go right back to these silly, contrived plot points.

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    Ugggggggggg, please, PLEASE do not let phyllis be pregnant! As a Phick fan, I just do not even care anymore. Either put them together or end them for good and make Summer Jack’s kid (given she’s going to be so damn Sorased come “Summer” it’d make sense!). Michelle and Josh’s chem is just lacking now.

    Daisy shouldn’t even exist. If she had too, it should be Lauren pulling her to the ground by that stringy ass hair and then just wailing on her ass and leaving her in a dark alley to rot and never be seen or heard from again. I’d at least WATCH that.

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    The thing with Lauren is that I think shes afraid for Fen. I think she scared because shes worried that Daisy will somehow get Fen. I just cant stand Daisy or Ricky. 2 people with no redeaming qualities.

    I think Nick and Phyllis should take a break. They go back and forth with each other. Its getting boring now. They’ll be together until Phyllis gets jealous of Sharon and Nick goes back to Sharon.

    A little off topic but was Phyllis just a little to overzealous today? What I mean is that her hugging of Daniel today and being so happy for Daniel about Lucy was a little sickening. Phyllis has gotten on my nerves with this storyline. I mean she cares more about Lucy than Daniel does. Well, you know what? She should’ve minded her own business and Lucy would have been with Billy and Victoria.

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    Dear lord I cannot believe Daisy is still alive! Why is Y&R keeping her around? They killed Jana off and granted she wasn’t that great of a character but at least she could ACT this girl is terrible and just needs to go!

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    soapjunkie88 … I agree with your comment #3. Lauren should be stronger than this and it is getting tedious having to watch her crumble anytime anyone even remotely related to Sheila arrives on the scene. Unfortunately when little innocent Lucy suddenly grows up to be not so little and not so innocent we will have to endure this all over again.

    I am also so not looking forward to having the suddenly older Kyle return to stir up trouble. The whole Diane murder and investigation we all had to suffer through was ludicrous enough without having it end that Nikki (possibly) did the deed. Who are the writers writing for … new flesh or for their tried and true veterans? It seems it would be for the untried newbies.

    and … mannym716 your Lauren comments fit in with this perfectly too. Plus your Phyllis sentiments echo mine as well. Why does she need more children when her own are stowed away somewhere never to be seen for long periods of time? And another part of her hypocrisy that bugs me is that she never gave a thought about grabbing Lucy away from Victoria and Billy … but “excuse me?” (one of her favourite phrases; or should it be “excuse me? excuse me?”) don’t let that happen to me is all she says or thinks as the “victim” right now. Why am I thinking that the vile Daisy could actually have better parenting skills than Phyllis could ever hope to have? I am so looking forward to what Ricky uncovers.

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    Restless Vixen

    @GHfan-4now – thank you for being an honest Phick fan. MS’s and JM’s current scenes have sorely been missing the chemistry they used to have together. As much as it pained me as a former Shick fan to see Nick cheat on “my Sharon”, I had to admit that Phick affair was scrotching hot. They were FIYAH! Now, not so much. I don’t blame either actor for the heatless scenes as of late; the constant back and forth with the writing of this couple would take its toll on even the best actors on Earth. How can Phyllis be hot for a man that just recently boned her own sister? And Nick seems to disapprove of Phyllis’ choices, including sleeping with Ronan purely out of spite. These writers just ruin their couples with one angstful plot point after the other but just expect lightning to strike twice when they decide to put them “back on track”. *SMDH*

    MAB&Co put the saying “Breakups to Makeups” on a whole nother level! *sigh*

  13. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    @Restless Vixen Thank you. I just call them like I see them! And as much as I loved Phick (I was also once a Shick fan, but surprise, surprise, MAB has managed to ruin them for me as well), I can’t get excited about them anymore. When they first got together, they WERE FIYAH! They were hot, sexy, and even though I knew they were wrong, I didn’t WANT them to be right! LOL! But MAB has taken what was once an intriguing and even sexy triangle and turned it into a nasty herpes filled hexagon with any fresh piece of tail that comes to town going straight to either Nick or Phyllis when they’re on the “outs”, before Nick goes back to Sharon who is upset over Adam, and Phyllis sees green and becomes a weepy mess before sleeping with Nick’s brother, or step-daddy, or cousin, or enemy, or whomever MAB decides to bring on next to muddy up even more muddied waters.

    I don’t blame the actors either. It must be draining to play such drivel day after day, month after month, year after year, and end up with more of the same even when you do your damnedest to try and keep it fresh. Unfortunately with the dialog, stories, and constant use of sex in place of actual love and heartfelt conversations, etc., it’s just Wash. Rinse. Repeat. MAB is officially my dry cleaning service.

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