Aaron Lustig Back to Being ‘Young and Restless’

Just when things seem to be looking up in Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) personal life, a blast from her past returns to Genoa City. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting Aaron Lustig is returning to The Young and the Restless as Dr. Tim Reid!

Fans remember Dr. Reid was Phyllis' court-appointed counselor. He wound up in bed with Red and their escapade was caught on tape, courtesy of the vixen herself! Phyllis then proceeded to do what she does best — blackmail the good doc into testifying for her in court.

According to Logan, Y&R is going to re-examine Cricket's (Lauralee Bell) hit-and-run case. Look for Dr. Reid to be brought back to town by Ricky (Peter Porte) in his quest to nail Phyllis. Lustig's first airdate will be May 30.

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    Tim was hilarious on Y&R with Phyllis AND on B&B with Morgan. :D

    MAB finally needs to make Phyllis the bitch she once was again. It’s stupid to have her run around and writing crappy and hypocritical stories (for which every REAL person would sue you) about Genoa City’s citizens. Phyllis used to be a pain-in-the-a**. How I loved her back then. :love:

    Well and then somewhere between the last and current regime she became this awful pathetic heroine. -.-

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    What? MAB knows who Dr. Reid is…..im speechless, and if she could bring Mari Jo Mason back, but she wouldn’t know how to write for that character……oh boy….

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    Why is it a day player exacting revenge on Phyllis and Ricky doesn’t even have a strong enough grudge against her! Couldn’t they have brought a character back that she dealt with in her BITCH days so that it would be the ultimate revenge?!

    Ricky, like Daisy and like so many other characters who think they are tough on the show, don’t have the chops for this sort of thing. Why Daisy isn’t eating DIRT by now due to Phyllis is beyond me.

    Personally, she was only good with Jack and even then I wanted Phyllis to be bad. All this weeping and SCREAMING she does now is truly annoying.

    STILL, Ricky?!!

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    RealityCheck 33

    She did run down Paul in a SUV a while back, maybe she’ll do it again and hopefully, get it right!

    She also set Sasha on fire and killed her. Now THAT is the one I’d like to see her get nailed on. Phyllis is a murdering bitch.

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    Could they also bring back Justin Gorrence as Peter Garrett….the little hottie that Phyllis used and bedded in an attempt to make Danny jealous by implying that she might marry Peter and he’d become stepdaddy to baby Daniel? I remember a VERY steamy sex scene between Phyl and Peter back in the day!

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    Dr. Reid emerged on Y&R the same year, 2002, in a dream sequence. I hope that SyPhyllis will finally get the wind knocked out of her sails. She hasn’t TRULY been interesting or likable in a LONG time.

    I know DC doesn’t like us to post YouTube videos, but I hope Jamey and the other administrators will not have a problem with me posting this. :)


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    soapy opie

    LOVED the hey-day of Phyllis & Dr. Tim. So much FUN.
    Michelle & Aaron had such great chemistry together, you simply never
    knew what was going to happen next. (Ahh…The Good Ol’ Days!!)

    BTW – Wasn’t he Cra-a-a-zy Shelia’s psychiatrist, too??

    Wow!! With that track record, how in the world does he even still
    have a license to practice?

    The only Daytime shrinks even less competent than Dr. Tim,
    would be Dr. Phil and B&B’s Dr. Taylor. And the three of them make
    Day’s Dr. Marlena look like Sigmund “Freakin” Freud!! lol

    Hope Y&R has a real storyline and purpose for bringing him back
    & it’s not just another empty “stunt”, like Diane’s crappy return
    & even more crappy murder “mystery”.

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    Don’t worry guys … Michelle Stafford is the Hans Gudegast of Y&R. Phyllis is teflon and if necessary, history will be rewritten. But I do certainly hope that her past will come back to unravel her present.

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