ABC Daytime and SOAPnet Marketing Veep, Last of Frons' Minions, OUT!


Say buh-bye to Adam Rockmore, former senior vice-president of marketing for ABC Daytime and SOAPnet. He is no longer employed by the Mouse House. According to my sources, Rockmore is telling people he quit the gig — much like his ex-boss Brian Frons quit.

For those who didn't know, Rockmore was the dude who came up with the disastrous "Real Greenlee" campaign for the return of Rebecca Budig to All My Children in 2008.


Rockmore, who allegedly told anyone who would listen he wasn't a "big soap fan" (So why was he ever hired to market a channel dedicated to them?), had a background in lifestyle and foodie programming. He oversaw all marketng efforts to transition ABC Daytime away from soaps, and into a hub for shows like The Chew and The Revolution. Good riddance!


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While I'll glad to hear these execs are getting their come-uppance, It's cold comfort right now. With the latest ratings, I'm wondering if there is any way to repair the damage that was done to GH by those who have no understanding of daytime or its viewers. I can see the good that Frank and Ron are doing with GH and I really hope their efforts are not too late.

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Now if only this meant that ABC would rethink their disastrous moves of the past 2 years and put soaps back on the air. I mean, if you think about it and they announce the return of one of the soaps, AMC or OLTL, OR a combo soap of both shows OR even better a BRAND new soap or two.

The press alone would get the shows on the radar. The media blitz with E! or ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT or any other entertainment show/blog/site writing about how ABC was bringing back TRUE daytime would be enough free press to get the very first episode numbers that havent been seen in years, decades even. Then if they write the show correctly, add stars that don't cost as much as current daytimers ... do you think Ted Shackleford on Y&R is being paid as much as Eric Braeden or even Ronn Moss?! Doubtful but he still adds to the whole show when he is on.

Just a thought.

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I still get pissed as hell over the way Sabine Singh was treated by AMC/ABC.

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That's fine, but it doesn't bring back OLTL.

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Does this change anything. As much as people hate Frons, Anne Sweeney was the one that wanted soaps to be gone too. Is she still in a position of power?

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Buh-bye Rockmore!Have fun pitching lifestyle shows elsewhere!

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Soap opera is the only place where actively loathing the very medium that you work in will get you hired & promoted. Rockmore and the folks like him wanted to shill for Sex and the City and HBO. They didn’t give a rat’s @@@ about daytime and it showed.

Another one bites the dust. Too bad it won't bring AMC and OLTL back.

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He's the one who came up with those shitty "Real Greenlee" promos?! All this time I thought that was a Brian Frons thing!! I'm glad that he quit though(translation: he was fired?); a whole lot of good that does us soap fans now!!

I agree with you 100% MsNixon!! Only in the soap industry will people who detest soaps get hired. This is a big reason why soaps are dying. If people who love soaps were hired to oversee marketing efforts, headwrite shows and executive produce the soaps, there might still be 10 daytime dramas on the air right now like there was in 2002!!!

I hope karma bites Rockmore in the ass and that he never lands a job at any network again!!

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Too little too late! ABC could do the smart thing have Frank over see two soaps GH and the return of OLTL be in charge with no interference.Frank reports not to daytime head but the head of ABC entertainment as these are scripted shows anyway. They should get the same treatment and direction the prime time scripted shows do anyway.. Hire Michael Malone to head write for GH and return Ron back to OLTL and hire Agnes as a storyline consultant for both. Fire Anne she has allowed this mess to start and should be held responsible for it. Hey it is a pipe dream but it sure would show respect and get those viewers back great for adverisers including the departed Hoover back and improve the bottom line for this daytime division.

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Can't say his name was farmilar at first but soon as I read he was behind the real greenlee thing..I was like oh...ew...really glad he "quit"

I would have thought it was Brian behind the Greenlee thing too.

That still sickens me..esp. watching the re-runs right now with Sabine.
I didn't really like Sabine at first playing her but I really came to like her as Greenlee and to see her kicked the curb like old rotten trash was so sad. She really rocked Greenlee...she played Greenlee in a way I don't think Rebecca could ever touch...but that comes with my personal opinion about Rebecca...but either way they treated like Sabine like sad.

Anways so glad another Frons minion is gone...if they could only go back and change all that's messed up already.