DC #671: Helen Keller

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura dive into the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Sean Kanan is coming back to The Bold and the Beautiful as Deacon Sharpe. Might Nadia Bjorlin return to Days of Our Lives? General Hospital recasts Kristina with Lindsey Morgan.  Victor gets Beauty of Nature on The Young and the Restless, but Jack gets Nikki.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Great podcast!!!!

    It’s awful that Regan has to watch such a bad version of Brooke Logan. This character used to make so much fun! I don’t want her scheming in the love life of her children. Even though there is a reason to do it, Brooke was never like this. I remember when Deacon was with Bridget and Amber with Rick before, Brooke NEVER acted like she is acting now. She always wanted the best for children, which included accepting the decision they were making. Brooke doesn’t even know Caroline and pushes her son towards her…
    I feel like with B&B there are so many ways of telling good storyline. Like you guys suggested with Deacon and Steffy. But this show always misses out on their chances.
    Brad Bell has his own mind when it comes to the show, which is great, but he misses the potential of some great storylines for years now. He rather plays the same story over and over again as to try something new, something that could bring him headlines. The last good thing that happened to the show was Steffy’s “affair” with Bill. That brought him headlines and it brought the fans a passionate discussion. In the end he isn’t acting on it… -.-

    Over at Y&R the situation can’t get worst. Look at Michael Graziadei for the past couple of weeks. You can see that this boy doesn’t want to be at this show anymore. If you saw his resent guest stint on AMERICAN HORROR STORY or SECRET CIRCLE, you see how good this boy can act. But on this show he doesn’t have any fun left. And while the actors never should phone it in, who can blame him?
    The great chemistry of Melody Thomas Scott and Peter Bergman is the only thing worth watching. And because no one takes care of putting only their scenes up on YouTube I still have to watch this entire mess of a show…

    GH needs to stop to throw Carly, Sonny and Jason in our face. That is what viewers wanted to stop. Not only the shooting around with guns, but having these selfish characters on five days a week. There are other characters on the show … something even Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati still have to learn.

    As for DAYS, EJ has to be a DiMera. Come on now… They can’t take him away from this family. Huge mistake. Another big error as Jillian mentioned is Stefano’s behavior.

  2. Profile photo of justsomeguy

    I like how Jason is such an asshole because his wife did the one thing she knew he’d hate most, manage him and control what she thought he could handle and proceeds to cite him as the reason she had to do the thing she knew he’d hate. But Jason is suppose to be endlessly compassionate when his wife won’t trust him with the truth, when she’ll tell a cop intimate details about Jason’s life before she’d tell Jason and who, herself, on multiple occasions expressed reservations about having the child if it were Franco’s? It’s weird, Jason is called a robot but when Jason expresses emotions like an action person (who may be ambivalent about raising a child of a man who raped your wife as a grand fuck you… to you) and who is hurt because Sam is trying to manage him and because she wouldn’t allow him to do the thing the critics of Jason seem to want him to do, which is support her. Or are we ignoring one of the reasons he was hurt is that she had to go through this alone? Instead of being hit with bad news in two stages, Sam came double barreled with the your long lost twin raped me and the baby isn’t yours. And it isn’t as if he didn’t ask, she didn’t just withhold the truth she had to lie to keep this from him. But yes, Jason is the douche for having mixed feelings about the entire situation.

  3. Profile photo of luverica

    Jillian, CHURCH on your thoughts regarding Victor Newman. I have been saying this for YEEEEARS! This ‘always wins’ bullcrap has made his character very boring. They need a writer that can take a page from Agnes Nixon’s playbook. Her people, including my Queen Erica Kane, did not win them all. Neither did Palmer, Phoebe, Adam, and the OLTL legendary trouble makers, Dorian, Asa, and Todd. Yet, it’s watching them pick themselves off, dust themselves off, and distribute payback accordingly which made their characters exciting and more than one-dimensional.

  4. Profile photo of

    I agree with my homey Smitty never cared for Brooke, always team Taylor….However Katherine Kelly Lange is a great actress, but I never understood why everybody loves Brooke…..A friend of mine told me about the character Brooke, how they wrote about her back in the day….However I don’t like how they writer Taylor, as enabler parent for her child…Even though there some parents that enable their child, but for Taylor to be a doctor, she encouraging her child to do the wrong thing……Great podcast…..

  5. Profile photo of liason4real

    When John found out that Liam was not his son, he dumped the child and Natalie to screw Kelly all over town. As for Jason, we all know that this man collects babies, and it won’t be long just like John that he finds out that the baby was his all along! RC is just rehashing Jolie 2.0/Brody/baby Liam with JaSam 2.0/Franco and baby! There is no way that John or Jason will lose out to Brody or Franco.

    I was so tired of OLTL’s the Messica’s in 2011 that seeing Kate doing the same routine is giving me a headache.

    Michael/Starr are so boring. Starr has more chemistry with Johnny.

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