The Lying Game Picked Up For Season 2

Get ready for another double dose of Alexandra Chando! ABC Family has picked up The Lying Game for a second season, according to TVLine.

The series, which stars the As the World Turns grad as twins Emma and Sutton, will return for Season 2 this winter. In addition to Chando, The Lying Game also stars General Hospital alum Tyler Christopher and ex-Passions and The Young and the Restless star Blair Redford. Are you pumped for another twisty season of stories from these Not-So-Sweet Valley Twins?

Photo credit: ABC Family

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    I actually really like this show. I almost gave it up in the early episodes, but I stuck with it and it really shaped up. Alex Chando is great as Emma and Sutton! She makes the characters separate and distinctive. You’re never confused about which twin you’re seeing onscreen, even when Emma is being Sutton or vice versa. (I can’t say the same for Sarah Michelle Gellar on Ringer… a show I DID give up. TLG blows Ringer out of the water.) The supporting characters are great as well, especially once they dumped some of the dead weight characters that weren’t clicking with the show. If only all soaps did that. ;)

    I’d recommend watching it if you haven’t yet or if you stopped early on. :)

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