Six-Week Test Run Will See If Bethenny Frankel Can Go From Reality ‘Housewife’ to Daytime Queen


She's conquered Reality TV and the celebrity-backed spirits market, but can Bethenny Frankel handle Daytime? We're about to find out. On June 11, a six-week preview of Frankel's syndicated talk show Bethenny begins airing on six Fox-owned stations.

Bethenny's trial run is slated for Fox markets in Dallas (KDWF at 1 PM), Los Angeles (KTTV 2 PM),  Minneapolis (KMSP 10 AM), New York (WNYW 11 AM), Philadelphia, (11 AM) and Phoenix (KSAZ 11 AM). The weekday talk show is set to revolve around advice on healthy eating, pop culture, bargain hunting and relationshiops.

Ellen DeGeneres is serving as an executive producer, alongside the Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After personality. Should this test drive prove successful, Warner Bros. could launch Bethenny nationally for the 2013-14 TV season. 

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    Restless Vixen

    I love you like a play cousin Jamey, but how can you say this show is not putting a soap at risk? Granted it’s not going to test on one of the big three that air soaps, but my opinion is that all these new daytime talk shows are putting soaps in general at risk. I’m not saying we need to rid daytime of all talk shows in order to save soaps, but the writing is on the wall that “talk show”, specially “celebrity hosted talk show” has become the new sexy thing the networks seem to be creaming themselves over to make work because soaps are supposed to be on death watch. I think any successful daytime talk show will be used to support the case that soaps are “over”. I’m no expert, I think there are too many talk shows currently airing and being pitched. Do they really think women in the target demos want to be talked at all day?

    Nothing personal against Bethenny, but this just sounds like ABC’s The Revolution but with a snarky darling from Bravo.

  2. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    but my opinion is that all these new daytime talk shows are putting soaps in general at risk.
    That’s completely untrue though. Soaps have coexisted with talk shows for decades. Lee Phillip was a hugely successful talk show host. In fact, several of her sordid guests’ stories found their way into Bill Bell’s scripts. The only talk shows that threaten daytime soaps are network talk shows. All talk shows are not the enemy.

    I can’t fault a syndicator for trying to put out new celeb driven talkers. Daytime writers and execs need to be thinking out of the box to save the daily serial. Whether they do or not though, it isn’t the fault of the Bethenny’s of the TV world.

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