Check Out The Season 2 Premiere of The Bay!


The Season 2 premiere of The Bay is finally upon us! Check out what's happened in the lives of your favorite Bay Citizens since last season's gender-bending finale, after the jump!


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    Oh, how I’ve missed The Bay! So glad it’s back! Today’s episode was great. Zoey and Harold made me tear up. Every time I see Steve Jensen, I get chills! Looking forward to more!

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    I’m so happy The Bay is back! How so much can be captured in such a short time is just amazing. The quality is awesome as well! It’s not like a web series at all…this belongs on TV!!!!

    I love how we’re teased with some information, but not enough. It leaves me hanging on the edge of my seat, which is exactly where I love to be! Love me some suspense!!!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

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    So glad this is back. Such a classy show-I love the real sets, great direction and cool actors who are fun to watch. I love seeing Mary Beth Evans do her thing. This is one great actor and and she always lights up the screen.
    Welcome back guys-you have hooked me in big time.

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    It’s great to see The Bay back on my PC screen. Loved the new episode, I really hope it wasn’t Lee that was killed in the explosion. Loved the Harold and Zoey scene, those 2 really click, I love the focus on family relationships, it’s one of the things that I loved about Days Of Our Lives back in the 80’s. Really entertaining episode, cant wait to see what happens to the Garret’s and the rest of the characters next week. Oh and its great to see Matt Ashford back.

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    So happy to see my latest addiction back on my PC. :) Thank you all for another stellar performance. I can’t wait to find out who died in the explosion. Was it really Lee? Love seeing so many of my favorite actors together in this show. Looking forward to many more webisodes of The Bay.

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