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Carly wants to know why Johnny would call Kate “Connie.” Connie claims its Johnny’s pet name for her because he appreciates her wild side. Carly wonders how Johnny could have done this to her, despite his claims that this isn’t what she thinks. Carly says he betrayed her. She accuses Kate of going after everything in her life. Carly’s angry that she defended Johnny to everyone. Nothing he says now will make it ok.

Heather tells Dante and Olivia that Memphis police showed up and arrested Steven for murder. She’s certain he isn’t one. She doesn’t want him punished for something he didn’t do. Olivia claims Heather is overreacting and actually slaps Heather. Olivia tells her to pull it together. She tells Heather to go lie down.

Spinelli’s hanging out at the movie theatre, talking to himself about the possibility of Matt being Lisa’s murderer. He wonders what the Avengers would do and talks to their poster. Matt and Cameron show up to see the movie. They discuss who the better Avenger is. Spinelli brings up the night of the murder again.  Matt defends Patrick again, saying he was with him. Matt tells Spin to let it go and find another suspect.

Liz wonders why Jason is so angry. He spouts on about Sam lying to him about McBain. McBain’s a cop and that he thought Sam was alone dealing with the DNA sample, but she wasn’t. Liz wonders why Sam would need a DNA sample. Jason admits the baby isn’t his.

Sam wonders at the irony that she asked for a sign and got John instead. John says he’s crashing the party. He asks if she told Jason the truth. Sam explains that Jason was devastated and that it’s all too much to handle. She says Jason never answered her when she asked if he could love this baby. John says none of this is her fault. The best part of the baby is her.

John tells Sam that she has the right to handle this anyway she needs to. Sam doesn’t like keeping secrets, but that she hasn’t told Jason about the number of times she’s run into John around town. John says he’s been happy to help her. He is sorry if that caused a problem. Sam wonders why the universe is throwing them together, like they’ve known each other before.

Sam asks why he’s still in PC. John says he has to finish his investigation and that the connection between them will be over after he’s dealt with Sonny. Sam thanks him for letting her talk to him. John tells her to look after herself.

Heather eavesdrops, as Olivia explains to Dante what happened with Steve in Memphis. She says it was over until Johnny stirred things up. Dante realizes that Johnny was holding it over his head and understands the organ stealing ring. Olivia swears that Steve is a good man and shouldn’t be put away for life.

Dante makes a call and finds out that Steve is in custody, in Memphis. He tells Olivia to talk to Alexis. Olivia begs him to go down to Memphis and talk to the police. Dante agrees to go, but tells her to stay and take care of Heather. Dante leaves a phone message for Lulu.

Johnny tries to explain to Carly, who thinks he and Kate have been sleeping together for months. He says he only wanted to get one over on Sonny. Carly figures that’s also the reason he was sleeping with her. She storms off. Connie’s happy that this is the end of Kate and Sonny. However, Johnny’s upset that it’s the end for him and Carly. Connie decides she wants more of Johnny. Unfortunately, he’s not interested, saying she got what she came for. He yells at her that it’s done. Kate emerges and is upset to find herself in Johnny’s room.

Kate realizes that Connie took over and begs Johnny to tell her what happened. She wants to know what kind of person takes advantage of someone in her condition. Johnny says Connie wouldn’t take no for an answer and that Sonny saw them, as did Carly. Kate says she has to explain to Sonny and runs out.

Liz is shocked to hear that Franco raped Sam, but understands Sam’s need to shower and pretend it never happened. Jason realizes this is bringing up bad memories for her and apologizes. Liz says she understands what they’ve been going through. Liz assures him that he can love the baby, just like Lucky loved Jake. Jason can still be a good father. She reminds him of Michael, but Jason says it was different, Michael needed him. Liz says this baby will need him too. Jason says the confiding in McBain is the bigger problem.

Jason tells her about Sam meeting John at the church, but didn’t tell him about the DNA sample. Liz says Sam was trying to protect him and soften the blow, something Jason doesn’t want to hear. Liz tells him to talk to Sam. She want him to be honest with her about how he feels. Jason heads back to the hotel, while Liz prays for Robin to watch over Jason.

Sonny sits and drinks, while remembering good times with Kate. Later on, he lights a fire with the coat she gave him and the blueprints of the restaurant they were planning. Carly shows up. Sonny says it’s not a good time, but Carly wants to wish him a happy birthday. Sonny puts the blame on Johnny. Carly says Kate threw herself at Johnny and she was in complete control.

Sonny says Johnny wasn’t the man Carly thought he was. Carly says it doesn’t matter who was responsible, they both betrayed. She wonders what to do about it. Sonny says he could have killed them both and doesn’t know what to do. Carly says she has an idea, to fight fire with fire and they kiss.

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    I don’t understand Carly’s logic. How is making out wiht Sonny getting back at the other two? Kate’s likely going to catch them but Johnny isn’t.

    I felt bad for Johnny. He brought it on himself in his need to get back at Sonny, but he still looked awfully sad about the whole thing.

    Jason, your wife was RAPED. How she deals with that trumps anything you may think you’re feeling. If she wants to lie till her nose grows, then I’m granting her that pass. And I’m not even a Sam fan.

    So, Dante will be out of town, when Lulu gets attacked.

    I’m surprised Heather didn’t kill Olivia on the spot when she smacked her.

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    Lisa Lo was flat in that scene with Heather. I don’t have any idea why we are supposed to be rooting for Olivia in this story.

    I like BB but I don’t have any sympathy for Johnny. This is the third story from this writer where the woman who has been sexually assaulted is an afterthought, while the man who did it is given more sympathy in the writing.

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    is Kate going to file rape charges against Johnny?

    what Johnny commited was rape, just like how on One Life to Live when Ford raped Jessica when her alter was controlling her.

    Johnny should be arrested and sent to prison.

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    Jason’s reaction to Sam is another reason JaSam doesn’t ring true to me. He seems uncharacteristically hard on her when this time, it wasn’t her fault. If this stuff happened to Elizabeth he would be making excuses FOR her. Just sayin’.

    Sonny and Carly. O.M.G. Give me a freakin’ break. But then again, I guess it makes about as much sense as Johnny & Carly. GAG. If this was Sarah Brown’s Carly, I would say, Yes…of course. But the 3 actresses between have slowly but surely moved me away from any desire to see Sonny paired with Carly. I’m over it.

    After years on the show I’m glad they finally found someone who has chemistry with Sam. Thank you, John McBain. It’ll probably be the ONLY thing you’re allowed to do on this show, but thank you just the same.

    Always love a good Liason moment. Jason should really listen to Elizabeth. He won’t…but he should.

    I love Heather!

    I don’t consider what Johnny did “rape”. Crazy Connie’s been chasing him all over the place hawking her wares at him every chance she gets. Some part of that menagerie said not, “Yes” but “HECK to the Yes!” to Johnny. He’s not responsible for helping keep the nutjob abstinent. Maybe Connie should cry rape on Kate’s behalf. She looks like her skin crawls every time Sonny touches her. Considering where that things been…I think my skin would crawl, too.

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    Olivia is awfully written. After this slap I was cheering because in my mind Heather has a reason to kill her now. LOL

    I wasn’t feeling bad for Johnny. I’m sorry but he could have Connie thrown out of his penthouse if he wanted to. And sleeping with a woman suffering from DID is RAPE!!!!!
    I’m sorry, but Johnny knew all about Kate’s condition and what he did was just wrong. Connie didn’t drug him or anything. He slept with her on his own free will.
    You just don’t do this to a mentally ill woman. You just don’t!

    Laura Wright was FANTASTIC today! I was actually feeling sorry for Carly here. WOW!

    Jason is behaving badly. I’m actually a Liason fan, but how Jason is treating his wife is just horrible. Liz had actually to defend Sam to Jason??? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    McBam … what can I say, I LOVE them!!!!
    I’m starting to think that they are trying to get somewhere with this connection they seem to share. In the beginning I thought that it was just a nice reminder of “Port Charles”, but they playing this card again and again. Could there be more to it? Or do they want to call it destiny in the end?^^

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    I did feel sorry for Kate today once she finally reappeared. IMO, Johnny crossed a big line.

    I loved the Cameron sighting today. I could’ve done without all the Avengers stuff, but heck if it’s one more sponser that keeps GH rolling for a while, I’m for it.

    I can’t wait til Heather puts the screws to Olivia. I thought the slap was poorly done. Perhaps RH could give her some tips on slapping people, like the slap heard round the world when Jason came begging Liz for Jake’s organs.

    I’m starting to think the stuff between John and Sam about knowing one another is going to lead to her down the line remembering where she actually knows him from. It’s starting to feel a little too heavy handed for just a nod to the characters they played before. It’s like the writers are playing connect the dots, but not yet because it’s not time.

    I would have rather the writers had written Sam checking out a rape survivors meeting and maybe not wanting to stay for the meeting and running into Liz who’s running late for the meeting on her way out. It wasn’t Jason’s secret to tell.

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    lol… soapjunkie88, please don’t think I was copying you about the John/Sam connection… when I started typing there were only 4 posts, then I saved and saw your post!

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    Here we go with Carson grief nastiness round 9 million geeze louise….

    When Sam was raped, I was hoping that the writers would allow her to open up with Liz and she would help Sam get through it and somehow they would bond, but GH isn’t a big fan of women having friendships with other women, when Jason went and told Liz about what happened to Sam, I thought wow maybe Sam/Liz could still share some scenes over this, but knowing the history of lack of female friendships, I was pissed because now Liz knows and Alexis still doesn’t know…..I love seeing Jason/Liz scenes, but I’m no longer on team Liason if Jason continues down this douchetastic path he’s on.

    I loved that Liz told Jason he could still love the baby, and I liked the part where she obviously understood Sam’s need to shower right after, as some posters previously had a gripe about that in another thread and suggested this is all Sams fault because she showered instead of going straight to the doctors instead.

    I’m hoping Heather is gonna get Olivia back for that slap, who in the entire hell slaps a woman who was just released from a mental institution?

    I have to say, although I’m not a fan, Kelly Sullivan did a really good job with the transformation from Connie to Kate while unravelling what had happened between Connie and Johnny.

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    Sam is probably John’s sister.

    and to the writers, please keep the: “I fee like i know you, How do i know you?, It’s so easy talking to you, Have we met before?, You feel familiar even though we’ve never met” lines coming, please!

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    [quote=mipeony]lol… soapjunkie88, please don’t think I was copying you about the John/Sam connection… when I started typing there were only 4 posts, then I saved and saw your post![/quote]
    :bigsmile: Everything is great!!! I’m glad that I’m not alone with this and someone else noticed.^^

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    The_Moustache…NOOO lol I don’t want them to be siblings, I, like SoapJunkie and Mipeony love McBam!
    I’d rather them have this “connection” as a couple, than be siblings…just wonder what’s gonna happen with Natalie

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    If TPTB waste the chemistry that Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco share on them being siblings something is definitely wrong!!!! These two ain’t siblings … never saw such a vibe between siblings. LOL Well … there were Stefan and Alexis once … but no. I like McBam and their chemistry way too much for that being wasted by making them related.^^

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    i saw the sparks with Johnny & Claudia too. TPTB wasted it by making them brother/sister and now son/mother.

    i hope Sarah Joy Brown comes back as a new character and gets with Johnny.

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    I enjoyed this episode. Love the new camera direction and transitions between scenes. I could have done without CarSon and Spinelli but I thought everything else worked. Cameron with Matt was beyond adorable to look at. Spinelli is a waste. Bradford Anderson is much better at dramatic scenes than “comedy” (comedy is in quotes because it’s never funny.)

    CarSon is too redundant and I felt no sympathy for either party. Carly/Johnny did not ring true for me because the whole thing has been so rushed. Laura Wright and Brandon Barash were good but the their “couple” status had no legs. Sonny’s pain over Kate rang false as well. Johnny is beyond wrong for participating in Konnie’s plan. Somehow, I doubt he’ll be viewed as a sexual predator but something tells me that Heather may be giving him a visit. She overheard Olivia divulge to Dante how Johnny’s been blackmailing Steven Lars.

    Oh yeah, who else thought Olivia’s slap of Heather completely uncalled for? Seriously? I mean, Olivia still does her adult son’s laundry and is slapping a mentally fragile, worried mother. She should fear Heather, not provoke her. I wish Heather would have threatened her on the way out of the room.

    Liason still has that spark. I hated to admit it to myself but there was no denying it. Steve Burton always seems softer when acting opposite Rebecca Herbst. That’s what I have always enjoyed about the duo, it brings out the best in the character/actor (Jason/Steve Burton.) So glad Liz wasn’t thrown under the bus by the writers but rather be the compassionate, empathetic woman she is. I am glad Liz and Jason are allowed to share scenes as they are important to each other. Now, can Liz please drive a storyline versus be a sounding board for others?

    And McBam has great chemistry. Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have a real ease in their scenes together and elevate their weak dialogue. McBain never had this kind of chemistry with Natalie on OLTL and Sam has never had with anyone. I enjoy how McBain has continued to develop the maturity he exhibited towards OLTL’s end. He learned from personal experience the damage done to relationships without trust and forgiveness. Team McBam all the way!

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    Teenybopper thank you for your post. I cheered when liz understood why Sam would shower, even if some people dont. That rang true.

    I know some will say this rape is happening to both jason and sam and I suppose in a way thats true but it was SAMS body that was violated and that makes it her story to tell. I give jason a pass for the first slip because he was upset but when he realized what he was doing he didnt stop, he just dove in. It wasnt his secret to share. Thats would be like saying spin and matt are suffering the same as maxie – sure they are hurting that the woman they love is in jail, but their butt isnt in a cell. Ditto kate and sonny – yes hes been hurt but his pain and suffering is nothing compared to what kate is going through. Im glad some still see the liz/jason non chemistry as a spark because if he keeps it up, quite frankly she can have him. I dont recognize angry pod jason one bit and if he cant feel the way mcbain described – focus on the part of the baby that is like sam – then I hope she doesnt readily take him back when the baby turns out to be jasons.

    then theres johnny. talk about ooc. I dont believe that the guy that wouldnt even pretend to have a sexual relationship with kristina actually sealed the deal with connie. this is about consent, and while it isnt his job to keep her inner connie at bay for her, he also knew that kate was in no position to give informed consent. that makes it rape. It would have been much more true to the character of johnny z for him to pretend to be having sex with connie – I kept waiting for him to tell kate that he agreed only to the set up/fake out.

    the only real highlight for me today was the mcbam scenes. the rest was a bit of a wash. heather sure sends chills down my spine, but the presence of booblivia and her doofus son ruined it for me – not to mention that dante didnt seem all to eager to call memphis and tell them that his mama was an accomplice after the fact and he didnt file charges against steve in port charles, so I guess again the TRUTH and the LAW only matter when its his kid brothers life on the line. the rest of the time everyone gets a pass.

    So lets see – that makes a fake rape that the victim thinks is real, a real rape that should have been fake, a rape victim reliving her rape while listening to her ex be a total douchebag and a hypocrite who got his brother raped giving yet another criminal a pass. I reminded of DaisyClover who use to call OLTL One Rape to Live. This is the kind of dark storytelling that I really wish cartini would rap up and move past.

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    I am so over my joy about CarTini, they are so rehashing their OLTL stories and leaving all the women as brainless victims. Nothing has really changed since the days of the Luza. No wonder the ratings are going further down the toilet!

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    Both Elizabeth and Sam deserve better than Jason. Much, much better! So enough with LiAson AND JaSam!

    Jason is a self-serving, self-centered, sibling-murdering, sanctimonious, hypocritical oaf. SoCarJa are the reason this show is in the toilet! Let them have a threesome, that is all they want anyway and they do deserve each other!

    Alan Quartermaine’s sperm must be poisoned. He fathered three sons, one worse than the other.

    Who does Olivia think she is, Cher?

    Can’t say enough how dissapointed I am in CarTini. And I don’t believe this is inherited crap, this is their own mess!

    DID, rapes, abuse of the mentally ill, are there no other stories to tell?

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    curacaoman: “DID, rapes, abuse of the mentally ill, are there no other stories to tell?”


    Are there no other stories this regime thinks will bring in viewers? I remember when viewers complained that Claire Labine was depressing. And admittedly, she was. But this is just a big hot mess of sad and stupid all rolled into one insulting show. I prepared myself for camp when this regime took over. Please! Bring on the camp! Anything but what we have now! This is what will save GH?

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    What I liked the most about the show was Michael Easton.Please keep teasing us with McBam as Sam is more likeable to me with McBain.Also,loved watching Heather eavesdropping and we all know she’ll get up to no good.

    No Sonny and Carly,please.Been there and done that.Loved it when Sonny went psycho.

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    [quote; curacaoman]Alan Quartermaine’s sperm must be poisoned. He fathered three sons, one worse than the other.[/quote]

    I liked AJ. I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Franco or Jason.

    [quote: EET] I dont believe that the guy that wouldnt even pretend to have a sexual relationship with kristina actually sealed the deal with connie [/quote]

    Do we know for sure that they went all the way? It seemed that Sonny showed up very soon after they went upstairs. I know one, or both, told Carly that they had done it, but they also said they’d been together for weeks and that wasn’t true. I’m wondering if Johnny said they did, to dig the knife in deeper and we’re going to find out that sex didn’t actually happen, that they just lay there naked until Sonny showed up. (and yes, Denial is a lovely town to visit!!)

    [quote]not to mention that dante didnt seem all to eager to call memphis and tell them that his mama was an accomplice after the fact and he didnt file charges against steve in port charles[/quote]

    Not that I’m defending Olivia or Dante, but what would she be an accomplice of? Steve told her the story, but the hospital board had cleared him of any wrong doing. If we’re going to accuse Olivia of being an accomplice to anything, it’s that she knew Sonny shot Dante in the chest and said nothing.

    [quote; soapbaby]Oh yeah, who else thought Olivia’s slap of Heather completely uncalled for [/quote]

    It made no sense. Considering what had happened, Heather wasn’t as hysterical as she could have been. I actually thought Olivia was more hysterical about her boyfriend than Heather about her son.

    I did laugh at Robin Mattson’s reaction to Dante’s question when they first walked in. Heather’s telling them that the police arrested Steve and Dante jumps in with “for selling organs” and Heather gives him a WTF look and says ‘no, for murder’. But the tone RM used killed me!!

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    Excellent chemistry between Liason and MCBam.

    Johnny should (and could be in MA) charged with rape. He knows that Kate has DID and slept with her knowing it was while her alternate was in charge. That’s rape of a mentally disabled person here in MA. I love Johnny, but this story just made one of my faves a rapist. Now I can’t root for him any more :(

    I got Liz for more than 30 seconds! YAY! I hope this is the start of more Liz…fingers crossed.

    When Carly moved in to kiss Sonny it looked like when a preying mantis bites the head off her male counterpart. LW’s head is too big to mesh well with Sonny’s peanut head. It looks weird. I also thought that she could probably rock MB in her arms like a baby after the kiss.

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    If they don’t take advantage of McBam chemistry they are out of their minds. This is the first couple I have liked on this show in years.

    You all seem to be speculating because of the continual references that they know one another… to the possibility that Sam will end up to be John’s sister…but how could that be possible?…Unless she is NOT Alexis’s daughter. Alexis was in Greece and a young teenager when she got pregnant with Sam. I can’t for the life of me figure how they would make that jump, and family connection, unless Sam isn’t really Alexis’s daughter and a Cassadine. I think that would really would be a stretch making them siblings…and a complete waste of the off the charts chemistry, they have with one another. I think it would be a lot more interesting to have some mysterious man come to town, and be Sam’s biological father…rather than making her a McBain.

    I am happy they are finally writing Liz true to character….Where I feel that Jason had no business telling Liz about Sam’s rape…I am glad she gave him such good sound advice in return. This is another couple that has fantastic chemistry…no matter what the dialogue is about.

    That slap that Olivia gave Heather was everything yesterday….it made me sit up….I love Heather…I can’t wait to see what she comes up with to save her baby Steven Lars.

    Can’t stand Carly…even when she is on the victim side of the equation. I still can’t muster up any sympathy based on her past actions…Sonny on the other hand was quite amusing as he simmered and boiled in anger.

    Loved The Avenger Scenes…Cam is a such a total cutie pie. The only downside is if they throw Matt under the bus and make him Lisa’s killer…That would make two guys that I like,… that have major bus tire thread on their butts…First Johnny in his s/l doing all kinds of terrible things, and now Matt a drunk killer, with no recollection of doing it…I mean come on…who could murder someone and not remember that…..even if you were really drunk. Something like that would still be there in your subconscious nagging you to remember.

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    [quote=GHFan777]You all seem to be speculating because of the continual references that they know one another… to the possibility that Sam will end up to be John’s sister…but how could that be possible?…[/quote]
    I’m not so sure they would be brother and sister… I think Sam might’ve run into him sometime in her past life and with all the junk going in in her life right now, isn’t quite remembering him right now… I don’t know what it is. Hell, the previous writers weren’t afraid to make up a lurid past for Sam out years after her introduction to the canvas, I’m sure these ones won’t hesitate also…

    I guess if they ever have a scene where they fight, we’ll see if they have brother/sister chemistry or get down and dirty angry sex chemistry (which SJB’s Carly and MB had, but LW and MB will never have).

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    I am sure the writers want all of the Johnny fans to turn against him so they can fire BB without a up roar and that is why they did this.But for me it is not working because if they can “redeem” Sonny after he raped Karen,Luke after he raped Laura and bring on Todd (another rapist from OLTL) then they can redeem Johnny.And i will always support and root for Johnny as long as BB is still on the show,even if he did “rape” Kate.

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    (hands over ears) Johnny did not rape Konnie, lalalalala, johnny did not have sex with Konnie lalalal

    I am happily sailing aboard the USS Denial with Perkie as first mate. I think I see Skipper and Mary-Ann.

    This Johnny fan will never turn against him EVAH

    Ahhh my Lizzie so perfect…don’t even get me started on the Chemistry they will always have.

    McBam – Wow just nice to see KeMo have such a comfort in scenes you can see the years of these two knowing each other. Even McBain has a softness that I never saw with Nat and I loved Jolie.

    All I kep thinking about after the smack was…dayum you just brought a whole lot of crazy upon yourself. It was nice knowing you. I for one can’t even look at Dante and pretend anymore that I care. A character that came on with so much potential what a waste.

    CarSon – I think my eyes are still bleeding…YUCK!!!!!

  26. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; Ravennite]I am happily sailing aboard the USS Denial with Perkie as first mate [/quote]

    LOL!! It is a lovely journey, isn’t it? Here’s your pina colada!!

    [quote]CarSon – I think my eyes are still bleeding…YUCK![/quote]

    I find washing your eyes in bleach helps!! And if you shove a kabab skewer up your nose high enough, you can almost erase the picture in your brain.

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    I hate that Johnny finally did the deed with Kate. I liked that he was trying to protect his relationship with Carly, I hate that he just went for it to get back at Sonny. I never understood the logic in sleeping with someone to get back at someone else.

    Olivia will live(or die) to regret that slap. Totally uncalled for. Olivia has just been looking for a reason to do it, so I guess she thought Heathers concern for her son was a reason to “calm her down”. ACn we hurry and get rid of Olivia??, pretty please?

    I am not a fan of Liason, but I understood the conversation, at least I think I do. Jason was being a douche, while complaining that Sam has been talking to McBain. See, where I come from haveing a conversation with someone isn’t a crime. I also undersatnd tht while he was whining about Sam, he inadverdantly spilled the beans about the rape. I agree that it was not his business to tell, and he should have kept the information to himself, but I do understand that he felt comfortable with Liz. Speaking of Liz, I really liked her compassion for Sam. I remember watching “Private Practice” when they were doing the rape storyline for one of the doctors who denied being raped. When she finally opened up about it, I was in tears because it was the best story telling about a rape I had ever heard. The writers for GH (who are obviously men) would do well to tap into that.

    I think, unfortunately, the writer who wrote that honest dialog might have been a victim. Yeah, Liz understood Sam wanting to wash off the assault, and try to forget that it happened. I thought it was pretty crappy that Jason could be apologetic to Liz for bringing up something so unpleasant, but in the same breath could’t understand why Sam would confide in John McBain!!

    I think that there will be an entire story arc of how Sam and John are connected. If that truly is where they are trying to take this story, I hope they do it properly where Natalie and baby John are explained away, and the “connection” is not some rushed cockamamie crap they use as filler for CArson 237.0!!! Whatever the case, I love that right now, he is saying all of the things to Sam that Jason should be saying, but isn’t. If I were sam there would be a “kiss my ass” burning a hole in my pocket right about now. I don’t care how devoted you are, enough is a freakin’ nuff.

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    TV Gord

    I agree with Perkie that I don’t think Johnny and Connie/Kate actually had time to have sex, but yesterday, he pretty much told Kate that they did, so that’s going to be a complication.

    I’m glad to see some people are mentioning how wrong it was that Jason told Liz about Sam’s rape, but I’m surprised there isn’t more outrage! How dare he!? His nose is all out of joint because Sam’s been keeping secrets, but what he did should make Sam hit the roof! Damn, her mother doesn’t even know! I hope Sam tears Jason a new orifice or two (but, of course, she won’t).

  29. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Was I the only one wondering if Jason and Liz could see Sam and John on the balcony? Both couples were having their conversations outside on a high rise. How close is the Metrocourt to the hospital?

    Loved seeing Jason and Liz together. It is so nice to see two characters so at ease and who get one another.

  30. Profile photo of LuluFF

    For me the only good part of the Connie/Johnny sex is the fact that he really cheated on Carly.She is the ONLY woman that he has ever REALLY gone all the way and cheated on and it makes my day that he was able to hurt that bitch!She deserved it!LOL!

  31. Profile photo of Verdilover

    I don’t know why but I also have the feeling that Johnny didn’t really have sex with Connie. Could easily be my Johnny loving heart pushing my brain to join Perkie and Ravennite on the denial boat. Because this is so OOC to Johnny. This proves to me that Ron and frank didn’t even try to look at the history of all characters. They are destroying Johnny I guess to redeem Sonny in a genius plan of theirs.

    Most of people never forgave Ford for raping Jessica. But the only difference to me is that Kate KNEW about her DID issue, she is seeing a shrink for weeks and she knew that something was on between Connie and Johnny, she even emerged half naked on her desk (when Ford took advantage of Jess the first minute he had the opportunity to do so), she didn’t commit herself to SB even though Ewen is pushing her giving Connie all the latitude to surface again and harrass Johnny.

    I certainly do not excuse Johnny in any kind. But it seems unbelievable that a supposedly bright woman like Kate would not have committed herself for treatment the minute she realized she almost had sex with Johnny in her Crimson office. Beyond the Sonny stuff, she s the head of a high fashion magazine and cannot be seen throwing herself at any man! She has to protect her reputation so i find very OOC too that Kate would not run to a secret institution in Switzerland to get treatment instead of remaining in PC dealing with a third zone therapist and waiting for the worst to happen.

    Some lawyers/shrinks defending Johnny in court would easily said that unconsciously Kate should have wanted Connie to take over and ruin her relationship with Sonny and her career if she kept putting herself in a situation where she could be raped by any man walking by that Connie would jump on. Lawyers would call Ewen on the stand who would have to say that he told Kate many times to commit herself and even arranged for it but she didn’t do it. So I don’t know what game CarTini is playing and what is their obsession with rape (and DD) but they should see a shrink and stop repeating the same nauseating stories. And they better not pair Connie and Johnny!

    Which brings me again to the question of who is the alter? Connie or Kate? I am now not so convinced that Connie is…

  32. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=TV Gord]I’m glad to see some people are mentioning how wrong it was that Jason told Liz about Sam’s rape, but I’m surprised there isn’t more outrage![/quote]

    I don’t think you see outrage because conversation was with Liz, a long-time friend who can be trusted. That coupled with the fact that Liz gave Jason excellent advice and was empathetic to Sam and Jason.

    Jason doesn’t trust McBain and Sam stated that she would never see McBain again after the meeting at the church. Sam has had multiple, intimate conservations with John McBain, a man she doesn’t know but knows that he has a vendetta against Sonny. She has told McBain about things that deeply affect Jason. Right now, McBain knows more about what’s going on in Sam’s head and about the JaSam marriage than Jason does! Hmm. I think Sam and McBain have a depth that constitutes an emotional affair. I think it’s been more intimate than a meaningless kiss.

    I think Sam would be justified in being angry but so is Jason. He’s been lied to and these are significant lies which impact his life. He wanted to be there for Sam and her lies prevented him from doing that. He has to sort out why his wife continually lies to him AND that the baby she is carrying is her rapists AND that the rapist is the long-lost, psychotic, fraternal twin he killed! (Man, that was a ridiculous run-on sentence!)

    I don’t see Jason overreacting or reacting poorly…yet. I think he’s upset about the situation and the lies.

  33. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=GHFan777]You all seem to be speculating because of the continual references that they know one another… to the possibility that Sam will end up to be John’s sister…but how could that be possible?…Unless she is NOT Alexis’s daughter. Alexis was in Greece and a young teenager when she got pregnant with Sam. I can’t for the life of me figure how they would make that jump, and family connection, unless Sam isn’t really Alexis’s daughter and a Cassadine. I think that would really would be a stretch making them siblings…and a complete waste of the off the charts chemistry, they have with one another. I think it would be a lot more interesting to have some mysterious man come to town, and be Sam’s biological father…rather than making her a McBain.[/quote]

    GHFan777 – Actually Sam was born May 11, 1980 (Mother’s Day) in Chatham, Maine to a 16 year old Alexis Davis. As a teen, Alexis was sent to a boarding school in Maine by her father Mikkos Cassadine. While at boarding school, Alexis entered into a love affair with an unknown man and became pregnant with Sam.

  34. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Everyone keeps jumping on the blame Jason train but he hasn’t had a chance to digest all of this information. His wife isn’t confiding in him. He has learned most of his social skills from Sonny. He doesnt always react right away in social situations ut reacts quickly in dangerous situations. This is who Jason is. Is it any wonder he used sonnys latest drama to hide from the issues? This is the same guy that the SamFF squad has wanted their girl with. Now, they are jumping off this train for the McBain train and finding fault with Jason. He hasn’t changed. It is Sam who has changed. No, I am not blaming a rape victim. Rape changes a woman. But, it also changes all of her relationships. Trust me on this. You learn quickly who in your life can deal and who would just rather pretend it never happened because they really don’t know how to deal.

    I wish these writers weren’t so enamored with victimizing women.

    The question on my mind is how will fans react if Jason and Sam break up over this and what happens when she realizes she was never raped.

  35. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=Ravennite613]Ok GHVet after I marry Post #35 I plan on having my alter cheat on it with your post #38.[/quote]


    You guys are a hoot! I enjoy reading these fans’ posts more than I enjoy watching the hot mess that is GH.

  36. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=Ravennite613]Ok GHVet after I marry Post #35 I plan on having my alter cheat on it with your post #38.[/quote]

    You made me spray soda out of my nose!

  37. Profile photo of GHFan777

    [quote]sassydreamsGHFan777 – Actually Sam was born May 11, 1980 (Mother’s Day) in Chatham, Maine to a 16 year old Alexis Davis. As a teen, Alexis was sent to a boarding school in Maine by her father Mikkos Cassadine. While at boarding school, Alexis entered into a love affair with an unknown man and became pregnant with Sam.[/quote] Thank you Sassy, I really didn’t know the correct history, thanks for taking time to explain to me. Even knowing this information I still don’t see the feasibility of them being siblings. Alexis gave her up for adoption apparently, and Sam was adopted by Danny’s parents. The way John talks about his sister, is as if he knew her….Even today he said he had never laid eyes on Sam..but rather it was a look in her eyes that he was drawn to. I am interested in how they are going to proceed with this…I think they are nuts if they don’t take advantage of their chemistry…not to mention I don’t want that screaming redhead on the show.

  38. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    GHFan777 – :) Just for you…

    When Mikkos found out about the pregnancy he forced Alexis to give Sam up for adoption. Alexis never told Sam’s father that she was pregnant. After Sam was born, Mikkos took her and gave her up for adoption. He later fabricated records to make it look like Sam died in a car accident when she was three years old to prevent Alexis from ever looking for her child or finding Sam again.

    As a baby, Sam was adopted by Cody McCall and Evelyn Bass. The McCalls wanted another child but didn’t want to have another child naturally because their son Danny McCall was mentally handicapped. They did not know if they would have the financial means to care for two handicapped children, so they chose adoption instead. Cody McCall was a con artist and a drifter. When Sam was only three years old, Evelyn decided she wanted nothing more to do with Cody’s ways or Sam, so she took Danny and left Sam with Cody. Sam was raised by Cody, who taught her how to salvage and run cons.

    When Sam found out about her mother and brother, she went to go find her brother and confront her mother for leaving her. Sam found her mother in Bailey’s Beach, Rhode Island and when she entered the house and began to look around, she was horrified to find her brother chained up in the basement. She quickly unchained him and helped him escape, promising him that she would care for him and give him a better life. As they were sneaking out of the house Danny accidentally knocked over a candle that set the house ablaze with fire. Sam and Danny had no idea that their mother was inside the house when it burned down and she was killed. After leaving Bailey’s Beach, Danny and Sam went on with their lives and Sam did the best that she could to care for herself and Danny. Using the skills Cody taught her she married several wealthy men in order to scam them out of their money, and provide a life for herself and her brother.

    (From Wikipedia)

    [quote=GHFan777]I think they are nuts if they don’t take advantage of their chemistry.[/quote]

    I totally agree with you!!!

  39. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Poor Sam actually had it pretty rough starting out in life. It is so hard for me to understand how people can give up their family so easily….referring first to Mikkos giving Sam away…then her adopted mom Evelyn, abandoning her….So according to this history…there is no way she can be John’s long lost sister. She never had any interactions with him, or his family…for them to be feeling this familiarity….and apparently the newspaper article referred to John’s sister as a young woman when she died. So that leaves us still wondering how they are going to tie them together….Once again thank you for going out of your way to help me understand Sam’s past…I do appreciate it. :-)

  40. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    777 she did have a rough start in life. I thought that convo liz and sam had in the cabin while they were trying to out wait the russians was such a sad moment, listening to sam describe her childhood. Even the person who stayed (cody) basically used her. I think thats why jason means so much to her – because as she said numerous times, she never had a home or understood what it was like to feel safe until she met him.

  41. Profile photo of Kazy24

    McBam needs to happen! I am no Sam fan, but when Kelly is in scenes with him she delivers her lines a bit softer and they seem less forced. When she is outside of scenes with Jason and the Mob, her character is more likeable. I also really like what Sam said about her child not choosing to be conceived in the manner that it was conceived. She wasn’t blaming her unborn baby for her misfortunes; she is dealing with what happened to her (unfortunately mostly alone unless John is there) and trying to be strong for her child.

    Also in response to a post about a possible sibling relationship between McBam- I will be SOOOO disappointed if they make Sam/John related in any way. That isn’t family chemistry that they have! ;)

    Despite the fact that Jason is being somewhat douchey, I LOVED his scenes with Liz! And honestly, I just loved seeing Liz after not seeing her much at all. I kind of hate that she was being a cheerleader for the jasam relationship, but that’s just because of my love for liason. She was being such a wonderful friend trying to help out and I am glad she finally sort of put things into perspective for Jason about how Sam is feeling.

    I love Johnny, but I hate what he did (even if he is just alluding to the fact that it happened). I really do. Taking advantage of someone who has DID is just wrong. His excuse was completely weak too. He said that Connie wouldn’t take no for an answer and that if he didn’t sleep with her it would have been some other ‘poor’ guy. Let’s be real here, Johnny’s hatred for Sonny was so strong he didn’t even think about how this would affect Carly or Kate. Dick move Johnny.

    And poor Kate. She was totally appalled by Connie’s actions and that showed by the way she reacted. I am not much of a Kelly Sullivan Kate fan, but I thought she performed well in that scene. Despite the fact that Sonny is a worthless a**, she was devastated by what Connie and Johnny did and by the fact that Sonny found out.

    While I don’t like what Johnny did to Kate AND Carly, I have no sympathy for Sonny or Carly. They’ve both cheated on significant others as well. And the fact that the first thing that crosses Carly’s mind is to get revenge on Kate and Johnny by sleeping with Sonny, well, it just shows how ridiculous she is. Plus Sonny is acting as if he’s so distraught by what has happened. He only cares about himself, not those around him. No sympathy for him. And I have to say, as screwed up as it is; I thoroughly enjoyed watching Connie taunt Carly. Especially when she slut shamed Kate about sleeping with Johnny and tried to excuse Johnny’s actions by saying it was to be expected because ‘he’s a man.’ What a bunch of bull! So seeing Carly get put in her place was hilarious to me. Plus I hope this just means that Johnny/Carly is over. I hate them as a couple.

    So as a comic geek myself, I loved the little scene with Cam, Matt, and Spin talking about the Avengers. I also just loved seeing Cam! But Spinelli talking to the poster was a bit much for me.

  42. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    TVGord thank you for getting it – I dont think it matters at all that JASON trusts Liz or that Liz gave him good advice or that she basically advocated for Sams POV – that is all good reasons for not being upset at LIZ but it does nothing to absolve jason from what he did. And while I can see Jason being upset that sam isnt confiding in him, at the same time I fault him for not once taking a second to examine HIS behavior and how that may have contributed to why Sam made the choices that she did. Meanwhile Sam is standing on the roof totally questioning her choices and trying to see it from his POV (ie I can see that he asked me not to talk to you (mcbain) but its easier because your a stranger and because you keep saying all the things I wish jason would say to me)

    I havent seen todays epi, but I kind of wonder if Liz inserts herself further in to the situation the next time Sam comes to the hospital by talking to sam about the rape (which isnt a slam, I could see her wanting to be helpful given her past experience) and whether jason reveals that he told liz so many details. I cant imagine that I would be happy that my husband is talking to the woman that came between us the last time we were together and that he is sharing intimate details about my body that he knows I would NEVER confide in her of my own choosing. At least if he told alexis, I could see him saying I spoke to someone that you know will support you because I felt you needed someone appropriate to confide in other than mcbain or conversely if he had discussed some of this with either ewan as a professional counselor or with kelly lee given that shes her doctor and shes in on the secret already. I think talking to a stranger is not nearly as outrageous as talking to someone behind your partners back that you once deceived said partner with.

  43. Profile photo of Kazy24

    [quote=Ravennite613]Ok GHVet after I marry Post #35 I plan on having my alter cheat on it with your post #38.[/quote]

    lol this is wonderful!

    And, while I still think Jason is being less understanding about some things than he should be (aka- a bit douchey), I still believe he has the right to be pissed that Sam has not only lied to him several times in the past few “weeks” but that she continues to do so after they had a heated conversation about how much it ticks off Jason. Also, Sam may have been worried about Jason’s reaction to the Franco news, but she NEVER should have told John. That was something she needed to discuss with Jason. John had nothing to do with that. Sam and John may be running into each other unintentionally, but Sam still has the option of walking away without saying anything or confiding in John. Yet every time they run into each other, even though she knows it will tick off Jason, she confides in John. She has gotten herself into that little mess. I wish she would confide in her mother instead. Despite my dislike of the character, I’d like to see her be able to talk to someone without it causing all of these issues. This relationship is a disaster (and I am hoping all these lies, arguments, and emotional issues signal the beginning of the end of this couple).

    Also, I watched some PC clips featuring Livvie and Caleb…holy crap. I didn’t ever watch PC and after seeing those two together I am REALLY hoping that Sam and John get together. Also, Kemo wasn’t much of an actress (at least in the scenes I watched). You can really see how much she has grown as an actress in recent years. So, anyways, BRING ON THE MCBAM!

  44. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Wednesday on Saturday…slowly but surely…winding through PC…

    He’s now a professor. “I have a new theory…” That theory has Matt “so drunk that he’s blocked out the memory of the event…” That event being the Niles murder that will not die. If RC gets inspiration from “The Avengers” for Spinelli to wrap up this drawn out saga I’m all for it. BA and JC are good scene partners but they’re treading water here. Nice to know Cameron is still alive and well…

    He jumps to the “freshest” case on his list when he asks a distraught Heather if Steve’s arrest is connected to the black market organ ring. Her emphatic “No!”, coupled with “They’re saying (he’s) a murderer…”, is a stretch that causes him to level a look at his mother. Who should by all
    rights tell him what she knows. The slap that channels Cher in
    “Moonstruck”? Eh. What really bothers me is that Liv asks her son to put himself in another situation that A) doesn’t concern him beyond what Steve’s done in PC and B) is out of his jurisdiction. “I expect this crap from (the bully), but you…?” She then pulls her own version of Mrs. DiVencenzi, asking him to hop down to Memphis. Good grief! Your son has a wife who’s got important information to tell him (and who doesn’t pick up
    his call-hello! Red flag!), and a life outside of your needs. I’m waiting for Heather to do the honors of clipping Liv from the canvas. D (and we) will be free of this foolish, hypocritcal woman who is written as an idiot. LLo deserves so much better…

    I’m thinking even if Carly were to see Kate morph into “Connie”, she wouldn’t believe John’s explanations as much as she won’t forgive him. I think too she wasn’t expecting the woman she knows as Kate to “talk back”: “The only consolation…is that (they) see you for who you really are. A lying two timing whore…” “Like you have any room to talk.” I snickered. Seeing Carly in full “Valkyrie” mode is impressive especially when LW uses it when Carly is fighting for her kids. (When she remembers them.) For me, her Carly has never struck me as anything more than self sufficient. She’s talented, yes. But unlike TB or SJB, she hasn’t developed a vulnerability quotient since she took over the role. Her Carly will bounce back quickly. And take a few scalps along the way. Do I feel sympathy for her? No…

    “…get out. You got what you came here for…” But this unfolding nightmare that is “Connie” isn’t taking the hint. Only when John gets “rough” with her does she recede and allow Kate to come back. A shudder, eyes wide, blinking, not knowing where or why she’s with him. Her flight, slamming against a wall, screaming, bouncing on and then off his bed, had the feel of a caged animal being scalded with hot water, trying to escape the pain. A tearful half whisper, half wimoer: “…please tell me that she didn’t do it. I didn’t have sex with you!” His response, soft, regretful. (Maybe ashamed?)”I can’t tell you that.” I can’t fault her for railing at him. The reasoning that it would be some other poor schmuck rings hollow. In all honesty, from a character perspective, the John I’ve come to expect wouldn’t let his self control be compromised. With women and children specifically. That’s a redeeming quality that has “saved” him for me. KSul was quite good here as a woman losing who she is in the here and now as a result of what’s happened in her past. Some of which is linked to a boy she left behind on a street corner…

    He sits, he drinks. Pretty scenes from this past Bensonhurst Christmas flit through his mind. What to do? The usual. Fling a picture. Slam the liquor on the bar. Throw stuff in the fire. Send it up in flames. His ex walks in, silent, her own humiliation burning at her. Cue the move toward
    revenge sex, starting with a less than convincing kiss. No…Just…no…

    He yammers about his wife, the Llanview lieutenant, DNA. Our ever patient Nurse Webber stops hims: “Why would Sam need a DNA sample?” Reluctantly
    (or maybe not?), he reveals the sordid details of the h**l that was Hawaii. Any repercussions from this revelation (which wasn’t his to tell),
    wil come later. What I appreciate is the quiet understanding that Liz shows. She’s bound to Sam as the the result of a shared experience. She’s level headed, thoughtful about the child, linking it’s place in Jason’s life, as Jake was in Lucky’s. He’s not convinced and just about dismisses
    what he dealt with for Jr. What sours these otherwise lovely sequences is the man’s rigid insistance that Sam not telling him, protecting him (“Yeah, that’s another word for lie.”), is the worst sin she could ever commit. I’m choosing to believe all those brain traumas that rendered him without command of his own decisions have made him the ultimate control freak. Control starts with information. Information is truth. For him the truth is McBain and it’s a truth he doesn’t like. Honesty for him, goes hand in hand with truth. Or it should…

    “…I asked for a sign and this is what I get?” “Sometimes the Man Upstairs has a wicked sense of humor.” (I concur.) “…it’s not the answer I was looking for.” I so enjoy KM laughing. Her face and eyes soften up and there’s an ease in the company of ME’s McBain that pulls you in. (The
    last time I saw that was Sam and Jason’s wedding, so I’m guessing the stuff she’s had to play has something to do with it.) For me her fears for and about the child take precedence over her not telling Jason about the DNA sample and McBain’s presence. And it’s that “being there” for her that is the most intriguing thing. “The best part of that baby is you…Jason will focus on that.” “You’re saying all the things I want and need to here…you’re the last person I should be hearing it from.” I got the distinct impression she didn’t want him to leave her there on the terrace. When Jason showed up, I was thinking “Go be with Carly as she seems to know you better than Sam.” I surprised myself…

    Competition starts at 8:00 AM…till next time…’night, all…
    Swan! 0:)

  45. Profile photo of jujube1013

    jason isn’t upset that skank was raped, he’s mad that she is telling a cop, who has let it be known that he is going to take down sonny all of this personal stuff and yes part of it is about him. she shared the results with him before jason even knew there was a test. then she lied to him and even after he asked her to her face she lied again.

    was jason right in telling Liz about the skank’s rape,no but Liz is trustworthy. she has saved him and the skank so many times in the past and she doesn’t share anything jason says to her w/anybody.

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