Katie Couric Snags Weekly Yahoo Talk Show

Katie Couric is one busy woman. The Wrap is reporting the soon-to-be syndicated daytime talk show host has a new, weekly chatfest for Yahoo debuting May 1.

Katie's Take, which will air exclusively on Yahoo's website, will focus on health, nutrition, parenting and wellness issues. Don't expect Couric to get too caught up in her digital activities to lose focus on her upcoming daytime show, however. From The Wrap:

The main focus for the former “Today Show” host remains her upcoming syndicated daytime talk show, “Katie,” but this show gives her a digital presence, as well.

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    Between the often racist and shockingly insensitive remarks posted in the comments section of Yahoo, the poorly reported articles that barely manage to conceal bias and the regurgitation of already over-reported ABC/GMA stories showing up on their website, there is less and less to like about Yahoo these days.

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