SOAP BYTES: When Will Genoa City Drive Michael Baldwin Insane Again? Where is McBam Headed on General Hospital?

Y&R BYTES: Michael (Christian LeBlanc) finally found out that Lauren (Tracey Bregman) has had a gun since February. He’s not happy his wife has been hiding her piece from him. He’s even less pleased that his best friend Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Lauren’s sister Jill (Jess Walton) didn't warn him. 

I won't be the least bit surprised when one day Michael goes back off the deep end. The poor man is having a time of it, trying to balance all the crazy antics of his family, friends, legal clients and enemies. Does anyone wanna place bets on how soon Michael will snap again?

Jill: “Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) clerking at the boutique. That is ridiculous.”

Jill’s (Jess Walton) comment pretty much sums up what I was thinking. Katherine has always meddled in other Genoa City resident’s lives, but boy has she been getting around lately.

Isn’t Moses just the most adorable baby?

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker’s (Stephen Nichols) marriage is on the brink. This time they are in trouble because of his revelation that his falling out with Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) was fake. Y&R needs to pair Tucker with someone else already.

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    Y&R-Maybe Michael should go nuts,and shoot Victor and Daisy.He can the plead justifiable insanity,like the rest of us.

    B&B-Aspen re-dux,not much to say.

    Days-Glad to see Will with anyone if it’s more than once a week.Why is he always smiling or laughing when EJ yells at him?Love it.

  2. Profile photo of pennywise555

    Katherine clerking at the boutique, well join the club! Just a couple years ago I never thought I’d see Jill doing it either. Kay should thank her lucky stars that her, business genius of a bio son *sarcasm*, left her with any of percentage of her company because you just know the women of GC don’t have the brains of old white men are are unable to run them on their own.

    Where is baby blanket Robert? Ashley was much more interesting roaming GC with Robert in tow than being married to the most boring billionaire in the world. Tucker sucks the life out of every character he comes in contact with so please pair him with someone who’s already a pointless disaster-Genevieve.

  3. Profile photo of sallyv

    Empathy for Jason? Your joking, right?

    How can you have empathy for anyone who treats his RAPED wife like a piece of crap. She doesn’t account to him every second of her day and every person she talked to and he’s enraged? It’s all about him, no thought of what Sam has endured. He is the biggest douche of all.

  4. Profile photo of liason4real

    I can empathize with Jason because Sam has been lying since Robin’s death for no real reason. Sam still lied when Jason asked her about McBain who is looking to bring down Sonny, and ultimately Jason. The issue isn’t the baby as Jason stated today, it’s all of the lies.

  5. Profile photo of Scout

    I’ve watched GH again since the end of OLTL and it just seems like the same ol’ crap: women treated like shit by Sonny and Jason, who, of course, are justified in their actions. See, it’s the same ol’ shit, just like everything else at ABCD. Business as usual.

  6. Profile photo of stoney07

    Michael Baldwin needs to grow a pair. After today’s Y&R where he stood there and let Victor yell at him…knowing full well that his wife was dealing with all this crap…it infuriated me and IDK why.

    Anyway, as for B&B, there IS an actual Aspen Fashion Week. I have friends there…

  7. Profile photo of Carol2

    The more time passes the less I see this supposedly great “McBam” chemistry. He is basically hanging all over a raped, pregnant woman who is in the midst of an emotional breakdown, endlessly repeating “how do I know you?” “I know you how?” The actors look half-asleep.

  8. Profile photo of tori87dec

    I love Gen/Tucker together,she knows what he likes and he fancies her no matter what she does. They definitely have alot in common,they share the same desires – money,power,living on the edge and they like to play games with each other:)The chemisty comes out automatically whenever their together. They both are always trying to better themselves for everyone else (he – Ash) her – (Cane) but their never good enough so putting them together is why I tune in:)

  9. Profile photo of Mets82

    Y&R-Im so sick of Daisy. If everything happens right, Micheal has a breakdown and Lauren is in jail and Daisy can brag. Frankly, Im sick of her. What Micheal should have done is go to Victor and ask him for a favor which would be to Daisy out of town. Hell, Victor owes Micheal one, doesnt he?

    Before I talk about GH, I have to agree about Sam. She was raped by Franco, Jason can be a little more caring. I mention this in the Y&R part because Daniel was raped and yet no one talks about that. Why? Everybody blames Daniel and nosy Phyllis harping on Daniel to do the right thing. I just dont get it.

    B&B- Im sick of Bill. He literally said the samething yesterday and today. “Hope’s a crackpot”…yada, yada, yada. Enough already!! We get it, you dont like Hope. Btw, can we stop with this Hope storyline please? Do we need the paparazzi harassing Hope? I mean what she did was THAT bad?

    GH-See above. I was getting to the point the only reason Johnny slept with Connie was just so Connie would shut the hell up. Who put a quarter in her? I hope they dont do the Livvie/Caleb thing as was mentioned above. Who cares about that? What I want to know is when the hell is Natalie coming to GH? Imagine a smackdown between her and Sam? 2 very hot women going at it. Can you say catfight?

  10. Profile photo of westerndeb

    Personally, I’ll be happy to see Christian LeBlanc doing ANYTHING beside being Victor’s bitch. He has been on the back burner for far too long and deserves a storyline. I’m not really feeling any chemistry between him and Avery but am willing to save my judgement until the plot thickens.

    I must say that I’m enjoying the show in the last few weeks more than I have for a long time so hopefully, the tables will turn. Very good move pairing Adam with Chelsea.

  11. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Looks like Ashley is going to self-destruct with another marriage. This time it’s Tucker. But, it seems that Gen may only work with Mr McCall. Cause Gen hasn’t worked with any of the other men she has been trolloped off onto.

  12. Profile photo of tedew

    Victor has treated all of his lawyers like crap.

    Michael Baldwin does have the history to be able to exact divine revenge upon Victor should he choose; which is what he should choose … preferably in sane mode rather than nut case mode. (sillytee … I don’t think that Michael Baldwin’s past is all that much of a secret.)

    (I think it would be best for all of us if the constant Victor/Jack revenge merry-go-round was finally stilled. How long can that continue and still be interesting?)

  13. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=tedew]Victor has treated all of his lawyers like crap.

    Michael Baldwin does have the history to be able to exact divine revenge upon Victor should he choose; which is what he should choose … preferably in sane mode rather than nut case mode. (sillytee … I don’t think that Michael Baldwin’s past is all that much of a secret.)

    (I think it would be best for all of us if the constant Victor/Jack revenge merry-go-round was finally stilled. How long can that continue and still be interesting?)[/quote]

    It has done gone way past being interesting.

  14. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=Carol2]How many men will Genevieve be passed around to before they dump her? I’m surprised they don’t try her with John Abbott’s ghost.[/quote]

    They SHOULD try her with John Abbott’s ghost. This character needs to GO. No matter who they shop her around with Genie Francis doesn’t work. Time for TBPT to cut their losses. I don’t care if she is a “soap legend.” That was 30 freaking years ago.

    My fear is they are keeping her around for Tristan Rogers when he returns in the fall. Never mind he has fantastic chemistry with Jess Walton. TPTB don’t like writing for her. I’m pretty sure they will (once again) attempt to pair Tristan with Genie. Never mind that you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.

    They need to kill this bitch off in a spectacular whodunit the very day Colin returns. I don’t care if it’s a retread of the Diane Jenkins plot. It will be worth it to get rid of this TOTALLY USELESS character.

  15. Profile photo of Troy123

    I actually LOVE the character of Genevieve. And I think that Genie Francis is doing a great job. This character has shaken up the monotony of Y&R and given its veterans some good material to work with. Plus she has given some spark to the Lily/Cain story. She has taken all characters involved into a new direction.

    I, personally, am sick and tired of the Phyllis/Daniel/Daisy crap. They could get rid of all three of them and I would be fine. Phyllis, in particular, is such a one-dimensional character who has shown no growth or change, It’s time to get rid of her – and take her un-charismatic “son” with her.

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    I really don’t get all this consternation about Genie Francis/Genevieve.
    I do think that even though the character should probably have a limited run, she has been a catalyst, has been and can be somewhat interesting … and has been performed well enough with what she has been given. Plus … why is the character any more useless than a major percentage of the rest of the characters?

  17. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I feel that Genevieve is growing leaps and bounds as a character. Genie Francis is one of the INDISPUTABLE queens of daytime TV, and the writers do seem to be adding layers to this character day by day. I see no reason to get rid of Genevieve because she has so much potential. Well, it might make sense to get rid of her if the showrunners were REALLY concerned with saving money, but each month they hire a NEW set of about a dozen or so D-listers/has-beens/actors who can’t seem to find work anywhere else (like the Sean Youngs of the world!), so even if they did get rid of her, they’d just fill the canvas with a bunch of NOBODY characters to bore, irritate and/or confuse the hell of out us even more, and who needs that?

    If they are gonna clean house, they need to get rid of Cane and Lily first (if they ever decide to bring back Victoria Rowell as Drucilla, then I will entertain the notion of bringing Lily back, but only as a RECAST!). Then DaisyBot can kick rocks, and as I have said before, the writers have butchered the character of Sharon so much that they might as well write her off the canvas indefinitely too! Let her have a nervous breakdown or something…..or have her abandon her kids AGAIN to go find herself in a FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR distant land!

    Sharon Case is a great actress, and if they do decide to get rid of Sharon, Frank V can always use her over at GH. They could always give Monica a storyline by bringing Dawn back from the dead…………A

  18. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Crazy Gen, Kooky Gen, Jack’s Gen, Crafty Gen, Victor’s Gen, Now Tucker’s Gen…

    Gen is not fitting in anywhere else. In 9 months, she has:

    1. Slept with Victor, almost married Jack, tried to kill, slept with, and divorced Colin.

    2. Turned Colin in to the mob, locked him in a cellar, seen him go to jail.

    3. Hired Myrna, been drugged by her.

    4. Talked Cane into joining her scheme to jail Colin, then reconciled with Cane. Rejected by Cane to accompany her at her wedding, then not invited to Cane’s wedding. Then a slow-building reconciliation in March.

    4. Been named Marketing Director of Jabot, then fired. Bought Beauty of Nature, hired Victoria to run the company. Sold BoN to Victor, then been hired to run Newman’s entire cosmetics divisions.

    When a character is this much ALL over the map, with this much story-line, the writers are having a hard time. Last chance Gen, being paired with Tucker. If that doesn’t work, send her to General Hospital.

  19. Profile photo of ldylkng

    I hope Phyllis’s baby is Ronans!! Then Nina can raise it when she finally goes to jail for running down Paul!! Oh Yeah!!!!
    Totally sick of Nick & Phyl!! I thought Nick was gonna be hot with Avery, and that would be what ol phyl deserved too!

  20. Profile photo of tedew

    Idykng … unless Ronan has been sneaking into Phyllis’s bedroom at nights recently, how on earth could the new baby bump be caused by him? If it were Ronan’s that baby bump would be by now a gurgling happy babe in arms.

    hey mon … I usually agree with most of what you have to say, but you have not seen the light when it comes to Genevieve.

    alstonbohy4315 … I usually agree with most of what you have to say and my opinion does not change with your post #21 above.

  21. Profile photo of ldylkng

    Tedew, has it really been that long? Seems like yesterday she was on a desk with him and Avery was in her room with Nick. Oh well, a girl can dream that the same old story is not gonna lather, rinse, repeat! lol

  22. Profile photo of Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies
    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Tedew, has it really been that long? Seems like yesterday she was on a desk with him and Avery was in her room with Nick.

    Yes, but in that same amount of time, Kyle’s Children’s Flinstones turned him from a tyke into a rebel with a cause, so apparently it’s been years since my boyfriend Ronan was in town….

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