The Colby’s Maxwell Caufield to Play Slain Patriarch of Those Wanton DeVanitys!


Another primetime suds vet has snagged a role in the ultra-addictive webisoap DeVanity.The Colby's Maxwell Caufield will appear in Season 3 of Michael Caruso's raunchy soap opera as Richard DeVanity, the late, adoptive father of the web's most dysfunctional group of siblings.

“Richard has always been a major component of DeVanity, even though we have never actually seen him," said Caruso, who in addition to writing the sudser stars as Jason DeVanity. "His murder shortly before the pilot episode crippled the DeVanity jewelry empire, and devastated oldest son and heir apparent Jason, who was especially effected by his death."


Caufield is slated to appear in the second episode of the season, as Richard comes to Jason at a pivotal point in the young man's life.

“I wanted someone who could play a big, bold character who has a certain charm, and panache, and is believable as both a larger than life jewelry designer and a loving father. Maxwell embodies all of those qualities. He is a profoundly talented actor, and will be absolutely perfect as the DeVanity patriarch. I am thrilled to welcome him aboard. He is another phenomenal addition to our season. Wwe are grateful to have him."

Fans of NBC's cult soap Passions, are probably already aware that Caufield is married to Tabitha Lenox herself, Juliet Mills. Can't wait until next season to get your DeVanity fix? Re-watch the first two seasons here and here!   

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    DeVanity is such a POORLY written, horribly acted web soap … like most of the others THE BAY comes to mind … that I long for the days of wobbly sets, flobbed lines and mics falling into the screen days of DARK SHADOWS, RYANS HOPE and even Another World.

    Nice premise if they only spent a little more time in writing and shooting the story.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I find it hard to get in to these web soaps. While they are partly good produced with most I see no real character development and a creative storyline that really surprises me.

    I saw the episodes of “DeVanity” and “The Bay”. But both shows are not addictive to me because I don’t find myself caring or interested in what’s happening. I look at this and say to myself that I already have seen this somewhere else and there it was a hundred times better.

    With only two hands full of episodes in a year and runtime of about 10 to 15 minutes it’s just not working for me.

    Even though I believe that web soaps are important and will become more important with time. Maybe I’m just too spoiled with good television drama to care…

    As for Maxwell Caulfield, while I never warmed up to Miles Colby I loved to hate him when he was playing bigamist Mark Wylde on the UK sudser “Emmerdale”. Great times!!!! Screwing two wives and having two different families (causing his daughter and son to fall in love with each other) and Caulfield was playing it off very well. So I guess that “DeVanity” is lucky to have signed him.^^

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