Susan Lucci to Guest on Watch What Happens Live This Thursday!


Just what will soap-a-licious diva Susan Lucci dish with Andy Cohen when she guests on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live this week? The All My Children star is slated to appear on the late night talk show this Thursday night, alongside Mark Ruffalo.

I can't wait to see La Lucci play "Plead The Fifth"! Watch What Happens Live airs Mon-Thurs at 11 PM EST on Bravo.


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Just for fun, if she is asked who the worst actor on the history of All My Children was who should she say? It's necck and neck between Denise Vasi and Brittany Allen, but I will have to go with Brittany. I even scrolled through some cast lists to see if there were any from the 90's that I might consider and no one popped out.

Complete aside: I am catching up on GH and so I'm just watching Sam encounter Heather at the mental institution and I am getting total Jane Cox / Janet Green flashback. Kate Collins is good, but I would have loved to see Robin Mattson as Janet Green those last few times.