Bold and Beautiful’s Brad Bell on Lesbian Story: “Karen and Danielle Are a Modern Married Couple, So Why Wouldn’t They Kiss?”

The Bold and the Beautiful showrunner Brad Bell is ready to jump into the same-sex marriage debate, via his internationally popular daytime drama. In a new interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, Bell previews the upcoming lesbian storyline featuring Karen Spencer (Joanna Johnson) and her wife Danielle (Crystal Chappell ).

TV Guide Magazine: Does this mean we'll actually see some lesbian lip locks on CBS Daytime?

Bell: Oh, sure! Absolutely.

TV Guide Magazine: Because Crystal wasn't allowed to do that when she played the girl-girl romance on Guiding Light. There was a lot of pinky touching and smouldering glances, but kissing wasn't okay and certainly no sex. It was very 1950s.

Bell: I didn't know that. This happened on CBS? [Laughs] Perhaps I spoke too soon. Nah, Karen and Danielle are a modern married couple, so why wouldn't they kiss? We plan to discuss the real issues, present some prejudices, and try to get people to move forward in their thinking, instead of backward. I want to do this story because I listen to all the political debates on the subject of same-sex marriage and can't believe I share the same country with people who think so differently about human rights. I want to put my hat in the ring and, hopefully, help change some thoughts and opinions on the issue.

To find out why Karen is so adament about keeping her sexuality a secret, go to TV Guide!

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  1. Profile photo of marieperoy

    Since Brad Bell is so progressive on lesbian issues, I imagine the two lesbian members of the cast – including a very high-profile one – will come out very soon, right?
    Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled the show is doing this (although why only on a temporary basis?) and kudos to BB for his direct answers. But I am still very bothered by the HUGE number of closeted soap stars.
    Gay stories on soaps are a step up from where things were twenty years ago. But we will know progress was truly made when soap stars playing heterosexual characters won’t be terrified of coming out lest they somehow lose their romantic appeal. When producers don’t prevent them from coming out and when soap stars stop being chicken and taking us for fools (who does a certain Y&R actor think he is kidding for example?).
    It is a sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It took them 25 years! I find it interesting that Brad Bell goes around the answer to the question why.^^ While I’m happy Bell is doing this storyline you can’t tell me that he didn’t know what went on with homosexual storytelling over the last years in Daytime. And there is a reason why B&B, a show set in the fashion world, waited 25 years to tell a same-sex storyline.^^

    I love that Bell apparently watches “Venice”, which is a really good thing. Is that why B&B started these outdoor scenes around the time “Venice” premiered? LOL

    Anyway good interview! I hope Bell means what he’s saying.

  3. Profile photo of Jon

    I agree, I don’t believe for one minute that Brad Bell didn’t know how “CBS” aka GL, ATWT and yes, even Y&R with the Adam /Rafe seduction “treated” its gay stories.

  4. Profile photo of DenverDean

    This story is completely pointless with two characters who just don’t matter. I’d be OK with it, if Karen had been on the canvas for the past year or two, but this stuff is just going to take away screen time from character we care about. It also seems like a weird time to launch the story – right before summer. Whatever. I’m done after Aspen and I’ll return when Bell stop pushing a political agenda (no thanks) rather than an organic story (I’d be cool with) about characters we care about.

  5. Profile photo of blake3b

    Olivia and Natalia were one of the only good things that Ellen Wheeler did for Guiding Light! But it was stupid to not have them make love or to even really kiss! Even Natalia slept with Frank and that’s not the love making the audience wanted to see! But I’m assuming it was CBS that was behind that.

  6. Profile photo of Carol2

    It is nonsensical to go to the press and brag about how much you are going to show with a same-sex couple. Brad certainly has more brains than MAB so I am surprised he would fall into the same trap she did when she got people’s expectations way up over the huge fiasco of Adam and Phillip and Rafe in 2009.

    Karen appears a few times a year – and even that is rare – so why should we care about her love life?

    I still wonder if they are setting up a story where Ridge, or Bill, become involved with Danielle.

  7. Profile photo of Smitty


    I thought CC was only coming on for a limited run? So how is this a big storyline? I do know B&B tends to do stories in two weeks so for two weeks we get this “big” storyline…right? OH ok….

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