E! Developing Primetime Soap Based on Novel ‘Anne of Hollywood’ From Shameless Producers!


Celeb-focused cabler E! is jumping into the serialized drama game, by developing a splashy, modern day retelling of the saga of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. Anne of Hollywood, based on the novel by Carol Wolper, transplants the soap opera of the Tudors from the 1500's to modern day Hollyweird, "the flashiest, most treacherous court of all."

The red hot project is being helmed by the peeps at John Wells Productions (Shameless, SouthLAnd, The West Wing, ER). Anne of Hollywood is one of nine scripted projects E! currently has in development for 2013. Looks like the network's Entertainment Programming Prexy Lisa Berger means business when it comes to making scripted series a—pardon the pun—reality at E!  

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    I read the official release about the other shows as well. I more interested in some of these than I have been in network shows in resent years. I hope E! does well with these shows.

    Well in times where we all supposedly want “reality entertainment” even E! orders scripted programs. Weird isn’t it!?!?!?

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    And soaps are dead?! COME ON ABC, CBS and NBC, JUMP BACK INTO THE GAME!!!

    ABC, suck it up and state you made a mistake and bring back one or two soaps! We’re not asking for AMC or OLTL, we’re just asking for something. And if you decide to bring back those soaps, think about rewriting the idea of the shows. Some of the same cast, new sets, new stories, better histories, get rid of the dumb stories (please no more SPLIT PERSONALITIES on an ABC show as it’s OVER DONE!)

    CBS, tell the Bells to stop writing their shows while their on the Polo field or at lunch with the ladies! Write what middle America wants and EXPECTS FROM THE LEGACY OF WILLIAM J BELL!!!!

    NBC, with a new regime at Days let’s hope you take the show away from the DiMeras and the stories of old and reinvent this show correctly. LESS COPS, more average Joe’s. Let’s see Roman finally get Stefano as they both struggle and fall over a cliff. Discover the bodies so we believe they are dead. (It’s a soap and Stefano has risen before and will again, so make us believe he is gone, as well as Roman) Granted, I think this is the BIG cast change we hear being whispered about, it’s either Stefano or Roman who will be the turning point for the show.

    Please Daytime executives, save the shows. Re-invent the genre with different formats and better writing. Viewers will come back!! Otherwise, the likes of E!, TNT, CW, ABC and other channels wouldn’t invest in bring them back.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapjunkie @ Jamey: Like the idea of this soap. It seems that more and more cable networks are getting into the serialized storytelling genre seeing as they do wonders for these networks that would have been otherwise known for just niche programming.

    Also I don’t watch a single reality TV show. Can’t stand them. Well I do watch one or follow one reality soaps. The White House with starring President Obama, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Michelle Obama and Anne Romney as the leads, with a strong supporting cast ;). Watching this election cycle often beats out anything coming on daytime.

    So I have suggestion. There are two novels called “No Safe Place” by Richard North Patterson and “Absolute Power” by David Baldacci. Both are political soap operas told in a novella format. If Hollywood would develop these two into primetime soaps on a cable network they would draw in an immense audience.

    And if you have not read these books then I suggest you read them and you’ll be blogging about them.

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