It Wasn’t a Fluke: Good Morning America Bests Today AGAIN!

Forget about who's judging what singing competition; the morning show wars are shaping up to be network TV's bloodiest battles since Letterman vs. Leno vs. Conan! ABC's Good Morning America beat NBC's Today in the Nielsens for a second time the week ending April 27, that's twice in the past three weeks!

GMA was watched by 5.297 million total viewers, compared to Today's 5.131 million, according to a press release. Today was the one thing NBC still had to brag about over the other networks, now Mickey Mouse is plucking out even more of the Peacock's feathers one by one! 

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    cape105-you are so right.Loved Savannah on MSNBC with Chuck Todd.When she left to go to NBC,I was really disappointed.Don’t watch Today or GMA.I prefer MSNBC or ESPN.

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    If ABC still had their full line up of soaps then I would be like hell yes, but I don’t much care now. In fact I hope it doesn’t hold or that afternoon version of their morning show might get some ratings.

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    Good. I hope GMA continues to have success. Can’t stand Today anymore. Matt is annoying and Anne is a bore. Frankly the alternative they have as co-hosts are not that great either. And please get rid of the ‘The Professionals’ panel in the 8 a.m. hour. Useless.

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    Ann Curry is fine as a field reporter and doing special assignments but she’s a lousy interviewer in the studio. She constantly interrupts people and badgers them if she doesn’t like their answers. She should not have made anchor because that’s just not her forte. But worse than that, the show has become a big advertisement for Comcast/Universal Studios/E Network stations and any sister station under that umbrella. It’s not about news anymore at all except the first 10 minutes if you are lucky. They barely talk about the nonsense going on in Washington, it’s all about pushing another show or movie or who Clooney is dating now or what movie star is getting married. They deserve to lose the number one spot, I have turned them off more and more lately.

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    I watch Morning Joe when I have tv on that early. I am political buff. I stopped watching today when Meredith started. I did not like her for some reason. I also started watching the view after Meredith left. I guess once I stopped watching today show, I never went back.

    I just don’t care about the short interviews being squeezed into several seconds and then cutting people off. They are all guilty. Could care less about extensive reports on William/Kate or any of that stuff.

    I will say though it is interesting that today is losing. I wonder if it is the huge salary publicity. People might be thinking that they are all acting like the average Joe’s of the country but they are so disconnected from the average audience anymore. It amazes me when tv personalities discuss high salaries of others and expect the audience to pretend they are not aware that most of the personalities are millionaires themselves.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Who cares? Both of these shows stink to high heaven. It’s the same Hollywood garbage daily delivered by people that think they’re better than the average American. Screw all of the NY snobs.

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    I’d say this is more about Today’s decline than anything else. George Stephanapolous is awful and Robin Roberts doesn’t seem suited to fakey perky morning TV.

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    I’ve been a Today Show viewer for years but switched to GMA last week when *Today* hired Rosie O’Donnell last week. That’s it for me. Unless they fire her.

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    With all these interviews Guiliana and Bill Rancic are giving on TODAY, does anyone else besides me sit there going “Guiliana is so much better at this than Ann Curry…..”

    Jim Bell needs to replace Ann STAT! I truly try not to watch GMA (Backlash, disgust, etc on ABC and all) but it is tempting if and when I now watch the Today Show.

    Get Guilianna to NYC!

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    Never have been a Today fan, but have seen it a few times. Matt is OK, but Ann is ill-fitted to this show.

    GMA is OK and I watch it maybe half the time.

    CBS’ morning show is the other one I watch, but not too crazy about their new format/anchors.

    Face it, the morning shows are nothing like they used to be. My favorite was CBS when Harry Smith was on. He was very pleasant to wake up to :)

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    Poor today show. All these years they were so afraid to put a non white woman in that chair and as soon as they got over their fear and went out on a limb and hired a non-white, their ratings go all to hell.

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