As The World Turns Vet Jennifer Landon Cast As NuNu Heather on The Young and the Restless!


TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting Jennifer Landon has been signed to play Heather Stevens on The Young and the Restless. Landon, daughter of late, TV icon Michael Landon, will  debut June 8.


As The World Turns fans will remember Landon played Gwen Norbeck Munson on that sudser, garnering three, consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards. Here's hoping third time will be the charm for Heather's residency in Genoa City!

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Finally, a VERSATILE actress who knows how to do more than just play ONE type of character. Vail Bloom’s fault was that she only knew how to play the “sultry vixen.” And Eden Riegel only knows how to play the tortured heroine. Finally, a good mixture. She’s got THREE Emmys, folks, so if she doesn’t succeed in the role, I will only have Maria to blame.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Another lawyer … just what Y&R needed. Poor Landon, I hope she doesn’t find out through a social network that she’s fired some day.

    Anyway I don’t see the need of Heather or another character at all. This show already has too much characters and doesn’t even know how to use the ones they have. Why add yet another character? And why does it have to be another attorney?
    But who knows maybe Heather had a career change … with MAB everything is possible. If Sharon and Genevieve can run a cosmetic company maybe Heather can come back as whatever.^^

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    How many more Emmy Winners Careers can MAB and Co. ruin?…..

    I could be wrong but I’m adding her to the list with Debbi Morgan, Eden Riegel, Darnell Williams, Genie Francis, and Maura West.

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    This casting took me completely by surprise as I was not expecting Y&R to recast this role after the disastrous run they had with Eden Reigel. I guess in a sense, I’m glad that they left Heather off-canvas for a good 6 months before deciding to bring her back, but I agree with soapjunkie, this cast is already over-bloated as it is and they don’t use the cast that they currently have now.

  5. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    On the one hand, I have immense respect for Jennifer Landon. She took what could have been a one note character in Gwen and gave her a lot of layers. And the doppelganger story she headed up was one that I actually enjoyed.
    As for her being on Y&R? With MAB at the helm? Oy! I shudder to think what’s in store. I will say a few prayers… 0:)

  6. Profile photo of Scout

    [quote=alstonboy4315]…if she doesn’t succeed in the role, I will only have Maria to blame.[/quote]

    Is there any other way this is going to go? MAB has proven more than once that she has the Midas Minus touch.

  7. Profile photo of goyankees

    I liked Heather #1, but that’s me. And shouldn’t we at least see Heather’s DAD once in a while for us to care about HER? But, I’ll give Pa Ingalls girl a chance.

    Ricky. Ugh.

    But dare I say Carmine continues to grow on me?? I’m not sure what it is?? Maybe cuz he doesnt TRY so hard (Chance, Ricky, etc. etc)

  8. Profile photo of pjc722

    Why are they bringing back Heather and with a younger actress?!! Seriously, this will be the third attempt at this character and still Paul doesn’t have his own story or is a driving force behind one.

    If Maria intends on bringing back Heather, who is Paul’s daughter and Ricky’s brother, then lets make it a story involving Paul and not one where he pops in and out like he has with both his kids throughout their lives and their time in the GC. Why don’t we retire the Baldwin clan for a while and bring back Paul’s religious mom, Mary (with the same actress or a new one) so that we can start to see the family strife. Mary is the only one who can literally put Ricky in his place, make Paul quiet and the hilarity of the CHURCH SOCIALS she could force Heather to would be fantastic light fun.

    Otherwise, if the only intention is to bring her back to make googly eyes at Adam or to lurk around yelling at Ricky, then once again the powers that be at Y&R have wasted YET ANOTHER TALENTED ACTOR on their truly boring show!!!

  9. Profile photo of GLTURNS70

    I have High Hope for Jennifer Landon, she has an excellent range and can be paired up with anyone on the canvas. She knows how to turn shit to sugar as Jamey would say and I’m just gonna enjoy it.

  10. Profile photo of lauren329

    Thrilled to see one of my favorite soap actresses ever returning to daytime (although my dream was to see her as Serena on GH). She was fabulous on ATWT, especially her first year and made shit into sugar with the terrible Cleo storyline and even nabbed her third Emmy. While I’m a little nervous about her at Y&R given Maria’s track record and Eden’s disastrous stint as Heather, I am going to be optimistic and excited that we get to see her act on a regular basis again. Now can we get Jesse Soffer too? ;-) Don’t eff this up Maria & Hogan!

  11. Profile photo of rozzberry

    I like the casting, the character however I’m uncertain. ER was great on AMC, but she was completely miscast & an absolute drab on Y&R. I hope the same won’t be true for JL. Although I will say the little bit I saw of VB, I didn’t mind, so it’s possible to do something with the role.

    IA, the cast is very bloated at the moment. Perhaps we can get lucky & some of the ‘fat’ will be trimmed.

  12. Profile photo of Ken

    This is GREAT news! I LOVED Jennifer Landon on ATWT and think she can do great things on Y&R… let’s just hope that TPTB give her something to work with instead of the drivel that we have been force fed lately!

    In fact, I think it’s high time the Williams clan was returned to the canvas. I’m tired of everyone in town being rich. Can’t we have a middle class family? They should tone down Ricky and make him less of a cardboard villian and more of a morally conflicted “sometimes good/sometimes bad” boy….add Mary Williams back to the cast and if Carolyn Conwell won’t return then recast possibly with Erica Slezak or Michael Learned…bring Paul back into the land of folks with a storyline instead of someone to prop up the other characters once a month…and add Jennifer Landon’s Heather to the mix! This could work out well!

    Of course, to do that we’d have to get rid of some folks….I nominate Sophia, Genevieve, Daisy, Tucker, Sharon, and Eden. As much as I like Sharon she’s been ruined for the most part and could stand to be given a rest. As for Eden, we hardly see her as it is.

  13. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon


    alstonboy, I am liking your very sexy picture of Victoria Rowell. I’m going to go and see if I can find some more….

    Adding Heather, that brings my count of the cast up to 49 characters. But that is a hard number to figure out, some people just disappear…

  14. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Hey mon–

    Victoria Rowell is very attractive, but her outer beauty is definitely matched by her talent. And she’s OVER 50, which proves that without plastic surgery you can still age well. :)

  15. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Jennifer Landon is a decent actress, but she is soooo “butch”, to me. I could never buy her in roles as a love interest in a hetero relationship because she always seemed so rough and hard to me. I have the image of Heather that Vail Bloom left…a soft, girly, barbie-esque lawyer. Perhaps they want to take the character in a new tougher direction?

  16. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    WTF?? Why does Maria Bell have carte blanche to hire whoever she wants? How are they paying all of these people, and where are they STAYING?? It must be FIFTEEN cast members for every ONE dressing room by now….

    I’m so sick of this shit. I want MY Y&R back!!

  17. Profile photo of SoapGuyFlorida

    She won 3 daytime Emmys because of a corrupt voting system that rewards who you know (or what your last name is in this case) more than how you perform.

    Didnt like her at all on ATWT, and a not happy about this. Give me either Vail or Eden over her..

  18. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Sex: Tucker & Harmony have a ‘go’ at it according to Soap Opera Digest. I would have thought that Harmony would have gone after Neil, and Tucker go after Gen. Oh well, I’ve stopped guessing with MAB in charge.

    BTW… I ma just repeating this, I have not read it myself.

  19. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    the problem isn’t the actresses, the problem is that the Heather character is BEYOND BORING and not that interesting.

    reboot/re-imagine the character into something else. Have Heather quit being a lawyer and become a stripper or something.

  20. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I hate the character. Ugghhhh….. Why are they bringing her back? She’s not needed and the cast is full. I wish they would just nuke the character.

    I’m not a fan of LW either. My family watched ATWT only during the Branson storyline and the the evil “Cloe”. We would literally laugh at the actress. It was that bad.

  21. Profile photo of Plum

    I also liked Vail Bloom in the role, but thought Eden Riegel was too jarring as a recast to work. I like Ms. Landon, but don’t have much faith in the writers I’m afraid. I hope I’m proven wrong. Their track record hasn’t been good lately.

  22. Profile photo of modee

    I had the idea that if they brought back Heather, they could have her date someone who seemed harmless but had an ulterior motive….revenge against Paul (Nikki too). He would be Tony DiSalvo’s son.

    Carmine fits the bill.

  23. Profile photo of JAYSON369

    Since Y&R is trying to do it big now (Jennifer Landon Baby! :D) This is a potential plot stirring idea: Heather + Kyle = Fireworks! I must say, Blake Hood is a very talented actor! If they keep writting good material for him, he’ll be nominated next year for an emmy (could even win)! Anyway, I think that he and Heather would be a pretty good matchup, unless they can cast Jesse Soffer as Scotty #2! ;)

  24. Profile photo of Carol2

    Kyle is just another dime a dozen “bad boy” who likely hates women and will be gone within a year.

    As for Jennifer Landon, she looks older than her years but she does not look old enough to be Ricky’s sister. The cardboard cutout who plays Ricky looks about 40, on a good day. Heather is supposed to be older than him.

    I just can’t believe Y&R is still stuck in “let’s hide behind Emmy wins” mode. They have done this over and over so they won’t have to actually give proper writing to these names, and it fails every time.

  25. Profile photo of Chelley62

    Heather is the oldest of the 2nd generation on YR- she was born on the show in 1979 I think. They have basically de-SORASed her with this casting (compared to Victoria and Nick). I like the actress but geeze, I can’t imagine her with Kyle (already hate the recast).

  26. Profile photo of harlee490

    I wasn’t impressed with either “Heathers” especially ER’s “Heather” she was horrid and not even thinking Y&R was bringing back “Heather” so this was a slight surprise, having said that JL was excellent on ATWT and she just might fit the bill and make “Heather” a much improved viable character. It like always will be “a wait & see if the writers get this right”. I will give it chance before pre-judging this recast.

  27. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=harlee490]I wasn’t impressed with either “Heathers” especially ER’s “Heather” she was horrid and not even thinking Y&R was bringing back “Heather” so this was a slight surprise, having said that JL was excellent on ATWT and she just might fit the bill and make “Heather” a much improved viable character. It like always will be “a wait & see if the writers get this right”. I will give it chance before pre-judging this recast.[/quote]


  28. Profile photo of Troy123

    I really enjoyed Vail Bloom and never understood why they got rid of her. I totally agree that Eden was a horrible replacement for the part. Decent actress, just mis-cast in this role. I was very impressed with Jennifer Landon on As The World Turns. I think she will do great – if the role is written well enough.

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