Will As The World Turns’ Most Famous Alum Appear in The Remake of Stephen King’s Carrie?

Daytime Emmy winner and multi-Oscar nominee Julianne Moore has been offered the role of Margaret White in the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, according to Deadline. The character is the mother of the film’s title character, who will be portrayed by Chloe Moretz

Moore played identical half sisters/cousins Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on ATWT from 1985-1988.

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    AHHH HELL NO! Why does THIS need a remake. Brian De Palma’s version was great. The NBC version featuring Rena Soffer was decent and somewhat faithful to the book. As much as I love Julianne and Chloe, this is not necessary. Why is there a need to remake? If you don’t know the story, read the book and rent the movie!!

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    Since we can’t stop a remake at least they’ve decided to cast some superb actresses. I hope Julianne decides to take the role so we can at least get some great performances out of it.

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