Access Hollywood Gets Three More Years

Celebrity and entertainment magazine show Access Hollywood has been picked up for three more years, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While this is good news, THR reveals cost cutting hasn’t slowed at the TV show.

The pay cuts, which sources said were announced to staff on Monday, range from 10 percent to 20 percent per employee. They follow layoffs a week ago, when 14 full and part-time staff were let go in a cost-cutting move.


However, it notes sources indicate "it is unlikely host Billy Bush will have his salary cut."

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    RealityCheck 33–

    You really must be a mind reader…….I wouldn’t mind seeing what Billy Bush is working with! ;)

    I like Billy. He’s actually got some PERSONALITY, unlike 99% of those stiff, talking heads, who stick so close to their pre-approved scripts that it makes them look like robots. Billy is kinda feisty…….and doesn’t hold back.

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