Have Peter Reckell’s Contract Negotiations With Days of Our Lives Turned Ugly?

Looks like it's eff with the vets time again at NBC's Days of Our Lives. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) is "quietly informing castmates that he is leaving the show," following "protracted talks". Didn't Reckell and his leading lady Kristian Alfonso (Hope) take massive pay cuts to the tune of 40-50 percent during their last round of negotiations?

This is complete B.S. Bo and Hope are not only my fave DAYS couple, but my favorite soap supercouple of all time. Sony needs to stop trying to shake down all the vets, and actually cut 10-12 of all the vapid nothings walking around their soap sets. Get rid of Bo Brady at your own ratings peril!

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    Jamey Giddens

    @Gato! Yep. Bo and Hope have always been my tops. Actually Mason and Julia would probably be No. 2, then Cruz and Eden. Fave stand alone character: Vicky Hudson. ;-)

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    Few actors are irreplaceable but Peter Reckell is one of them. A recast could not even begin to fill his shoes as Bo Brady. I could not stand RKK in the part years ago.

    There are a lot of other actors at Days that I would like to see get their walking papers.

    Jamey, Mac and Rachel. Come on now! :)

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    Ugh! They should get rid of Drake and Deidre and they will have enough to pay Peter and Kristen. I don’t get their love for John and Marlena. They make me sick. And take Carrie with you! Maybe they should cut the characters that suck and cherish the ones who don’t.

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    If NBC and Ken Korday really want to save this show they can’t let Peter Reckell go. Bo/Hope and John/Marlena are at the core of this show and if anything the need to be building the show around them (meaning bringing back Shawn D and Belle!). Days has a really large cast and there are sooo many others they could get rid of so they could keep their big stars happy.

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    Days wouldn’t be the same without Bo and Hope! And who knows how much longer the show will be around. It’s best to keep as many vets as possible and I can think of a lot of newbies that could go instead: Gabi, Melanie, Chad.

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    Bo & Hope are my favorite too! Cruz & Eden, Mason & Julia, Steve & Kayla, why don’t they write and cast couples like this anymore? If Bo & Hope leave, I really won’t watch the show anymore. I’ve been watching since I was in third grade, which is when Bo & Hope met.

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    DC has to do another patented Top 5 or 10 list. The longer the better. Those are the best to listen to on a summer day when choring or at the beach. I love the tangents and asides and remembrance of soap history.

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    Huge mistake not working this out with Peter. He really is the star of this show. I think they should bring back Shawn and Belle and age Ciara and also bring back JT Reiber as a teen that lost his parents and comes to live with Bope again since he has no other family.
    Get rid of Rafe and Gabi since they have no ties to the show anymore. Put Nicole, EJ, Brady in a triangle and Lucas and Sami together. Bring Jan Spears back to cause trouble for Belle & Shawn again and hopefully Chloe and Phillip too. Get rid of Melanie and Chad (even though I like both actors) because their characters are boring.
    They need to act on this stuff and keep the actors and characters that the fans want or the show is doomed.

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    I wish they had better storylines for Bo and Hope! I wonder if Bo being in a three month coma has anything to do with said contract negotiations. If it falls through, they could just so a plot where Bo gets beat up, placed in a coma, and wakes up as Robert Kelker Kelly (just kidding, calm down!)

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    Good choice at Vicky Hudson, Jamey! Loved all 3 actresses in the role, almost equally, but it all fell apart when Goutman paired Jake and Vicky romantically, that was a no-go for me. RKK did make me forget about Reckell — who was a teenaged fave of mine — I never missed a single day during the first go around of Bo and Billie, and i go way back with this show!

    Great podcast too, some good rants on there!

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    Seriously?! Getting rid of Bo is ridiculous. Get rid of Chad, get rid of Melanie or Gabby. Use that money and keep Bo and Hope and Marlena and John. There is enough cast members to make it an amazing show.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Sony has mishandled their negotiations with their soap vets on both DAYS and Y&R. If they don’t want to produce these shows anymore, why not sell them to NBC and CBS respectively. It makes no sense to keep on fucking up these shows.

    Apparently, Eric Braeden’s contract is up on Y&R and he’s given Sony notice that he’ll walk if they treat him like crap again. Les Moonves at CBS had to step in last time to close their deal. Sony’s executives apparently like a good fight, but I don’t think CBS wants this crap to continue. Look what happened to Melody Thomas Scott’s treatment last year. Not good.

    NBC should take note that this kind of shit doesn’t bode well for DAYS.

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    FIRE Drake Hogestyn & Deidre Hall again before you fire Bo!

    let’s be real because I’m keeping it real!

    John & Marlenas return has been a bust & boring as hell! why they were brought back is beyond ridiculous. their characters are unnecessary and have been for years if not decades!

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    I am not a huge DAYS fan, but Peter Reckell is to DAYS what Peter Bergman is to Y&R, or what Tony Geary is to GH. If you want to trim the fat, you need to start at the bottom! Why can’t these idiot showrunners realize that? I understand that they recast Bo in the past with Robert Kelker Kelly, and as I understand it, that recast was SOMEWHAT popular? But that doesnt’ mean that they need to tempt fate! They need to do whatever they can to keep long-time viewers like Jamey happy!!!

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    Days is DONE! They refuse to write Bo as anything other than a supporting character for Hope. No wonder he wants out. Bo Brady is the last of the true heroes on an ever shrinking daytime canvas. I will miss him. He makes Hope tolerable for me. I hope his exit includes a trip to find the one woman who always treated him as an equal, saved his life, took care of him, always loved him unconditionally and never tried to set him ablaze — Carly Manning.

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    Problem is Days spent all this money on actors viewers were supposedly craving to have back and the ratings dropped. You can’t argue with numbers.

    That said, Bo Brady is a tent pole character even more than Hope, Marlena, or John are. And Peter is the best actor out of that group. I wish they’d get rid of Drake and Missy reeves. Marlena doesn’t need John, and Bo and Hope while not my fave are a staple and anchor for the show.

    And soaps need teens and younger characters. This show would not be in the shitter if they actually stuck with some younger cast and stopped relying onnthese played out super couples. Why they ever got rid of Shawn, Belle, Nick and let Chelsea go I have no clue.

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    DAYS should be built around the supercouples and their adult children. That’s what most viewers want. They have too many boring, unnecessary characters clogging up the show that nobody gives a damn about! First they throw away Jack & Jen by firing the great (and wildly popular) Matt Ashford, now they want to do the same to Peter Reckell and Bo & Hope? These people are nuts.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @The_Moustache: They can let Drake go. He brings nothing to the show acting-wise. D. Hall actually is a pretty good actress when she is not in scenes with him. But when you have to play opposite an actor who’s only competition for worst actor in the history of daytime Lifetime Achievement Award is Ron Moss, then it pulls her down to the point of being like the Celeste Talbort from Soapdish. I tell you Drake and Ron’s bad acting was mocked in that film:


    The point is Peter is worth the money. Drake (in the words of Paul R.) “You’re not even worth it.”

    And i’m not sorry to call out a terrible actor. He is not fit for the job. And those of you defend him, you would have loved all those recast on Passions.

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    Bangel Angle

    Why do we have to get rid of any of the vets?! They’re not at fault for killing the show. Why can’t we get rid of all the characters who’ve been sucking the life out of the show for years like James Scott, Galen Gering, Molly Burnett and Shawn Christian. They have been on the most and have consistantly sucked!

    And get the girl that plays Gabi and all of those newbies they just hired like Ian Buchanan and Lexie’s brother.

    You can trim the cast without getting rid of the vets and tell stories with family drama, love and soap staples.

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    Cordelia Chase

    This is dumb. Peter Reckell is Bo Brady. RKK was great to look at, but he has Crazy Eyes and clenches his teeth too much.

    What DAYS needs to do is actually write some worthwhile material. I can’t blame the actors when they’re given crap to act. Drake Hogestyn is a good actor, as past storylines have proven, but the problem is that he doesn’t even know who the hell is character is, and neither do we. Is he Roman, Forrest Alamain, Father John, a DiMera, etc. It just never ends. Lately, all John has been is constipated, and Hogestyn plays that marvelously. Get your check, boy.

    Deidre Hall is Deidre Hall. Marlena is THE iconic character of this show, and she’s related to almost everyone on the scene. Give her a decent storyline to work with. Make Will the centerpiece of the show, push Sami off to the side (WHERE SHE BELONGS), and put Marlena in the kitchen, making some donuts, looking fabulous, championing Will, and telling everyone else about themselves, because someone clearly needs to.

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    green rider

    If they let Reckell go again, I am done watching this show. He & Hope are 1 of the cornerstone couples on the soap. One character that they need to get rid of as she is adding absolutely nothing to the show & is probably quite expensive is Billie. If they are really stuck on having the character then they should bring in an actress that can actually act & it not as expensive – there are lots of them out there. As for the younger set – you have to have some of them on the show in order to draw in the younger fans. Not saying that I care for all of them but without them the show would surely die.

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    I don’t understand all the hate being expressed for Dee Hall. IMO, she should have been the only one to return back in September. They could have built the show around an angry Marlena in mourning for poor dead-as-a-doornail John.

    I guarantee the show wouldn’t be in the trouble that it is today.

    P.S. Wally Kurth recently said that they were doing some re-shooting and a lot of editing of stuff that was already filmed, so we might not have to wait until August to see what direction the new/old regime has in mind for Days.

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    Keep Deidre and Drake. They are the only reason I watch the show. Time to give other characters a rest that have been on the front burner. Alison Sweeney and James Scott come to mind. The characters of John and Marlena have more ties in Salem, and they really haven’t been given much of a storyline at all since they have been back. Would like to see more of them.

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    Deidre Hall(Marlena) is like the Erica Kane of the show, she should not be let go at ALL. The show should be built around her. She is the only reason why people can tolerate Drake Hogestyn’s acting. The show has so many other characters that it can bounce. Gabi, RAFE, Daniel, Chad, Melanie…all the fake shoe-horned in characters that were tacked on to Salem’s core families and mostly ruined by Dena Higley. They serve no purpose. There is no Hernandez FAMILY, no matriarch, no patriarch, just two random siblings…they killed off the wrong Hernandez sister if you ask me. In any case, DAYS is likely done now, thanks to all the regime changes and stupid moves by TIIC. I give it another year tops.

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    What’s with all the Drake hate? Oh I see it is the SAME Drake bashers that post on EVERY board, that clip you posted The_Moustache is a dead give-away to who you are. *rolls eyes* He is a wonderful actor, that can say more with facial expression than another actor can say with pages of dialog. Drake is one of the few actors that actually can make DAYS shit filled scripts worth watching and he sells dramatic scenes and emotional scenes with no problem at all. Just because Peter seems to think he is the best thing since sliced bread Drake gets picked on?

    Personally, I don’t care if Peter stays or goes. He left TWICE before and the show went on so anybody saying the show’s ratings will tank are wrong since they didn’t the last two times he left. Also, Bo being put in a coma didn’t affect the ratings either.

    No actor is bigger than this show and talk like this will cause Peter to have an even more swelled head than he already has IF that is possible. This says PR all over it, Peter isn’t getting his way so now he is trying to get his fans to throw their weight around just like James Scott did. I hope it backfires on him and for the record, I liked Robert better as Bo.

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    I like the character of Bo and I liked him with Carly.

    I feel like since he’s part of the Bo/Hope supercouple they are a package deal but also his character is never really written for unless it revolves around Hope. I’m not a Hope hater or anything I just wish that the characters could be given storylines instead of the couple given a storyline you know?

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    This is crazy all the people they can let go the useless people on that set that they can let go to keep Peter Reckel!! They are already letting go of Jack, Carrie, Austin and we have not seen Jen in how long?? Where is all their money go?!

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    I assume here is how the negotiations went:
    Days: ok Peter you are no robert Kelker Kelly. You can’t wear a leather vest as well as RKK. Therefore we propose paying you $300/week
    Bo Brady: that’s not fair. I’m a great actor. This show is nothing without me and my half-goatee and my flimsy acting. I demand $2000/week
    Days: (after stopping lauding after maybe 10 minutes) no. You’re lucky to get 300. You’re worth maybe 300 pesos. What else are you going to do? Garbageman, janitor, fluffer, sandwich board sign holder?
    Bo Brady: that makes sense actually. I know I’m a horrible actor. Nobody is worse than me except john black, who stinks so bad it’s unbelievable.
    Done deal

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    Welcome to Daytime Confidential. I find your posts to be SOMEWHAT humorous, although I don’t think Peter Reckell is a bad actor as you seem to.

    And I also believe that Peter Reckell makes WAY more than $104,000 a year. He probably made that back in 1984, but he probably makes closer to $500,000 a year now, considering his tenure.

    Have a great day and happy posting!!! :) :) :) :)

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    He’s bad there’s no way around it. Not drake hogestyn bad but he’s bad. Otherwise he would be on a normal show or in movies. If he makes $500k/year then something is wrong with their salary structure. He’s wrth maybe 25k/year

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