SOAP BYTES: Felicia Cries Maxie a River on General Hospital; Gloria Admires Carmine’s “Assets” on The Young and the Restless!

GH BYTES: Felicia (Kristina Wagner) is back in Port Charles and she’s already wringing her hands like a tear-soaked hand towel.  I didn’t believe her or Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) courtroom speeches; they came across as contrived to me. However, I did enjoy her protestations as Maxie (Jen Lilly) was taken away.  Hopefully, Felicia will be able to convince Maxie to reveal the truth.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) found out what Franco (James Franco) did to Sam (Kelly Monaco) and tried to be a shoulder for Jason (Steve Burton) to lean on. Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) and Sam shared a wonderful scene, as Carly admitted she’s in love with Johnny (Brandon Barash). General Hospital needs to play up its female relationships more.

If Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) isn’t careful she’s going to end up in the hospital like Ewen (Nathin Butler). The question is: Would it be Heather (Robin Matson) or Connie (Kelly Sullivan) that put her in the hospital?

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    Sonny found out that Franco raped Sam??? No, he did not! He was TOLD – by Jason that Sam was raped. And in the end, once again he was the one that was offered comfort. Why is it that this storyline is played like Jason was raped??? Disgusting!

    Hopefully Olivia will be the next victim of Heather. I don’t want to see this hypocrisy anymore. Enough is enough already. I was happy when Connie wouldn’t give her the money. Anyway couldn’t she get enough money herself as a hotel manager for her DOCTOR (!) boyfriend?

    It’s like B&B only has a handful of characters. Why bother having a cast of 20 people if you don’t use most of them at all. I’m sick of seeing Liam and Hope five days a week… -.-

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    Kristina Wagner needs to call up Lisa Rinna and both of these women need to sign up for some acting classes. Clearly, they both have forgotten how to act since the 90s. Her scenes have been nothing short of HORRID. Seeing her attempt to feign emotion in the courtroom really was embarrassing……for the both of us!!

    Luke, I agree, Blake Hood is doing pretty good as NuKyle. He doesn’t try too hard, yet is still interesting. This show needs ONE character under 25 who is not duller than a box of rocks or contrived as hell, and it appears that Blake is the new “IT” boy. But putting him with that Hunter-chick has “WAKE ME WHEN I SHOULD CARE!” written all over it.

    And Gloria wasn’t the only one admiring Carmine’s assets……that is a FINE hunk of man! The hottest man on the canvas!

    Jesus, be a cold glass of ice water!!!! :D :D :D :D

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    I like Olivia. Shes very hot!! Btw, Sonny is just finding out now what happened to Sam? I wonder why. Say what you want about Sonny but Jason and Sonny are friends.

    Y&R. I didnt even think of Lauren and her gun. If I was Victor, I would think twice about crossing her. I hate the way they are writing Victor. Im not saying he should be a choir boy but he shouldnt be a complete jerk either. You want give the guy a redeaming quality. I think what I would do is have someone beat up Victor in his office. The person was hired by someone but who is the person? Meanwhile Victor clings to life or whatever and he takes stock in his life and makes amends with people. Hes still an S.O.B. but not as bad. Btw, the person who hired someone to take Victor out would be Kyle. After all, Victor threw Diane out of an ambulance.

    I think Carmine should be on the way out. No story for him which is odd because he might be the only character on the show who’s not related to someone on the show. Hes somewhat of an outsider.

    B&B. Bill is acting like a drama King AND Queen. I mean, I mentioned this in another post but he literally says the same damn thing everyday!! I do agree that the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle is losing steam. I mean maybe it wouldnt if they werent on every day. I still dont like how they’ve written Hope. They turned her into a pill popping hypocrite when it should have been Steffy to blame.

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    Three snaps up for Mac going off on Felicia over leaving her kids for him to raise. Finally the characters on GH are saying the things that most “real” ppl would say to one another. BUT I did not care for the rest of the courtroom scenes, way tooo much meladrama without any payoff. LOVE Heather Webber but wish there was more to her story. I may be wrong but I’m hoping that she wasn’t brought on just to kill off the fat that was hanging around the canvas then shipped off to Ferndale again. Hopefully there will be more to her return. Connie/Kate is just not doing it for me. Nothing like Jess/Tess/Bess which always had me on the edge of my couch wondering what she was going to do next. Come on Ron I think you can deliver better material. But I did notice that Connie stated that Kate was keeping a BIG secret from Sonny and I don’t think she meant her D.I.D. I think they are going to explore the old idea that Kate had Sonny’s child a.k.a. Damian Spinnelli. However, this Kate does not look old enough to be Molly’s mom let alone a guy in his twenties.

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    I think Connie/Kate’s big secret is that she is the one that shot out AZ’s tires and framed Sonny. Kate (MW) and Sonny never had sex as stated during their conversations back in 2007.

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    Love Sami and Lucas love their kiss love them working together What can I say about Rafe and Carrie boring love Sam and Carly scene really GH need to play more female friendships Love Jason but he a a** I like the new Kyle I’m happy that he the right aged Y&R for me has been like first I like storyline then I thinks it’s retarded I just hope they treat the actress who going to play Heather they do her right even though. I like Eden Riegel in the role but to me Eden Riegel and Jenifer Landon deserve better then Y&R in my opinion sometimes I can’t even watch the show so does Debbie Morgan on BB I’m kinda getting tired of Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle to me they need a fourth person into the mix they need to grow Amber and Rick up theirs not teenager anymore since Deacon coming back they need bring on little D aged him right because he is older then his sister Hope let him be I don’t know in his earlier twenties pair him with Steffy I can buy Amber with grown child seriously and play on that history Rick/Amber/Deacon with their child in mix or if have to make little D younger than Hope then aged RJ and have Coraline have sister have them be a triangle

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    Lil’ D (aka Lil’ Eric) has to stay young b/c Adrienne Frantz looks SOO darn young! Plus she is like 33, she shouldn’t have a “grown” son! lol, they would probably try to pair her with him anyway, since he’s not her bio-son (I know he is her cousin Becky’s son, but knowing this show they would say that her cousin wasn’t really related to her *Cough* Rick & Steffy/other twin *Cough*).

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    [quote=darqueman]Three snaps up for Mac going off on Felicia over leaving her kids for him to raise. Finally the characters on GH are saying the things that most “real” ppl would say to one another.[/quote]

    Wasn’t Mac the one who asked her to come back in the first place?

    I thought that scene was poorly staged, with Mac yelling in her face. GH is all about yelling and drama, with no layers at all.

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    it looked poorly staged because it wasn’t the first time Mac had yelled at Felicia for abandoning the girls.

    every time she leaves and comes back, he does & says the same thing.

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    Angie Lucy

    Felicia always had an odd voice, but I used to like it. Now it sounds like she’s chain-smoked for two years. That plus the fact that KW hasn’t worked with JL before really made the mother-daughter connection seem weak. Or maybe that was the point, to emphasize the weakness. If so, then maybe KW did well after all.

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    ok i am enjoy Carmine on Y&R. he’s the perfect soap hunk..handsome and a decent actor,, i dont think y and r has any real hunky guys on it..but i do like him. i hope he has chemistry with abby

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    Carmine has great potential as a character, he is handsome, built and can act. This is new character if wrote correctly could have great possibilities. Gloria, I LOL it was perfect. I’m alittle prejudice because I loved him in Eating Out movies. So far so good with Kyle, this young actor I think could actually be a good addition. He’s not YZ, the guy seems to know how to act.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Kristina Wagner needs to call up Lisa Rinna and both of these women need to sign up for some acting classes. Clearly, they both have forgotten how to act since the 90s. Her scenes have been nothing short of HORRID. Seeing her attempt to feign emotion in the courtroom really was embarrassing……for the both of us!!

    Something makes me think Kristina Wagner was eiher drunk, or heavily medicated. Has she been sick recently with any illnesses? Her speech was off, her words were slurred or drawled out, and she sounded like Carol Channing. Something was definitely up.

    As for Lisa Rinna, I think she has never SOUNDED better. Her voice and speech sound good, but her delivery is like she is in a commercial all the time. And her face is STILL very distracting. They need to tone down her makeup. She looks like Alti the witch from Xena (google Alti from Xena and you will see)!

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    Judith Chapman is a god send to Y&R. She adds just the right amount of humor to her scenes to not make them cartoonish (see the Angelo/Angelina for that) and then when it comes to it, not one actress (sorry to the great great female cast) on the show can even muster up the same kind of strength, weakness, sadness or love that Judith shows to her 2 sons, her daughter in laws or in any story. She is amazing.

    I would love to see her BED the new Jersey boy and then just say to Jeffrey “DEAL WITH IT, bub! This is the new Gloria and when I want something I will take it!” Think of the hilarity of how that whole story could play out.

    As for the rest of the cast, the new Kyle should never have come back with only a CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER towards his dad! If Jack wasn’t paralyzed I could possibly see it but Victor used and abused Diane. Adam used and tricked and even tried to kill Diane. Nick physically assaulted her on the bridge and threatened to kill her (even humiliated her in public). Phyllis, the same. Nikki, the same. Billy was totally MIA from the kids life when he lived in GC at the same time. JACK WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOWED concern, gave comfort and was there RIGHT after her death up to when Kyle was sent away to HOCKEY CAMP/SCHOOL. NO one else. Not Victor. Not Adam. Not Nick. NO ONE yet Kyle is acting out against his dad?! The actor is very good but this would have been such a more poignant story if Kyle came back, had a heart to heart about Jack’s relationship with Nikki and Jack tried to work through the anger Kyle has towards everyone else in town … especially Victor Adam and Nick. Not the other way around.

    Maria, write realistically and not what you think will be great drama without paying attention to the history that everyone else pays attention to who watch the show!!! Please!! We beg you.

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