SPOILED ROTTEN: 10 of Daytime's Best Loved Poor Little Rich Boys!

(No. 1) Phillip Spaulding, Guiding Light

As with his brethren poor little rich boys on this list, Guiding Light’s Phillip Granville Spaulding (Grant Alexander) had daddy issues-o-plenty. For starters, his pop, Alan Spaulding (Chris Bernau, Ron Raines) wasn’t really his father at all, at least not biologically speaking. Learning that he was really a Marler, not a Spaulding, really did a whammy on Phillip’s psyche. It was a good thing he found love and support from Beth Raines (Judi Evans, Beth Chamberlain), a good girl with a really bad stepdaddy!

Phillip had to put his own daddy drama aside to protect Beth from her rapist stepfather Bradley. Not that Alan was ever out of the picture for long. He disapproved of Beth (that is until he had to contend with Harley Davidson Cooper as another option many years later!), and wasn’t too keen on any of the other women who came and went out of Phillip’s life. But in the end, Alan’s death ended Phillip’s poor little rich boy drama, just as Phillip was trying to make peace with an angry, angsty son of his own.


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cheesehead91182 wrote:
I just started watching Days again in the fall, before that I hadn't seen the show since when the Gemini twins story, so this is the first I'm seeing of EJ and missed out on all that other stuff. I disagree that Him and Sami are like Todd and Marty, because Marty was a victim, Sami is no body's vicitim she has balls and can go toe to toe with anyone.
I do agree that Sami could have been the next Erica Kane and I could still see that happening the writers seem to be makeing Sami more selfish and selfabsorbed like she used to be.

But Sami's selfishness is not what gave her fans. That is not what makes her Sami.

It was her independant nature. Her get into trouble, I'll get out of trouble attitute. She used to be quick to anger and slow to forgiveness. She used to feel like she could mess with her family, but anyone else mess with would face her wrath.

But this Sami just gets handed jobs and apartments she doesn't deserve. This Sami is not sure of anything. She is fickle with men and life in general. She is backing EJ and Stephano when they have tried to destroy her and her family time and time again. Who knew she was so forgiving.

Sami has been ruined in the last several years and part of that happened when EJ came along and yes, they decided to make her his constant victim.

Two of the show's strongest bitches (Nicole and Sami) are wimps when they put them with EJ, a character whose bad deeds are erased with each new story. But what do I expect? They did the same thing with Kate and Stephano.

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Overexposure kills any character and that includes Sami and EJ. I don't think James Scott is a great or even good actor but he's got what most of daytime lacks in male leads and even females. Charm, presence, and charisma. And as much as I dislike Victor, Braden still has charisma and presence. Id trade these 2 over any of the untalented lackluster wash up males on GH. I don't think putting EJ on 5'days a week is any better than Sami being on 5 days a week but what he suffers from most is inconsistent writing. This regime being the worse.

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How about Y&R's Jack Abbott? How about OLTL's Todd Manning whose father mistreated him because he's not his biological son, who would then rape Marty Saybrooke and would later learn his real father is Asa Buchanan? How about Stefano Dimera's sons Tony and Peter Blake? How about Ross Chandler who was caught between the feud of his uncle Adam Chandler and father Palmer Cortland?