Report: Days of Our Lives’ Peter Reckell “Balked at Taking Another Pay Cut”


The new issue of Soap Opera Digest has more deets on the sorry state of affairs concerning Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) and Days of Our Lives. According to the article, Reckell allegedly "balked" at taking another pay cut. GOOD FOR RECKELL!

Hell, he and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) already took huge pay cuts to stay with this show a few years back. Why should he have to do so again? Why does DAYS feel it's necessary to pay for two head writers and two executive producers, yet they seem to believe the veteran actors who made this show so popular are expendable?

Get rid of Shawn Christian (Daniel), Ian Buchanan (Ian) Galen Gering (Rafe) and a few others and keep the vets of this soap opera front and center where they belong! For more on Reckell's DAYS drama, pick up the May 14 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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    I used to think that it was selfish of these highly paid stars to NOT take paycuts, assuming that they already should have enough money in the bank to retire, after 20+ years in the business, so why quibble? A SMALL paycheck is still better than no paycheck, right? But none of us knows what Peter’s financial status is, so I don’t think any of us should judge him harshly for not wanting to have his salary slashed AGAIN. Besides, isn’t seniority and rank supposed to mean MORE money, and not less? So I say, go ahead and fight the good fight, Peter!

    You’ve earned the right to gripe and moan after all your years of service to this show.

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    He shouldn’t have to take a pay cut and they could get rid of the three you mentioned and more. Lets add Billie, Chad, Melanie, Gabi. Since Jack and Lexi are out they might as well get rid of Jen and Abe, Lucas can go to, he is just Sami’s bitch this time around, Brady can go to. They shoud also take Roman, Kyla, Victor and Maggie off contract since they don’t get much screen time.

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    Bangel Angle

    I think he should balk. Didn’t they just cut the man’s paycheck in half. If my job kept forcing me to take paycuts while wasting money left and right… I’d probably balk to.

    Why do these execs keep going to the same well? When are we going to hear about them taking cuts??

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    Yeah if he’s already taken a big paycut a few years ago then I don’t blame him for refusing to take another. There’s more dead weight on that show to deal with than paying him and Kristen Alfonso less.

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    If this is how Corday and Company intend on running this soap, then let it sink; there’s no hope anyway with this kind of stubborn idiocy at the helm.

    F***in’ ridiculous!

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    The show should look at their cast and realize that they are not utilizing what they have there to begin with in any monetary sense.

    The young set is a bust. Melanie has been married twice and each time there is a new group created she is added to it but she never really clicks with any of them. But then you have Chad who brings as much excitement to a story as day old bread does to a great sub sandwich. Gabi is a waste of a character as is Abigail, who was ruined in the whole Austin tale. Get rid of all 4 of these characters and you can save both Bo and Hope.

    I move on. Now that Lexie is leaving why did the show bring on Celeste and her NEVER EVER BEFORE MENTIONED son when there was no more drama to that reveal than an introduction. Once Lexie has passed this newbie and his newbie actress playing an established character will bring nothing to the table other than having no TIES TO ANY FAMILY on the show. Get rid of both of these characters and you can see Marlena and John staying.

    Also, it’s time to get rid of some of the older characters on the show. I like Abe but once Lexie has passed and they do an amazing “grief” story with Abe and his son, I think it would be great if they actually had the character move from Salem saying that it’s best for him and his son to start fresh somewhere else. Don’t kill him off just have him happily leave Salem. Another character would be Roman. As much as I like the actor playing him, Roman just doesn’t fit cleanly on the canvas anymore if he is just in the background. Stefano is his arch enemy more so than John’s and I think it would be a spectacular way of disposing of both Stefano and Roman if we see them battling and they fall off a cliff or die in a massive explosion. I know both have been used before for plots but it’s time Salem was with a cartoon villian and had ONE LESS BOTOXED HERO in its midst.

    Speaking of heroes, Salem has an over abundance of them. Bo and John or core to the show and shouldn’t be touched. Plus they play well into other storylines. I am calling for the FBI to take Rafe out of town. His Nicole story is lame and why he would tell Nicole to stay in town and they will lie about the paternity (DNA is too easy these days) was a bad idea. He’ no longer with Sami and Sami has moved on. Bye, Rafe. Hmmmm, get rid of Rafe and keep Lucas.

    Of course, Nicole has to stay and with Madison leaving (and hopefully Ian) the show should put Nicole back in the role of foil to both Kate and Sami. Don’t make her all angelic heroine on us.

    Keep Jennifer because she’s a great friend with Hope but write an amazing story for her. Dump Billy and you keep several more characters.

    Bring on the aged kids of Sami and Bo and Hope but give them good stories that teens relate to everyday. Reduce the cast and tell tigher, better, well written stories and opt for a 3/day-2/day story telling schedule. One week 3 days are filled with a couple of stories and the other 2 days another couple of stories and then the follwing week flip the number.

    Days has to survive. Once it is canceled on NBC that will truly be the nail in the coffin for traditional DAYTIME tv.

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    pjc722 I remember when the show used to do this back in the day.
    “Reduce the cast and tell tigher, better, well written stories and opt for a 3/day-2/day story telling schedule. One week 3 days are filled with a couple of stories and the other 2 days another couple of stories and then the follwing week flip the number.” They used to have the main stories on M-W-F and then T-Th they would have the minor stories mixed with a few of the major ones that were really playing. This way the entire cast was able to be used even if it was just a few days a week. It’s called balance and it is something that Days needs to get back.

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    Great News He will be the 867th cast member in a Rivoting new Plot line joining the Cast of the Bay. When is Joan Collins Going to sign on Btw?

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    @everyone: Abe does not have to go. They just have do what it do and age Theo to a teenager along with Ciara. With some dynamic actors you could slowly work toward building a relationship between these two. But the major thread would be having Theo and Abe start having father/son drama as Theo was being bullied at school due to his disability and then have Theo being intrigued by the Dimera side of his family because he soon learned that the mention of who his grandfather was invoked fear in the school bullies. Also, as the father/son issues persisted Stefano could be a voice of reason for Theo, as Theo listened to him when he would not his father. This could start Theo idealizing becoming the head of the Dimera empire someday and desiring to do so.

    Adding to the drama would be the fact that Abe has never liked Stefano so seeing that his own son would go to him for counsel and comfort over Abe would tighten the dramatic thread. Think of the movie A Bronx Tale.

    Abe could be worried that Stefano’s influence would do to Theo what it did to Lexie in the past. But Stefano would really be trying to keep Theo honest and push him to confide and reconcile with Abe.

    At the same time, Bo and Hope would become concerned by Theo’s closeness to Stefano and not want Ciara to date him because of that. In-fact Bo would forbid her from seeing Theo. Thus, creating tension between Ciara and Bo as she deified him an went after the man she loved. The “forbidden love” tales never get old.

    Imagine how it would be for Theo to start hating Bo because he and the rest of the people of Salem wanted to take down his grandfather. How that would push him closer into the Dimera fold as he rejected the “narrative” as set by the citizens of Salem and his father, because he came to know a loving and caring grandfather that no one else seems to see.

    Now this would be away to tie in a new generation of characters and play off the past a bit. And it would be a good way to bring in organic character driven drama.

    Watching Bo, Hope and Abe play out old rivalries through their children would work and tie them all in together.

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    This show is such a mess.I dont understand the point of keeping Jen without Jack. The audience has NEVER embraced her with another man. I guess he will “die” AGAIN! What would that make it 4th or 5th “death”? Is anyone even keeping score anymore? I would dump her and keep him. He has alot more story potential. The whole “super couple” thing was great in the 80s and 90s, but now it has really hindred the writers to come up with anything for these couples. The audience wants John with Marlena, Bo with Hope, Jack with Jen, Carrie with Austin. The writers need to come up with compelling, dramatic conflicts for these couples.

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    Bangel Angle

    If they fired the newbies and the dead weight, gave everyone else good storylines then flipped between those storylines at an equal level then Days would be better equipped.

    I read somewhere someone post no one on contract should be on only one day a week or less.

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    @Bangel Angle: Quality wise the newbies don’t work and can go. But salary wise the those young newbies come at a bargain basement price. So there in-lies the problem. So if it is about money then you have to get rid of some vets whose salary would actually put a dent in that of people Peter.

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    This show continues to make inexplicable decisions. Keeping Daniel, Ian, Rafe, Billie, Chad etc. over freaking BO BRADY?! Cut the cast and feature the core characters.

    I also can’t understand the logic in firing people like Christie Clark and Matt Ashford–good actors playing characters with tons of history with just about everyone on the show. And why keep now bland, lethargic Missy Reeves over Ashford? Jack’s the only reason Jennifer was ever interesting in the first place.

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    Bangel Angle

    [quote=david46208]@Bangel Angle: Quality wise the newbies don’t work and can go. But salary wise the those young newbies come at a bargain basement price. So there in-lies the problem. So if it is about money then you have to get rid of some vets whose salary would actually put a dent in that of people Peter.[/quote]

    I think two and half to three newbies could pay for Peter, plus you get rid of contract guarantees. If they fired ten people and created dynamic family stories around the Hortons, Bradys, Black, Dimeras, Roberts and Victor’s brood… you would have a good show.

    The problem with Days is that they have too many actors *and* they are not using what they have. Both is a waste of money.

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    Bangel Angle

    [quote=david46208]@Bangel Angle: They could also bump a lot more of the oldies to recurring status. Some of the Y&R actors do well on recurring.[/quote]

    I think they should do that as well especially if you are not going to use their guarantees.

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    Jamey Giddens

    It’s not about how much we make at our jobs. Corday and Sonny still make millions off of these shows. These actors should be paid accordingly. It’s like the whole thing with people getting pissed at the cast of Friends for wanting pay raises. Warner Brothers stood to make billions off of that show, but didn’t want to pay the cast accordingly.

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    I support Reckell. While I would hate to see him exit the show, I don’t blame him for standing his ground. He and Kristian took a 50% paycut a few years back, proving they are team players. Enough is enough. The show should just leave his pay where it is at and move on.

    I love Days. I know soaps don’t have the $$ they had years ago, but the execs don’t seem to understand that the majority of the fans would prefer to see three to six newbies go and Reckell stay. Cheaper isn’t always better..especially in Daytime.

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    Ken Corday should take a pay cut! He makes millions off of this show, maybe he should reduce what he makes in order to support his bread and butter. Peter Reckell shouldn’t get a pay cut, maybe just stay at his current salary if the show is so strapped for cash (Which they probably are because Lexie’s office is the EXACT same office that Carrie and Rafe had shared together except for a few changes in furniture).

    This cast is huge, with lots of unnecessary characters. The only storyline I watched regularly was Will’s coming out story and even then it has stalled. With everything else, I’ve honestly been fast forwarding through on my DVR. Yes, the cabin bomb story with Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Carrie and Rafe is LAME, I still watch parts of it. Why? Because it has my vets (minus Rafe). I’m watching Lexie’s story because I know she’s dying and it involves Abe! Everything else, I speed through.

    Cut Melanie, Chad, Gabi, Daniel, Billie, Ian, Rafe and Roman. I have NEVER accepted Josh Taylor as Roman Brady. He has no romantic ties, barely ever on. He needs to GO! And while I enjoy Caroline and she is a veteran of the show, she rarely is on and could be a recurring player. Cameron can go too. Actually if anything, I think Celeste’s secret child should have been a daughter instead of a son. After Lexie “dies” (I say that because it IS Days), she helps Abe cope with the loss of Lexie and in the process they fall in love. They resist because they’re related but they can’t deny their attraction. A little controversial but at the same time it gives story to Abe, a veteran of the show. It’s more organic than Princess Gina coming back for another round.

    There is SO much potential. To hear reports that the new regime wants to hire new characters and possibly bring back Chloe makes me sick when it’s at the expense of characters I love and adore. A good writer and producer should be able to write and produce stories with the ESTABLISHED cast! It happens every time a new regime comes in and always fails. Why don’t people in this genre LEARN from their mistakes?!?!

    There’s a reason we watch (I’ve watched for ~30 years) and continue to watch, the characters I know and love. Cutting them to make room for new characters only drives us away. Don’t make the mistakes that AMC did and intorduce so many new characters that no one cared about. That show finally brought back characters the viewers know AND love and it was cancelled. Be smart Ken Corday as Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso and Deidre Hall are NOT “spokes on a wheel”!

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    Get rid of Peter Reckell ! Who is he? This isn’t 1985 when Bo and Hope were a huge supercouple. I don’t need to see tough guy Bo in his 50s thinking he can kick anyones ass. He is just a dirty cop and all his storylines are boring as hell. Hell RKK would probably reprise the role for half the price. What’s he done lately? lol

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    I didn’t use to follow behind-the-scenes gossip back then, but I think there was something about RKK and Kristian not being able to stand the sight of each other. So I think that rules him out as a possible replacement.

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    Frankly some of these couples need to be retired. They aren’t doing a thing for ratings or are “stars” supposed to be kept over the overall health of the show. What on earth is there left to tell with Marlena and John and Jack and Jennifer and Bo and Hope. I still think in Bo and Hopes case they are more of an anchor and Bo a more important character at this juncture than the others but why do all these folks need to be on contract. Can’t you just bring in people for story arcs. They did that with MBE they did it with Leanne Hunley. Shows need new blood and younger characters. I say keep Bo and Hope and soras Ciara and Theo.

    As for Sony making money none of us know how much and we live in an era where these companies answer to shareholders and have to perform for Wall Street. Plus Sony itself has has 2 disastrous years in a row as a corporation, the worst since 1970 something. It’s sadly the way all corporations are run today. Bottom line no matter how it’s achieved, is the most important thing.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]It’s not about how much we make at our jobs. Corday and Sonny still make millions off of these shows. These actors should be paid accordingly. It’s like the whole thing with people getting pissed at the cast of Friends for wanting pay raises. Warner Brothers stood to make billions off of that show, but didn’t want to pay the cast accordingly.[/quote]

    I do completely agree with you, Jamey. The actors/directors/writers should all be paid accordingly without the threats of the salary-cutting axes held over their heads. Throughout the history of show business, we have consistently heard about producers making far bigger & fatter paychecks off of the backs of the on-stage/back-stage talents these producers employ for their shows! Yuck!

    Brian |( |( J) J)

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    What leverage does he have? He can’t act at all. Porn actors are more believable. I don’t foresee Fox coming to him with the next 24 style mega hit starring Bo Brady. He should consider himself lucky he’s receiving ANY paycheck for anything. When you suck at your profession you should feel grateful to be paid more than 2 cents

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    They need to cut some of the writers. The writing and dialogue is atrocious the stories are pitiful so naturally the acting follows that lead: snuff film level

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