Sherri Shepherd is a "Octuple Threat" on Tonight's 30 Rock!

The View co-host and former Dancing With the Stars contestant Sherri Shepherd returns to NBC’s 30 Rock tonight, reprising her guest role as Tracy's (Tracy Morgan) wife  Angie Jordan. Apparently, Angie wants to work out a deal to cross promote her products on the show. Angie hilariously tells the camera she’s an “octuple threat.” Watch the laugh-out-loud clip after the jump!


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Sherri Shepherd. As a person, I can't stand her. (There I said it!) But as Angie Jordan, I LOVE HER and look forward to any time she pops in!!! She is so good when she's scripted! My DVR is on and ready!!!

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Sherri Shepherd isn't gonna be getting initiated into Mensa International anytime soon, but I think she's hilarious and I have always liked her, even when she's spouting crap!

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I loved the 30 rock ep with Angie's reality show! I was sopt on making fun of almost every Bravo show. This 30 rock season has not been great but with the live episode and hopefully this one, things are looking better