Soap Alums Split: Lindsay Hartley Files For Divorce From Justin Hartley!

Sad news, soap fans. TMZ is reporting former PassionsDays of Our Lives and All My Children star Lindsay Hartley has filed for divorce from husband Justin Hartley. According to the site, the actress listed "irreconcilable differences" as the reason she is ending her marriage of eight years.


The Hartley's romance began on the set of Passions in 2003; a year later the two tied the knot. They share one daughter, 7-year-old Isabella.

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    Love them both but Lindsay is my girl and is so beautiful! I wish her all the best. I really hope she gets a show of her own or another soap role soon. I sure miss her on my TV. My favorite role of hers was Cara Castillo on AMC.

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    Sorry to hear it. I hope it’s onward and upward for the whole family. I wonder if she will go back to Korman. I always liked the sound of it.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=The_Moustache]how strange.

    a month ago she was tweeting about how she was lucky to be married to him and how he was so sexy and wonderful.

    i wonder what happened??


    …because no one ever lies on Twitter. ;-)

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    Oh man, this sucks! They always seemed like a fun, solid couple. Maybe it’s an amicable divorce. They might still love each other, but they may have just grown apart.

    I wish them the best. Ken Corday, HIRE LINDSAY HARTLEY BACK! You killed the wrong sister on Days!

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    I am familiar with her only as Cara. She is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t mind if she showed up on General Hospital.

    Nobody can trust everything posted on twitter. Sure, it is a way for actors to have control of their publicity but the downside is that sometimes they also use it to dodge discussing personal matters. I always take twitter posts with grain of salt.

    Even when TPTB take to twitter to clear up info. TPTB of shows use twitter as a tool for controlling publicity. I take those statements with a grain of salt also.

    Too bad when anyone breaks up and eight years is considered longtime marriage. Just sayin….

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