“Death” Strikes Salem on Days of Our Lives!

Salem mourns the "loss" of six prominent residents, this week on Days of Our Lives. Is Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) responsible? The better question is, do TPTB really expect DAYS fans to ever buy another "everyone is dead" storyline from this soap? Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    Why couldn’t they just fashion this that one of them really died. Days has done this before with the serial killings and everyone was on a desserted island somewhere. It’s great for the acting but when we know they are alive where is the suspense or the drama or even the desired effect on the cast other than slowing everything down.

    Granted, seeing the whole cast in one room truly shows us HOW OVERPOPULATED the town of Salem is with bad, over botoxed, and underused actors.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapbaby: We agree. Like Bo’s coma? That was a waste of story-telling. They could have better accounted for his absence by having Hope talk to him on the phone every once in a while and allowing it to be suggested that he was heavy at work on a case.

    But one of the on-going issues Days has had over the years is that they always have to wrap up most of their stories in this nice and tight happy ending bow.

    Like it would have been much better drama if Zack had been Hope’s child with John. Because when it was believed to be so it created much more compelling drama for these characters that could have been played out for years. It also (at the time) allowed us to see a more bitchy and jealous side of Marlena, who resented Hope.

    Yet when it comes to these couples like Bo and Hope or John and Marlena, the writers seem to always have to correct the flaws in the characters. That does again, not make for good drama.

    Also, I just hate it when either Marlena or Hope or even John’s illegal or ammoral actions are always the case of some “larger then life” set of circumstances. Because back in the day it was not like that.

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    RealityCheck 33

    This show is pathetic. NBC needs to just pull the plug. I’ve given up hope that it can be repaired. Why does Sony intend on killing their soaps? Y&R is headed in the same direction. Sad. Sad. Sad.

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    @david46208: As much as I hated the possibility of John being the father of Zack, I understand that some risks have to be taken in the name of good drama. In this age of “dying” soaps, I wish the remaining soaps would take more risks and be less predictable. What’s to lose if the show is not expected to survive? Anything to compel lapsed viewers to return and regular viewers riled up. The “returns” haven’t drawn viewers back because the stories were lame and predictable, just like this current “six dead.” And as much as I live Lexie as played by Renee Jones, her impending death s/l is dull, dull, dull. Instead of her dying from a brain tumor, the show could have pulled a GL Maureen Bauer-type death with Lexie getting in a car accident after walking in on Abe in bed with Celeste!

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    Omigod. MELASWEN 2.0. I stopped watching Days during the first one :-/ I only started watching again because I kept reading about how good it was on DC! I stopped Y&R because I got so sick of it. I don’t want to stop Days too :(

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapbaby: They need the “real” Celeste back for that scene. But yes her death story is dull. This good acting still, but for a character who has been around 20 years. We should be seeing her 4 to 5 a days a week prior to demise.

    But then again GH messed up Robin’s death so we can’t expect much else from the rest of daytime in the age of where all stories must lead back to a few characters.

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    david-you may not have to wait as long as you think.I read somewhere that some scenes had been re-shot with new material.

    As for all the rest,I hope this is leading up to a murder mystery or something.Today’s episode was again so uneven.Sami/Will/Lucas/EJ were the best parts.The other parts were just so BAD.And how is Will involved with Stefano?

    Just hoping that it gets better,but not holding my breath.

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    Marybee, that is great if they will start airing the re-written scenes soon, the show really needs it fast!

    I thought when I saw today’s scenes of the family being told that their loved ones were killed that they would think “well, maybe they are on that island that is modeled after Salem” lol.

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    John the father of Zack? come on now. Why would they even consider that ridiculous crap years after the kid is dead? Too many paternity changes on soaps. I thought I heard John was gonna end up the father of EJ. Is that still happening?

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    LOL I mentioned where is RKK last week with PR in a contract squabble. But someone told me him and Kristian Alfonso gonna stand the site of each other so doubt that happens. RKK must have given up on acting. No credits since he played Stavros on GH in 2003.

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    I wouldn’t trust a story like this in anyone’s hands but James E Reilly’s, therefore it’s bound to be a letdown!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Y2Jin99: We’re not talking about now. We were talking at the time of the Baby-switch Storyline. At that time around 2000, It was believed that Hope’s baby could have been Stefano’s or John. So Days had fans vote on who the daddy would turn out to be. The majority of fans voted for it be John. Yet for some reason a year later they turned it around make Isaac aka Zack turn out to be Bo and Hope’s child.

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    today’s episode wasn’t as bad as people are saying. it is nothing like the serial killing storyline. we now the 6 are still alive..i dont understand the the gripe everyone is spewing…at first i questioned how they could survive it, but then they had the flashback of the door to the basement under the rug. smart…

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    It wasn’t the storyline that was bad on Monday,but the uneven flow of acting.Lucas/Will,Sami/EJ,and Will/Sami/Lucas were just so easy and intense at the same time.The other scenes felt stiff and forced.With the Lexie scenes it could have been that everyone was new to each other acting wise,but the scenes at the cabin were just stilted.

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    Will Sami and Austin sleep together to get over their grief? The show was doing okay for awhile but now it is back to blah, blah blah recylce, recylce recycle.

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    First of all we all know they didnt die in the house. Did you people not watch Monday’s show?

    They are faking there deaths to trap and bring down Stefano so this is in no way like the Serial Killer storyline.

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    That was done because a new headwriter came onto the show and there was so much backlash with making Hope’s son either John’s or Stefano’s that they changed it to be Bo’s.

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    Chandler-we know the characters survived,but the rest of the town doesn’t.The only thought that I have is that it looks like they are setting up a murder(real or fake) of Stefano.Everybody has been threatening to kill him.

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