Stephen Nichols and Julia Pace Mitchell Support P.S. Arts Evening of Modernism

The Young and the Restless’ Stephen Nichols and Julia Pace Mitchell were among the celebrities who attended the P.S. Arts Evening of Modernism at Barker Hanger on May 4. Y&R guest star Catherine Bach and Modern Family’s Julie Bowen also popped up at the benefit in Santa Monica. 

The P.S. Arts “works to educate and empower classroom teachers through arts-related workshops that demonstrate how to integrate creative expression and the arts into core academic subjects.”

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Stephen Nichols

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    Sophia: I’s loves Harpo! God Knows I do. But I’ll kill ‘um dead fo’ I let him beat me. Now you want a dead son miss Cecily. You’s keeps on advising him like you do.

    She is just not an actress. No way no how on Y&R has she given us anything to work with it. She is always looking lost.

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    The apple does fall far from the tree sometimes. She definitely inherited some of her mother’s beauty; but Judy Pace was and is one of the best African-American actresses around. And her dad Don Mitchell, whose work I’ve never seen, apparently was on a long-running TV series in the seventies.

    (David, Judy Pace = Celeste on Days?)

  3. Profile photo of david46208

    @SoapArmageddon: Yep just as bad her on Days. The casting director did not think real hard when they are doing the casting on either soap. If they were going to cast this woman that would ultimately end up having a love affair with Neil then they needed to have not only a dynamic actress who could bring something to table. But also someone close to being in-line with who a conservative leaning Neil would go for.

    Think of Neil as your black conservative executive who married a liberal Dru. Now that is around what he needs again. He needs that total opposite. So I would have suggested this Napiera Danielle Groves (ex-Bonnie, ATWT)

    She had something I could work with.

  4. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I was suggesting her mother Judy for the role of Days’s Celeste. At seventy years old, that woman still has the glamour that commands attention when she walks on the stage or on the red carpet.

    I’ve completely given up on Bev Todd.

  5. Profile photo of david46208

    @SoapArmageddon: Valarie Pettiford is the other actress that could tackle the role. Because the writers are going to write her like they would Tanya Boyd. And that is the best possible choice.

    All of the other sisah’s are very much down-home momma types and Celeste was very different then we had seen before.

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    I like your thinking with Napiera Danielle Groves, david46208. The last thing Y&R needs to be doing is trying to clone Dru since she was one of a kind, but Napiera can be pretty dynamic if the writing is done well (let’s pretend that Y&R is still a well written soap). They had some success with Nia Peoples in the past so it can be done, in terms of pairing Neil with other women.
    Oh, but the writing…

  7. Profile photo of david46208

    @MsAgentProvocateur1: Yep they can’t copy Dru, but they would be able to build a new character up. And yes Nia Peeples was good once they actually started using her. Yet that was sadly toward the end of her run.

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