One Life to Live’s Todd and Tea’s Stormy Relationship Picks Back Up on General Hospital!

Florencia Lozano’s Tea Delgado is the Llanview resident I most wanted to see pop up in Port Charles, after One Life to Live ended. This week on General Hospital my wait is finally over, as Tea confronts her ex-husband Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) for "killing" his twin brother Victor Lord Jr. (Trevor St. John).

Meanwhile, Jason (Steve Burton) and John McBain’s (Michael Easton) rivalry over Sam (Kelly Monaco) heats up! Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump!

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    This can start getting so good with these people, I cant tell you. They were just about crazy over there at OLTL. Its so nice for those of us who miss our show dearly.

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    My girl, Tea/Florencia Lozano, is in the house. Now things are about to get GOOD! Bring on the Tea/Diane/Alexis scenes! With these three powerhouses onscreen together, what could go wrong?

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    No Daisy

    Loved John’s smirk at Sonny in that last shot. He has so much more personality on GH than he did on OLTL.

    I know I’m in the minority but I’m not a Tea fan, so I really don’t care about her role on GH. I don’t hate the character, but I need her not to shout every word out of her mouth. It doesn’t look like I’m gonna get my wish if the preview is anything to go by. Oh well.

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    I was wondering if she was pregnant still too and Florencia mentioned in SOD that she is wearing a bump. I hope taht she can stick around longer than Kassie did.

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    Okay, I watched OLTL so I know what’s going on a bit. BUT, if I was not someone who knew about OLTL and saw that GH preview, I’d be all “who the EFF are these people on my show??” It’s kind of weird, right? But I did enjoy Tea before so, it will be interesting to see her in PC I guess.

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    EXCELLENT! But how will it be explained that Todd is not in jail for murder? Will it be revealed that Victor is still alive? Doubt that cause if so Tea would have no reason to be in Todd’s face. Can you imagine a verbal fight between Tea (going after Todd) and Carly (defending Todd). Whoa that would be good.

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    OK, that was the best acting I’ve seen on any soap and it’s in a PREVIEW clip. Florencia Lozano’s Tea Delgado was incredible just in that scene. Maybe she will bring something good to the show.

    Doubt it.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=darqueman]Does anyone know when the new GH opening will debut?[/quote]


    They just introduced a new opening about two months ago.

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    For Whom-Tea never used to be so emotional,but at the end of OLTL,when Victor died,that’s how she became.Which leads me to a thought,do GHers who didn’t watch OLTL feel like they are missing part of the story?OLTL people who watch GH now know the background of Tea/Todd/Blair/Starr and Mcbain.Does it make a difference or is it just getting to know a new character,while part of the audience does know them?

    I don’t watch GH anymore,just read Perkie’s posts to keep an eye on things.I don’t know if it should matter if Cartini changed the way OLTL characters ended on OLTL.John has a wife and son;Tea has a daughter with Todd(Dani);Todd and Blair have another child(Jack).Tea and Blair’s history is always evolving.Tea at one time always had Todd’s back,no matter what.The history of OLTL and how it could be changed without all the OLTL people involved is one reason I didn’t really care if they came to GH.

    I know this post may not make sense in the convoluted world of soaps,but these are just questions and how I feel.May GH have many more years to figure them out.

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    O yes, can’t wait to see TSJ on The Client this coming Sunday, May 13.

    I have been “faithfully” watching GH and am elated that Michael Easton and
    Kristen A. (Starr, OLTL)are really making GH a much better soap opera.
    Starr and Michael Corinthos, Jr. make a cute couple!

    And tommorrow, Tea Delgado and Todd Manning will appear….

    The first day that Todd Manning appeared on GH he looked so handsome…
    I think he may have had a little face redo, looks good dude!

    Can’t wait until writer Ron Carlivati and Producer Frank Valentini can figure out when to get Trevor St. John into the GH script!!!

    So glad “The Revolution” was canceled. Never watched one single episode.

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    We all need to get the Soap Opera email from Katherine Thurston weekly.
    We need to put pressure on ABC and Disney to bring OLTL back to daytime.

    After OLTL was canceled, I began watching “The Talk” which is an OK show
    but not near as good as OLTL…

    I watch Soapnet at night. The Young and the Restless has picked up a few
    of All My Children’s cast members, 3 I think, and The Bold and the Beautiful has at least 1 from OLTL (Hillary B. Smith) aka Nora Hannon Buchanan.

    OLTL’s former cast members were great; they will find work. Brian Kerwin (Charlie Banks) was in “The Help” and is on The Client and Trevor St. John will be on the Client on Sunday, May 13. That’s part time work. President Obama wants the economy to get better. Does ABC/Disney know that?

    ABC hiccupped when it canceled OLTL..just get the show back!!!!

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    TV Gord

    Really? I haven’t heard that. Are you sure it’s not just something someone on a message board “heard”? Pardon my skepticism, but it doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that ABC confirms (considering how little they ever confirm).

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    I am happy to get some of our OLTL cast back on TV & in their original roles (I feel a but coming on), but I want to know if they intend to deal with the misinformation of Victor’s death (cause Tea with a bone can get old quickly) as I waited a long time for (Rodger) the character of Todd to come back!!! I was over the moon when Rodger came back and then to have them announce the cancel and then the mass crunch of storylines being wrapped up etc. was crushing. Although they did themselves and us proud :(( :8)

    Watching Allison and then seeing Victor in the final OLTL was AWESOME & it left you just reeling on how it was possible (man good stuff :O )that he was alive and what the heck Allison was doing with him!

    I’m Not a fan of John McBain or Tea (especially when she was going after Blair’s man TODD) rarely am of hypocrites, yet I loved her with Victor (I never believed he was Todd!!) once I got use to him. Like the other fans I’m still upset. I’m just slowly watching GH again cause I do not want to get suckered in only to lose it too! But thank you for the crossovers :party:

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