Whose Heart Will Liam Break on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Liam (Scott Clifton) is “in love” with one woman, but conflicted about his feelings for another. Same song, umpteenth verse! This week on B&B, Hope (Kim Matula) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) once again find themselves strung along by Liam. Watch the promo after the jump!

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    [quote]Whose Heart Will Liam Break on The Bold and the Beautiful? [/quote] who cares!!1 That is completely demeaning. Look how far women have come, gone are the days when some women would fight over a man. Now women are more empowered and most or all of us dont do that crap no more. Imagine two strong beautiful women fighting over a man – what’s that all about anyway??? Please in real life, women like those have the pick of any man they want. And so they wont stand for that kind of BS.

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    Uggghh. There are NO other storylines right now!!!! If there is one I can’t think of it because I’ve got Hope/Liam/Steffy induced dementia…

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    As long as this show chooses to focus 99 percent of its stories around Hope, I will continue to give my fast-forward button a good workout. Nothing against Matula, who is a solid actress, but she simply is not interesting enough for me to justify such a solid focus!

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    Hmmm, if you fast forward through all the stories that involve talking about Hope, Liam and Steffy, surprisingly all you are left with are the opening credits, some funny commercials and the closing credits. The scenes from tomorrow would be skipped over too.

    So a 30 minute sit down is over quicker than it takes to heat water for a cup of coffee.

    Thanks, Bell family for making daytime tv as boring as watching WATER BOIL.

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    Does anyone care anyone who’s heart Liam is going to break??? He is an immature tool who just doesn’t know what he wants. He is going to take Steffy back and then two weeks from then he’s thinking about Hope again. What’s the point????

    This triangle has become unbearable.

    And Brad Bell might just have ruined his younger generation with playing this storyline FIVE DAYS a week.

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    ER Writer

    Bold was the last soap I was watching on a semi regular basis.
    I can’t with this Liam triangle. This story should be fun, multi layered and most importantly, a lil sleazy:)
    But its just depressing and sad.
    I love Scott Clifton, but Liam is a wishy washy douche of a character (that I don’t buy two gorgeous eligible young women willing to humiliate themselves over and try to share, in LA…) I much prefer him as the scrappy underdog. Brad briefly started exploring Liam’s difficulty adjusting to being a Spencer. What happened to that? Why should we buy Bill’s mustache twirling unmotivated obsession in taking down Hope?
    I get that Bold is supposed to be campy, and I like that, but they just jump from one plot to the next with no ramifications. The other week I tried to watch, and for four days Bill had the exact same conversation with Justin and his random blond secretary about taking down Hope. It was like watching Gargamel hatch a scheme against the Smurfs.

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    I thought there was a location shoot coming up, which means liam will say he HAS to marry hope because shes fragile and he promised and yadda yadda yadda and then either steffy shows up and he breaks it off or he breaks it off himself right as hes about to say i do or hope learns about the kiss and runs out. THe whole thing is stale. The triangle I would love to see is bill/steffy/liam, father and son competing for the same woman would be too damn soapy especially if katie then decides to bed liam out of revenge. And if they are going to tell this absurd steffy/liam/hope triangle and have all the adults obsessing about it, why not at the very least unleash stephanie to truly meddle.

    What happened to the story about the company take over. Is thorne still in the basement? Doesnt thomas have leverage to get his own line with caroline given that he owns 30% of the company and taylor controls steffy’s shares? When is it going to hit Hope and Rick that they are slaving for a company that will never even remotely be thiers with the stock split the way it is? Even if Ridge tells steffy and thomas that he is not leaving them shares because they already own 55% of the company, he still has to divide between hope and rj which leaves them 10%. Eric has 25% but he shafted his other kids in the effort to take forrester back from bill, so I would assume he will leave his shares divided by 4 (?) which is about 6% per person. Even combined that means rick and hope would only ever control a little more than 15% of the company. I would love to see Steffy focusing on getting the 15% from Bill. Shes on his board, why not make a play?

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    EricasEvilTwin beat me to it. Once Brooke told Hope that the wedding should be in Italy, the story was spoiled since we all know about the remote. While I’m really not happy with Steffy’s pining over Liam, I did like her taking control, at least for a couple of episodes to stop the madness. Very clever, Mr. Bell. Steffy needs a new man ASAP, preferably Bill. Those characters are much better suited – strong-willed, sexy as hell and definitely not a child-like relationship. My other choice would be Steffy’s doctor aka Hunky Holden – though I’d like to see him paired with Taylor. She’s been on sidelines way too long.

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