General Hospital Leads Daytime Emmy Soap Nominations With 23 Nods!

Here we go! The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Award nominations were announced just a few minutes ago on Today. ABC Daytime's General Hospital boasts the most soap nods with 23. CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless followed with 16 nominations. NBC's lone sudser Days of Our Lives took 15. The Bold and the Beautiful, along with cancelled soaps All My Children and One Life to Live, all snagged 11 nominations respectively.  Check out the complete list of soap-themed Daytime Emmy nominees below!




CRYSTAL CHAPPELL, as Dr. Carly Manning
Days of our Lives, NBC

DEBBI MORGAN, as Angie Hubbard
All My Children, ABC

ERIKA SLEZAK, as Viki Lord
One Life to Live, ABC

HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos Jax
General Hospital, ABC

MAURICE BENARD, as Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr.
General Hospital, ABC

ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer
General Hospital, ABC

JOHN MCCOOK, as Eric Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

DARNELL WILLIAMS, as Jesse Hubbard
All My Children, ABC

ROBERT S. WOODS, as Bo Buchanan
One Life to Live, ABC

MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Annie Chandler
All My Children, ABC

GENIE FRANCiS, as Genevieve Atkinson
The Young and the Restless, CBS

NANCY LEE GRAHN, as Alexis Davis
General Hospital, ABC

The Young and the Restless, CBS

REBECCA HERBST, as Elizabeth Webber
General Hospital, ABC

BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
General Hospital, ABC

MATTHEW ASHFORD, as Jack Deveraux
Days of our Lives, NBC

SEAN BLAKEMORE, as Shawn Butler
General Hospital, ABC

JONATHAN JACKSON, as Lucky Spencer
General Hospital, ABC

JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake
General Hospital, ABC

MOLLY BURNETT, as Melanie Layton
Days of our Lives, NBC

SHELLEY HENNIG, as Stephanie Johnson
Days of our Lives, NBC

CHRISTEL KHALIL, as Lily Winters
The Young and the Restless, CBS

JACQUE MACINNES WOOD, as Steffy Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

EDDIE ALDERSON, as Matthew Buchanan
One Life To Live, ABC

CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
General Hospital, ABC

Days of our Lives, NBC

NATHAN PARSONS, as Ethan Lovett
General Hospital, ABC

Gregori Martin, Executive Producer

DISNEY A POEM IS… Disney Channel
Brian Hohlfeld, Executive Producer
Steve Arenas, Producer


Chris Gifford, Executive Producer
Valerie Walsh Valdes, Executive
Jeff DeGrandis, Supervising Producer
Holly Gregory, Coordinating Producer
Miken Wong, Producer
Marc Amiel, Line Producer
Gayle M. Grech, Supervising Picture
David Wigforss, CG Animator
Henry Lenardin-Madden, Consulting
Kuni Tomita, Consulting Producer

THE TIME I…(Dyslexia) Disney Channel
Erika A. McCarden, Executive Producer

THE TIME I…(Shoes) Disney Channel
Erika McCarden, Executive Producer


All My Children ABC
James Jones, Scenic Designer
Kaydee Lavorin, Art Director
Bryan Langer, Art Director

The Bold and the Beautiful CBS
Jack Forrestel, Production Designer
Fabrice Kenwood, Art Director
Elsa Zamparelli, Set Decorator
Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Set Decorator

Days of Our Lives NBC
Dan Olexiewicz, Production Designer
Tom Early, Art Director
Danielle Mullen, Art Director

General Hospital ABC
Chip Dox, Production Designer
Daniel Proett, Art Director
Andrew Evashchen, Set Decorator
Jennifer Elliott, Set Decorator

Marnie Saitta, Casting Director
Days of Our Lives NBC
Mark Teschner, Casting Director
General Hospital ABC
Camille St. Cyr, Casting Director
The Young and the Restless CBS

All My Children ABC
David Zyla, Costume Designer

General Hospital ABC
Mary Iannelli, Costume Designer

One Life To Live ABC
Susan Gammie, Costume Designer
Sally Lesser, Costume Designer
David Brooks, Costume Designer

The Bold and the Beautiful CBS
Michele Arvizo, Key Hairstylist
Audrey Soto, Hairstylist
Romaine Markus-Myers, Hairstylist
Adriana Lucio, Hairstylist

Days of Our Lives NBC
Margie Puga, Hairstylist
Matthew Holman, Hairstylist
Patrick Kilian, Hairstylist
Garry Allyn, Hairstylist
Katharine O'Neill, Hairstylist
Jen Singleton, Hairstylist

General Hospital ABC
Anzhela Adzhiyan, Hairstylist
Jennifer Petrovich, Hairstylist
Lauran Poole, Hairstylist

The Young and the Restless CBS
George Guzman, Hairstylist
Shannon Bradberry, Hairstylist
Mary Kate Welsh, Hairstylist
Rachel Ross Bunch, Hairstylist
Adriana Lucio, Hairstylist


The Bold and the Beautiful CBS
Patrick Cunniff, Lighting Director

Days of Our Lives NBC
Ted Polmanski, Lighting Director
Mark Levin, Lighting Designer

One Life To Live ABC
Bob Bessoir, Lighting Director
Scott Devitte, Lighting Director

The Young and the Restless CBS
Ray Thompson, Lighting Director
Bill Roberts, Lighting Director

Other nominations:
General Hospital: “Brenda Wedding” & “Kidnapping” ABC

The Clarence Update – The Bold and the Beautiful CBS

56 Responses

  1. Profile photo of AWfanforever

    The only thing I can say about the nominations is that once again OLTL was robbed. I am happy that Erika Slezak, Bob Woods and Eddie Alderson were nominated but OLTL really deserved a best show nomination and best writing.

    I’m wondering who is buying GH’s nominations. GH is good now, but last year sucked rocks. Should be interesting if Bob Guza takes home the Emmy…..

  2. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    OK I know many of us are going to point out this MAJOR SNUB: uuhhhhh One Life To Live NOT a nominee for best daytime drama????????????? Absolutely ridiculous. The only thing I can think of is that that category is really based on ONE episode, so it should really be called “best episode.” It should also have been included in best writing team. Yeaaah, instead we get MAB for the superb storytelling on Y&R….NOT! LOL

  3. Profile photo of appleridge

    Ok pissed about No OLTL for best show. Seriously Camile St Cyr as best Casting for YR, WTF. Happy with Lead actor & Actress. Block voting took over Support actor.

    Actress-I want Erika Slezak But will be happy if Crystal Chappell or Debbi Morgan win
    Actor-Be Happy with either Robert S Woods Or Darnell Williams
    Support Actress-Nancy Lee Grahn Or Rebecca Herbst
    Supporting Actor-Want Matt Ashford but think Jonathan Jackson will win
    Younger Actor-Chandler Massey all the way
    Younger Actress-Molly Burnett
    The Bay for special Class series
    Casting should go to Days or GH

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Y&R for best drama series is a JOKE!!!! And so is Genie Francis for supporting actress. Sorry but her year on Y&R was everything but Emmy worthy.

    I can pretty much live with the other nominations.

  5. Profile photo of thebookerman

    One Life to Live was boring, pretentious and horribly written and acted. Never happy to see a soap go down, but the fact that we no longer have to hear about it being “snubbed” again does make me happy.

    I’m going with Laura Wright, Darnell Williams, Nancy Lee Grahn and Jason Thompson in the main acting categories. Pulling for AMC to get the Best Drama win for one last time, but for some reason I think we’re going to see a huge upset and a Y&R win. Can’t wait to see DC combust after that one.

  6. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=stefanstavros]OK I know many of us are going to point out this MAJOR SNUB: uuhhhhh One Life To Live NOT a nominee for best daytime drama????????????? Absolutely ridiculous. The only thing I can think of is that that category is really based on ONE episode, so it should really be called “best episode.” It should also have been included in best writing team. Yeaaah, instead we get MAB for the superb storytelling on Y&R….NOT! LOL[/quote]

    I don’t think any of the soaps in recent years have deserved a Best Drama Series Award. OLTL’s last year was a huge mess, full of unlikeable characters and stories that were endlessly stalled out and made no sense. I wish they’d just retire the category, although I know that won’t happen.

  7. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    Emmys are pointless. Back in the day the good soaps were rewarded. With fewer soaps on the air, anything goes. GH and Y&R both had awful years but between two of them mustered up 39 nominations? Really? All this does is validate the bad choices made at both soaps. Even though GH has been riding the cancellation line and Y&R is hemorrhaging viewers at an alarming rate. The only up side to this is that GH has improved so someone who might want to sample a show worthy of 23 noms will at least be entertained. Can’t say the same thing for Y&R right now. Not sad to see B&B snubbed. I think Brad Bell is over-rated. He is less offensive than MAB but he too likes those incestuous stories that only gross out and not entertain.

  8. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=soapjunkie88]Y&R for best drama series is a JOKE!!!! And so is Genie Francis for supporting actress. Sorry but her year on Y&R was everything but Emmy worthy.

    I can pretty much live with the other nominations.[/quote]

    Someone must be on DRUGS. Genie Francis for best supporting actress is just beyond belief. Christal Kahil for younger actress is almost as bad.

  9. Profile photo of gato1

    How is Shelly Henning from DAYS nominated? Hasnt she been gone for a few years? No OLTL love? I think the other people in the industry must be envious of them or something, it is very odd. Some of these noms are so so so funny, then I remembered there are so few shows/ actors to pick from.

  10. Profile photo of Carol2

    I think most of those who deserved OLTL nominations got them. I would have added KdP, and Jerry ver Dorn, but that’s it.

    Supposedly OLTL picked a lousy submission for best drama. GH’s nominations are mostly about bloc voting.

    Genie Francis likely only got a nomination because she’s a “name.”

  11. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Not gonna lie, I enjoy seeing anyone FIRED from a show nominated for an Emmy so having CC’s name up there makes me grin.

    But not having OLTL as best show (in favor of Days and Y&R the hell?) is a freaking travesty.

  12. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    WTF, that is why daytime is losing. This list is a joke. I like a few people that did deserve it, I feel that a show that was good, OLTL, once again, was robbed of best show and writing!!! smdh. But congrats to the nominees.

  13. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    WTF, that is why daytime is losing. This list is a joke. I like a few people that did deserve it, I feel that a show that was good, OLTL, once again, was robbed of best show and writing!!! smdh. But congrats to the nominees.

  14. Profile photo of darqueman

    CALL THE POLICE! OLTL WAS TOTALLY ROBBED. I’ve been a soap fan since the mid-late seventies and had not experienced so much excitement from one show with great stories and repect for the soap genre. I’m TOTALLY blown away that the only show who saw a constant increase in viewership and positive critic reviews was ignored for Best Soap. What in the world is going on? OLTL was CLEARLY the show to beat (last year). All My Children? General Hospital? REALLY????? Both those shows were totally unwatchable ALL last year (except the last month of AMC) while OLTL brought IT day in and day out. I will not accept any answer except that the whole emmy awards process is political and biased.

  15. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I admit to only watching OLTL the last couple of years but if Y&R got a nominated, so should’ve OLTL. Some are saying OLTL was too campy and not well written enough. I could say the same (and worse) about Y&R the past few years. SMH.

  16. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]I admit to only watching OLTL the last couple of years but if Y&R got a nominated, so should’ve OLTL. Some are saying OLTL was too campy and not well written enough. I could say the same (and worse) about Y&R the past few years. SMH.[/quote]

    That just tells me Y&R shouldn’t have been nominated, not that OLTL deserved to be nominated. They were so busy going for camp and pretend shock value that they missed out on so much heart and good storytelling. The last episode was a dud, and aside from a few things here and there, so was the last year.

    The ratings were steadily declining in the last year so I don’t ever know why ratings are brought up either.

  17. Profile photo of days4ever

    I’m beyond furious about these nominees because so many things are wrong! I’m seriously sick to my stomach. I don’t think I will watch this year even if it does get broadcast.

  18. Profile photo of sodsince16

    I’m a big fan of the British Soaps (youtube makes us all international soap consumers) In the UK there are 3 soap awards shows, and they only have 4 soaps on air. It reminded of the difference between the Emmy’s and the other soap awards shows from years ago. I miss the categories like best villain, and best single episode. The Emmy’s honor production as opposed to the soap genre, but I wish we would go back to those types of categories because there are less snubs.

    That being said – the Daytime Emmy’s are a joke as evidenced by the fact that more people will probably listen to the DC year-end awards podcast than watch the Daytime Emmy’s. So, the next time that the DC crew talks about a scene that should go on an actor’s reel; they should remember that have more influence on their own podcast than the Emmy’s will ever have again….

  19. Profile photo of soapbaby

    OLTL was, by far, the best soap on the air last year with the best writing and directing, but I imagine the episodes submitted for consideration were not strong representations of their best work. GH, Y&R did not deserve the noms. But with so few shows left, I think all of the soaps should have been nominated in the Best Show Category. I wonder how the noms will look next year with only 4 soaps in the competition!

    I also think Jerry Ver Dorn should have snagged a nomination over John McCook. Crystal Chappell and Heather Tom were not leads and, IMO, were only nominated because of their name recognition. Chappell’s performances were particularly horrid last year.

    Genie Francis was only nominated for name recognition and probably has a real shot of winning. Shelley Hening and Sean Blakemore didn’t have the work to warrant their nominations. Was Lexi Ainsworth a pre-nom? I would have liked to see her win for last year’s debacle.

    My predictions:

    Drama: General Hospital (will win)/All My Children (should win)

    Directing: Young & The Restless (will win)/One Life To Live (should win)

    Writing: General Hospital (will win)/All My Children (should win)

    Actress: Erika Slezak (will win)/Debbi Morgan (should win) and I’d be happy for Erika Slezak to walk away the winning-est performer in Emmy history!

    Actor: Anthony Geary (will win)/Darnell Williams (should win)

    Support Actress: Genie Francis (will win)/Rebecca Herbst (should win)

    Supporting Actor: Jonathan Jackson (will win)/Jason Thompson (should win)

    Younger Actor: Chandler Massey (should win/will win)…I would love to see Eddie Alderson win

    Younger Actress: Christel Khalil (will win)/Molly Burnett (should win)

  20. Profile photo of stoney07


    Yeah, well I personally still stand by my views that the show was HORRIBLE. Even when it was being worshipped by everyone, I never bought into it. It was just too much of a lot of things. The stories were ridiculous, the acting was pretty bad, even the background music sucked…it was TOO campy, TOO over-the top (and this comes from a B&B fan)…I just couldn’t take OLTL.

  21. Profile photo of edenpark

    So we don’t get Jerry VerDorn as Clint in the Supporting Category but we get Sean Blakemore???? You must be kidding me? Nothing against SB except that I find him stiff as a rock and he hasn’t been able to move me ONCE on GH (bring back Justus Ward!). This is a JOKE. Like OLTL who was the best show BY FAR in 2011 but isn’t even nominated. Not once, not for best show, not for best writing and not for best directing… Because DOOL or GH’s writing was better than a Tale of Two Todds or Victor/Todd finding Tea alive??? On WHAT PLANET???

    Here are my predictions

    Best actress: should win: Erika Slezak, will win: Laura Wright (love her but it would really be unacceptable for me if this one doesn’t go to Erika)
    I would have love for KDP and Florencia Lozano to be there too (she truly deserved it) but clearly OLTL has to be backburned so…

    Best Actor: Should win: Trevor St John (or Roger Howarth). OOPS. NONE is nominated!!!! But of course TG and MB are! Please tell me none of the two will win and that at least Darnell or Robert will get it?

    Best Supporting Actress: I am a HUGE Alexis/NLG fan so of course I would be soooo happy if she finally gets it after these empty years. But I must say that I still remember the Rebecca Herbst scenes where she was folding Jake’s clothes. I don’t know if she submitted that episode but if she did, my vote will have to be for her. And I am not even a Liz/RH fan but the fact that I remember her during those dramatic scenes speak volumes to me. NLG should have gotten it the year before for the Kristina/Kieffer storyline.

    Best supporting Actor. Should win: Jerry VerDorn. OOPS again NOT ON THE LIST AGAIN. Jason Thompson should win for his amazing job THIS year (2012) but for the Lisa debacle? I don’t know but BA is on that list every frekin year and the Jackall PI was beyond caricature so I would not give him to him even if I love BA. SB is a joke Will win: Jonathan Jackson of course because he is the golden child, has spent a whole year crying on my screen and god knows that he is good at crying…

    Best young actors: they are all very good (except NP who is just good IMHO). I guess the Emmy this year (2012) is for Chandler Massey so they will give it to Chad Duell instead.

    Best young actress. No comment. They really have something against LA/Kristina.

    What is sure is that this list of nominees tells me that I will NOT watch.

  22. Profile photo of nysam

    The Roxy dream episode that OLTL submitted was TERRIBLE. It tried to make fun of everything that is bad about soaps, but failed. Voters who don’t watch the show regularly were probably turned off by this episode.

  23. Profile photo of doctormo77

    I am really disappointed that OLTL got snubbed in the writing and best drama categories. I would have hoped OLTL would have submitted an episode that tied into the teen-bullying storyline. I like Bradford Anderson, but I think Jerry verDorn deserved a spot on the list.

  24. Profile photo of mk1814

    So let me get this clear: No “Outstanding Series” or “Outstanding Writing” for One Life To Live, but “AMC” and “Y&R” get them? Seriously?? Could someone please explain this to me? And what exactly it is that Ron and Frank have done that would make people hate them so much? Is it petty jealousy? It’s bad enough that ABC treated One Life To Live like that red-headed stepchild, but what does the Academy have against them???

  25. Profile photo of Carol2

    Given how horribly done the teen bullying story was (essentially turning into a pity party for the main bully), I can see why that was avoided.

    I thought AMC was better in its last year than OLTL, so I don’t think that was unfair. Y&R sucks.

  26. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Genie Francis is the “WTF” nominee for me. She was AWFUL. All she did was chew on some poor old man’s lip. She was the worst (as was CK from Y&R). I can’t believe OLTL was snubbed over Y&R.

  27. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    OLTL was not only robbed, it was kicked in the balls.

    How many people actually vote? Is the overall voting pool decreasing every year as the soaps get axed? I really want to read the though process of a voter from each soap/network. What are they thinking?

  28. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    Y&R sucks but I hope Elizabeth Hendrickson wins something. She deserves something for having to be paired with the Chipmunk.

    Melody Thomas Scott was robbed.

  29. Profile photo of LindaTNo1

    Outstanding Lead Actor – Darnell Williams

    Outstanding Lead Actress – Debbi Morgan

    2012 Emmy winners

    Time for Emmy to make history, for a change…..

    Darnell and Debbi – Angie and Jesse – All My Children

    NO ONE COMES CLOSE, NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Profile photo of blake3b

    One Life to Live not getting Best Drama NOR Writing???? What a joke

    Great seeing Crystal Chappell nominated, take that Days!!! And great that Erika (Vicky) got one last nomination, at least as Vicky!

    Too bad Jerry Ver Dorn didn’t get one as Clint. Yet Sonny and Luke did, as always, ugh.

    Glad Chandler Massey (Will, Days) got nominated. If he doesn’t win then something’s wrong!

  31. Profile photo of js3557

    Actress – Crystal Chappel
    Actor – Darnell Williams
    Supp Actress – Rebecca Herbst (I will also never forget the clothes folding scene)
    Supp Actor – Jason Thompson

  32. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I am shocked and happy for Elizabeth Hendrickson from Y&R and Rebecca Herbst from GH. Both ladies are very underrated and had heavy stories last year that justify getting a nomination!! Jason Thompson also delivered great Emmy-worthy work last year, so bravo for him! Not really glad to see Genie Francis getting rewarded for playing a character who did little else other than twirl her imaginary mustache last year! And WHY is Heather Tom in the LEADING ACTRESS category????? Makes no sense to me!

    I am also glad to see Nathan Parsons in the younger actor category. I always felt that he had more acting talent than most people gave him credit for!

    Glad to see that Christian LeBlanc and Michelle Stafford are NOT clogging up the nomination list this year, since neither of them usually deserve to be nominated, yet it seems that they always do.

    Other than that, this list is still a joke. No Florencia Lozano? No Melody Thomas Scott?

    Don’t think I will be watching this year………

  33. Profile photo of rozzberry

    I think I’d be absolutely giddy if Darnell Williams won. If he chose the tape from the aftermath of poor little baby Ellie being stillborn, he SHOULD win. However this particular award almost seems like a trade off between GH’s AG & MB unfortunately =\.

    It’d be even better to see AMC sweep both Lead categories. Debbi Morgan had some great work as well.

    As for the other acting categories…
    Part of me would love to see MCE(ex-Annie, AMC) win since she was robbed a few years ago during the SL when Annie(AMC) completely came undone, barring it’s not at the expense of any ladies would’ve rocked it this year that I didn’t see(NLG & RH).

    How is Shelley Hennig still eligible? Hasn’t she been off for over a year?(it feels like more) If another Days younger actress was to be nominated I would’ve thought it’d be Kate Mansi(Abigail). I thought she had a better year than MB for that matter too.

    I’d be sort of surprised if Chandler Massey didn’t win considering everyone seems to rave about him.

    Sorta like to see Matt Ashford win to kind of stick to DOOL for letting him go again.

  34. Profile photo of

    WOW! The Young and The Restless used to dominate every category! This is a shame, One Life to Live I would of thought they would of been in line for Best Drama over All my Kids…Wow something going on in the daytime drama water…

  35. Profile photo of liason4real

    OLTL does a lousy job in picking out reels for Best show. Congrats to Erika Slezak, Eddie Alderson, Robert S. Woods and Rebecca Herbst on their Emmy nods!

  36. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I really hope that Darnell and Debbie win in Best Actor and Actress categories.

    …and while I love me some NLG… this is Becky Herbst’s year to take home the gold in the supporting category. I am also pulling for Jason Thompson, as Best Supporting Actor… who had great scenes last year… BUT in my book, he has a total lock on next year’s award after Robin’s death this year.

    OLTL got robbed, not being nominated for BEST Show AND Writing…I just don’t have any words for that one….GH is my favorite soap… but I don’t think they deserve the award after all the travesties in poor writing, editing and story lines, that we long time fans had to endure on our screens last year.

    The rest of the categories I do not really care who wins one way or the other. I am happy for all that were nominated though. It is still an honor, and does mean something to people that are nominated, when their peers recognize their work.

  37. Profile photo of keanna

    Good to see some former ABCers on the nomination list.

    Very surprised OLTL out of the best Drama list.

    Here my predictions:
    Best Actress: Debbi Morgan or Erika Slezak
    Best Actor: Darnell Williams
    Best Supporting Actress: Toss-up love all five ladies
    Best Supporting Actor: Love all five guys but gotta give Jason Thompson the edge
    Younger Actor: Toss up great actors
    Younger Actress: Don’t care, maybe Molly Burnett by default!!

    Drama: Toss-up

    You never know how the voters think, should be interesting!!

    Congrats to all the nominees!!!

  38. Profile photo of maxsmom

    writing this after the first 30 posts: OneLife is notorius for bad submissions but it does speak to Frank and Ron’s decision making and taste level that they pick so badly so I am not blaming the Academy.

  39. Profile photo of Cordelia Chase
    Cordelia Chase

    I’m so pleased that Rebecca Herbst was nominated. I’m sure she won’t win, because she never does, and they certainly don’t bother to write any quality material for Elizabeth, but that woman can act.

    In the end, it’s not about whether you’re JaSam or Liason – Rebecca Herbst is an enormously talented actress who shines even in the horrible storylines they give her. Truthfully, she should already have at least three of those statues sitting on her mantel.

  40. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @Cordelia Chase: I agree that Rebecca Herbst is incredibly talented and always gives her 100% in her every scene, whether large or small. She can never be accused of “phoning it in” in her near 15 years worth of performances as Nurse Elizabeth Webber, even when her story was awful (which has been the case the past 5 years!) She SHOULD win the Emmy but something tells me Genie Francis will be awarded. Genie Francis is the most-recognizable of those nominated in the Supporting Actress category and that seems to go a long way in terms of being awarded Emmys.

  41. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    YAY for Becky!!!!! :love:

    Pissed Kassie D didn’t get a nod though.

    Some of the other nods are total WTFuckery, as usual per this time of year, so I’ll just leave it alone. ;)

  42. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    It’s too bad we won’t see the actual awards. I would particularly like to see what Erika Slezak would have to say, should she win. Oh well, it won’t be the first disappointment soap fans have suffered. (sigh)

  43. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=Chilly Fan 25]Y&R sucks but I hope Elizabeth Hendrickson wins something. She deserves something for having to be paired with the Chipmunk.

    Melody Thomas Scott was robbed.[/quote]

    For me, MTS was by far the most glaring omission on the list(though I’d say Jerry ver Dorn and OLTL in the Drama category are a close second). Every episode I watched her in during the alcohol-redux storyline had me thinking that this work was gonna get her an Emmy; I’ve always thought she was a decent to good actress, but this year she’s been AMAZING. Still, the Daytime Emmys have been a joke for several years now and it continues to be the (gag)gift that keeps on giving.

  44. Profile photo of online

    Congrats to Becky Herbst. I really hope she’s able to take this one home. IMO she really deserves it,especially with all she had to endure last year. Definitely a class act.

  45. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=For Whom the Bells Toll]MIchael Muhney not there and Genie Francis for supporting role?? What a joke.[/quote]

    Have to agree with U and also, why Christal Kahlil/Lily? She has no talent and a stupid part.

  46. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    WoW Becky’s Elizabeth & Nancy’s Alexis managed an emmy reel? Well at least they are getting some buzz lawd knows GH does nothing for them….
    Congrats to all nominees.

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