Is Days of Our Lives Already Looking to Bring Eileen Davidson Back as Kristen, Susan Et Al?

Aww sookie sookie now! Soap Opera Digest is hearing Days of Our Lives may already be looking to bring fired The Young and the Restless actress Eileen Davidson back to Salem. Davidson wrecked shop on DAYS in the mid-to-late 90's as Stefano DiMera's (Joe Mascolo) dastardly adopted daughter Kristen Blake and as Kristen's posse of doppelgangers, Susan, Sister Mary Moira, Penelope and Thomas Banks.

The comic saga of Kristen and her wacky lookalikes helped make DAYS Must See Soap in the 90's. With the object of Kristen's affection, John Black (Drake Hogestyn), as well as her mortal enemy, Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), currently residing in Salem again, now would be a perfect time for the villainess to escape from white slavery and return to terrorize Jarlena! 

There's also sweet, lil baby Elviiiiis (James Scott), son of Susan Banks, to consider. Maybe the buck-toothed goofball could shed some light on EJ's true paternity? Make this happen Ken and Gary!

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    I don’t know if I should wish Eileen getting this job. DAYS is another big mess on television and seeing how they screw over their actors I’m about to say that ED is maybe better off.

  2. Profile photo of Ginger

    As much as I enjoyed Susan Banks back in the day, isn’t it time that Days learns a few lessons from its failed reset? Didn’t the nostalgia for yesteryear with accompanying character return get Days into the mess it has right now? Recycled characters and stories from the past don’t save a soap. Good stories about layered characters do. Besides, why hire more actors when others have been let go? It’s not fixing the major problems at all, just throwing something on the wall and hoping it sticks.

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    If she’s back at days then I will return to viewing that show! She kept me glued to that show from 94-98…loved evil Kristen Blake!

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    I thought her characters were fun when I was 16 and 17, but I doubt I would care for them much now. That sums up how I feel about the over-the-top campiness soaps embraced in the 1990s as a whole.

  5. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Let’s hope those idiots have something good planned. I’ve gone from being the show’s most loyal fan to having zero confidence in the writers’ abilities and very little liking for Days.

    And as the poster above said, the whole thing was kind of comical and even fun to watch back when I was barely out of my teens; but it might just come off as overwhelmingly silly now.

  6. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    That would be great. Susan and Kirsten would be a great addition to Days right now. I have the perfect story to reintroduce Kristen: Madison leaves town and breaks up with Brady. Brady so devasted decides to leave Salem. Brady falls in love off screen with an unnamed woman, he calls John and Marlena to tell them he is comming home and bringing his new love with him. Brady shows up at Marlena’s penthouse with his new love and John and Marlena are both floored when they relize Brady’s new girlfriend is Kristen Blake!

  7. Profile photo of Miry

    Yay!! Stefano needs another (female) kid in town since they are killing off Lexie, so I really hope this is true!

    Y&R were dumbasses for letting her go! Ash & Cane could have been FIYA!

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    I never watched Eileen on Days but I remember seeing clips of this character in the 90s. It looked like she had great fun! I hope this works out for her.

    Screw Y&R. They’ve made it pretty clear where their priorities lie and it’s not with the veteran characters (unless your name is Victor).

    My favorite character is JILL and Jess left this week for her *LOA*. I shoould be devastated but I’m HAPPY for her. That’s how bad things have gotten.

  9. Profile photo of blake3b

    OMG I have been wanting Kristen and Susan back on Days ever since they left! They really did make Days worth watching! I really hope they do come back, this would be the perfect timing also! Stefano has lost his children, especially with Lexie dying soon. John and Marlena definitely need a good story and some shaking up. Just don’t make her play five characters again, that would wear her out again!
    Y&R is stupid to let her go, can they not see the chemistry with Ashley and Cane? Yet Daisy is still on there? And they have a revolving door of stunt casting. It’s funny that the idiots in charge, mainly Maria Bell, can let the show be so unbearable to watch and really low ratings. Y&R used to be a force to reckon with, now they are just laughable.

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Eileen Davidson and her DAYS story in the late 90s were the ONLY real reason why I even started watching that show in the first place. DAYS had better strike while the iron is hot!!

  11. Profile photo of harlee490

    I just got home and changed out of my monkey suit and saw this and fall out! I immediately fixed me a black martini and going to watch Y&R…this is very depressing, send her back to B&B.

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    I think it would be a great idea to bring Kristen back now that Stefano is NOT EJ’s father!! She could fill in the blanks for him! ALso, it would give John and MArlena something to do! AS LONG AS PETER RECKEL STAYS!!!!!!!! She is a great actress and would be a great addition Just keep her away from Daniel! UGH! Loved her in the 90’s would love her back! Kate and Ian make me yawn, put them on the back burner Chad and Mel chringe, Gabbie nothing there…. I know a soap needs teens but make them work watching. I remember Bell and Shawn as teens it was so cute and watchable! Only teen I enjoy is Will!!! So many people are against bringing the VETS back but not me if the story is good they can make it great!!! I will keep my fingers crossed!!

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    hey mon

    That iron is hot baby. Hey Mon is ready to make the change permanent from Y&R to DAYS. Bring back Kristen and Susan.

    Sharon and Victor… Daniel and Daisy… Ricky hates Phyllis, why, who in the #ell knows? SONY, CBS, and MAB can keep that cr@p.

  14. Profile photo of snags

    First off, I am NOT an Eileen Davidson fan so all that focus on her and all her characters I found as redundant and way too silly. Kristen and Susan were fine, even a little of Mary Moira, but Penelope and Thomas just made it ridiculous. With that said, I acknowledge a historical tie to the current show via Stefano and EJ. So there are possibilities for stories.

    BUT, was this a case of the new regime expanding on the EJ paternity and LEGITIMATELY having a story planned and hoping that Eileen Davidson becomes available or is it a case of grabbing someone because they are available? If it is the former, then fine, go with the story as Susan should be included in this paternity story (Ian and Susan is my guess to tie Ian to the canvas and make Ian a rival to Stefano even more). If Kristen gets pulled in, it does give Stefano a female offspring to play off of now that Lexie is going to die. But there are holes in the logic. Stefano is currently shunning EJ because he isn’t Stefano’s biological son. Kristen is a Blake, therefore she isn’t biologically Stefano’s either yet he loved her dearly, therefore his shunning EJ right now doesn’t ring true. If it is the latter reason, which is that she’s simply available, then I want NONE of it! Why? I do not need a rehash of Kristen trying to come between John and Marlena again. See Bo and Hope (with Carly, Billie – both failures) and how those attempts at rehashing history simply FAILED! The same with Carrie/Austin/Sami/Rafe. The show really could have devised more adult and ORGANIC ways to divide the siblings (Carrie and Sami) yet again. It’s simply lazy writing. Therefore if Kristen comes back, she can have a link to John and Marlena as that IS organic, but if that’s her sole purpose on the show, I really would rather not deal with it. The show has a HUGE cast of underused people that I would LOVE to get some love (Sonny, Victor, Maggie, Jennifer, Adrienne, Justin, Bo, Hope, Marlena) before they hire yet another actor to this already over-sized cast. Focus on the characters ON the canvas and develop it there. Otherwise, I really couldn’t care less. It’s just shuffling to get noticed in the news but if you can’t deliver something good then people WILL tune out!

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    ER Writer

    “don’t all of the Salemite’s still think that Kristen is dead??”

    I thought Kristen got shipped off to a sultan’s harem?
    I’m really not joking, isn’t that what happened?

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