RUMOR REPORT: Is Eileen Davidson on Her Way OUT at The Young and the Restless?!

Is one of Genoa City's most beloved heroines on her way out at The Young and the Restless? That's what setside sources are saying about Eileen Davidson, who has been playing the role of cosmetics princess Ashley Abbott on and off since 1982. Apparently the news started circling around the Y&R set on Tuesday. 


 I am sincerely hoping the brass at Y&R can't possibly be this stupid, but if they are, Gary Tomlin better blow up Davidson's phone STAT about a Days of Our Lives return! Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops!

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    I can only hope this means she is headed back to Days of Our Lives as Susan/Kristin. Y&R would rather bring on 50 Z-Listers than keep their best vets.

    Maria, I am still waiting for Tiffany Brisette (Viki the robot from Small Wonder). Get on it! Make it happen!

  2. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    Not surprised. The legacy characters have been ruined under MAB. Davidson’s talents have been shamefully underutilized. Our vets have taken a back seat too often to characters the audience knows and cares little about. IMO, the show known as, The Young and the Restless, died in ’06. It’s never recovered from the bad decisions bestowed upon it since then. Current day Y&R is a bad knock off. Had Maria Bell been the shows scribe in the 80’s it NEVER would have went to number 1 and would have been canceled a long time ago.

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    I would hate to see her leave. I truly love her as Ashley Abbott, but I would love her to take another stab as Kristen Blake!!!

    And bring Brenda Epperson back as Ashley!!!

  4. Profile photo of beautreal

    If MAB allows a powerhouse like Eileen Davidson go then she really should be next out the door. although if this is Eileen’s decision then who can really blame her when you look at what this regime is doing to the show by decimating so many beloved characters.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    OMG… I’m shocked! I didn’t expect this.

    I know that Eileen twittered something yesterday about a change, but I thought that was referring to the rumor that MAB might be on her way out.

    Wow, that’s bad. I don’t know what to say. :(

  6. Profile photo of Carol2

    Y&R has never had an idea of what to do with Ashley since Eileen’s first return in the late 90’s. The sperm storyline destroyed her character, and has produced nothing of value, aside from a shrewish, shrieking “daughter” who looks about 35 years old and ran out of story once someone finished their Simple Life DVDs. Even before Eileen’s return, the character had run out of ideas for a long time.

    I think the only reason MAB brought her back was as part of her “I’m not LML, suck it, LML!” crusade of 2008 and 2009. They used her in the Adam gaslighting story, mostly because someone at Y&R clearly assumed that story would thrill viewers and turn them on. When – surprise surprise – that didn’t happen, and viewers were repulsed, Ashley paid the price, because they wanted us to LOVE Adam. So she has mostly been in the background, at best having stories with the Weekend at Bernie’s stand-in, Tucker Plucker.

  7. Profile photo of lauren329

    Looks like Eileen is now confirming herself on Twitter. That’s too bad- Ashley is still a really viable character, they just haven’t written her properly. Never saw her on DAYS but I would be interested to see her there.

  8. Profile photo of richalan67

    I am done defending MAB!! She needs to trade in her pencil and paper for an Egee’s uniform! Damn that bitch for get rid of a member of the Abbott family. Get rid of some of the people she brought in from cancelled shows. I am sorry for people who lost their jobs but stay the hell away from Genoa City. I LOVE GF and Genevieve and I can take Harmony and Sarge because it gives a boost to the Black community on the show but the rest need to go away!! Bring back Kay Alden and Ed Scott to return the show to its glory days!!

  9. Profile photo of blake3b

    [quote=angrierblackerman]I can only hope this means she is headed back to Days of Our Lives as Susan/Kristin. Y&R would rather bring on 50 Z-Listers than keep their best vets.

    Maria, I am still waiting for Tiffany Brisette (Viki the robot from Small Wonder). Get on it! Make it happen![/quote]

    OMG you are killing me! Yeah either Viki the robot or the annoying neighbor girl Harriet lol. Maria is probably getting ideas from us now!

  10. Profile photo of RougeRabbit

    This explains alot! I was wondering why they were making Ash so lame lately. I love E and will hate to see her go, but I have mixed feelings re: Ash (or any of the other Victor drones for that matter) to begin with. I was wondering why Ash was acting like she was in a teenage relationship with Tucker and not a marriage cause I certainly thought she’d learned her lessons – thanks Daily Con cause I was gonna seriously have to decide to keep watching Y&R with all the craziness going on!!!

    On a side Y&R note: Is it just me are is the whole dope dudes up & rape em for babies thing CREEPY? I mean Billy & Daniel BOTH have to deal with these criminal/crazies and is it a good precedent to set (really)there are no consequences!!! Now Daniel is gonna marry Shelia Jr.!!

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