SOAP BYTES: Hot Messes on The Young and the Restless; Rick Struts on The Bold and the Beautiful’s Catwalk

DAYS BYTES: Salem’s residents continued to find out about the Fab Four and the two snore bores dying in the explosion. Considering this show’s history, I’m surprised someone isn’t demanding DNA tests and a pap smear, before accepting what they are being told as fact. Hell, one of Celeste’s tarot card readings would be more reliable than “facts” in Salem.

Salem’s paragon of intelligence, Billie (Lisa Rinna), was the one to ask what was really going on. I'm incredulous.

Alison Sweeney and Chandler Massey continued to shoulder the heavy lifting in scenes at the Brady pub. I don’t think anyone in daytime does raw emotion better than those two, at the moment.

Meanwhile at the DiMera mansion, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) denied murdering the explosion’s “victims.”

Stefano to EJ (James Scott): “You are now an outsider, and I’m not allowed to trust you anymore.”

Ian (Ian Buchanan) needs to leave Salem, preferably last week.

What is the record for the most number of people to threaten Stefano in one episode? Tuesday’s show might have come close to matching it.

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    Of course confronting McBain was more important than getting his pregnant wife to the hospital. Jason makes it very easy for McBam!!!!

    I would have like to see Jason and Liz actually visiting Jake’s grave. But I guess with Lucky in Ireland GH already has had enough cemetery scenes for the next decade.

    Y&R is one hot mess. I don’t even need to think and I already know five people who I would get of this show. And no, the talented Eileen Davidson isn’t one of them. -.-
    It’s so sad!!!!

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    Rick prancing around in heels was the most interesting thing about B&B, who is really turning me OFFFFFF with their never-ending focus on Hope!

    But I still think that he could have worked them heels a little bit better than that……

    WURRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKK it, bitch! (in my RuPaul Drag Race voice………..) :D :D :D :D

    Abby on Y&R is annoying as hell! Marcy Rylan is a good actress, but this Paris Hilton reject is just as one-note as Paris Hilton’s singing voice. YAWN! Devon deserves better! In fact, ALL the women under 30 in Genoa City are boring and dull. Too bad Chloe is engaged in this totally UNBELIEVABLE David Gest/Liza Minelli-esque marriage with Kevin. Chloe and Devon might have some spark!

    Kelly Sullivan and Kristen Alderson are clearly Ron and Frank V’s “teacher’s pets.” And both are on FAR too much for my taste. Alderson is just unbearable. And Sullivan is only good as Connie, and only in SMALL doses. And I guess I am the ONLY person who doesn’t have or feel any real sympathy for Kate/Connie. I blame it partly on the writing and the other part of me blames it on Sullivan’s acting. It is borderline scenery-chewing half the time mixed with cartoonish ramblings. I try to care, but find it so hard most of the time………

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    Chandler Massey has been back all week.YEAH!Will/Sami/Lucas/EJ/Stefano have been fantastic.Now I just need Sonny comforting Will and I’ll be in Heaven.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Kelly Sullivan and Kristen Alderson are clearly Ron and Frank V’s “teacher’s pets.” ,,,. Alderson is just unbearable. ..[/quote]

    I’ve tried really hard to like KA on GH, but I’ve concluded that she should be out there auditioning for primetime roles. The work in episodic TV is much less demanding and probably more suited to her…ahem…”talents”.

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    KA USED to be a good little actress. I remember back in 2009 when she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy for her scenes where Starr “lost” her baby, I actually wrote a LETTER to Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly expressing my disgust. I was heated with anger. But these days, it seems, she just doesn’t care anymore about giving quality performances. Someone needs to remind her that she’s NOT on the Disney Channel. Step it up………

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    alstonboy-I agree KA at one time was good on OLTL.At the end she did her best work with Roger and Trevor,her dads.Someone asked a on a post if KA every held a gun and that reminded me when she broke Todd(RH) out of jail.She seemed sure of herself then.I haven’t watched her on GH,but maybe with Roger coming on,it will get better.

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    Why are you dissing Celeste’s tarot card readings?

    She has never been wrong!

    It’s just that with all of the dozens of murders and tragedies she has correctly predicted, she has utterly failed to prevent even a single one of them. :D

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    [quote=Carol2] Massey has devolved into such ham.[/quote]

    As much as I hate agreeing with this, I have to. I think he’s taking his cues from Ally Sweeney, who can be good at times but can also be very hammy on occasion.

    Both of them need to remember that less is sometimes more.

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    alstonboy-Can’t help myself.I had a whole week of no Will.Dont’care if he’s over acting now,but I thought his scenes with Joeseph M were really good today.

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    I thought Chandler Massey killed it the past couple of days. Seeing him crying while he is going off really blows me away!
    I’m enjoyed the scenes of the friends and family mourning and all together, and it’s nice to see characters sharing scenes with characters they normally don’t, like Will and Stefano.

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    Cordelia Chase

    I’m still waiting for Alderson to be given a decent storyline, because this is not it. Outside a few moments with her mother, Starr has really had no opportunity to mourn for her daughter (I’m skipping Cole, because that wasn’t any great loss). She had no support and it’s hard for new viewers to sympathize with her plight, especially when they don’t know or understand her backstory.

    I think Alderson is a good actress, but she does best when she’s allowed to act opposite good actors. When you grow up acting against the likes of Howarth, De Paiva, St. John, Lozano, Slezak, and Strasser and can hold your own? You’re good. That hasn’t been the case for Alderson on GH. No offense to Chad Duell, who was excellent with the rape storyline, but he’s not been on his game lately. Benard chews as much scenery as his on-screen girlfriend. But scenes with Alderson and Easton, as well as her and Barash, have been very well done. Maybe now that Howarth is back and Lozano has come on, Alderson will get a chance to show what she can do.

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    Rick in heels was indescribable. Readers of the gay gossip board Datalounge know the Jacob Young rumors and him in those heels put me back to those numerous threads. That being said, he WURKED those shoes and the walk. But, I loved how nonchalant Rick was about the whole thing. Why is Caroline so surprised to see a man in heels? Where does she come from again?

    DAYS was sort of a yawn fest yesterday, but I LOVED Austin bumrushing Will and telling his punk ass off. I LOVE Chandler Massey, but Will Horton is on my shit list for being very one-note. Either get over your mother’s “betrayal” or just leave Salem. Quit whining and calling Sami “selfish” and a “slut” every chance you get. Also, Sami needs to slap that boy until her hand hurts. Then Lucas needs to slap him for making it hurt.

    Y&R just continues to disappoint. I love Debbi Morgan and Steven Nichols, but really, this Harmony/Tucker tryst is so stupid. Did Katherine really throw Harmony out of her house for sleeping with Tucker? Ugh, I want Harmony to pull out one of her “hell to the nos” and tell that battleaxe off. The other stuff does not need commenting on.

    Oh GH, how you entertain and enrage. Sonny is just the WORST. Jason is a close second. They are douches. Also, Kate, have some freaking dignity. Don’t beg for Sonny to forgive you or come back when he was so disrespectful to you. You are ill. If he doesn’t get it, then see ya. Loved Sam basically doing her own thing. I want her to confide in Alexis, but other than that, I am actually cool with how she has been acting since she left Jason. I am on Team McBam although I want them to bring Natalie on for an arc so that we can have a major triangle. Lulu and Dante need to be groveling at Delores’ feet for a while, but what was she thinking leaving Starr and Michael to talk? Didn’t he make the complaint? Why would she leave the accused with the witness?

  13. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I have to agree a little regarding Chandler Massey; while I normally say he’s the best thing going on any given DAYS ep that he’s in, yesterday’s episode occasionally bordered on painful(although primarily because someone sent a memo to the writers and instructed them to write Billie as the smartest person in the room). His scenes with Deidre Hall a few weeks back were gold and his acting is usually pretty natural and laid back but maybe sharing more screen time of late with Alison Sweeney(the most overrated actress on this show) will do that to a person.

    Regarding Y&R, I don’t even know what to say, though I’ll start with confirmation that MAB is indeed an idiot for cutting Eileen Davidson’s Ashley off the canvas; that leaves Jack as the only real Abbott on the show(sorry, but I don’t count Billy and Abby and don’t get me started on the one-note Billy/Adam mash-up that is Kyle). I mean, Davidson’s fired(not to mention Jess Walton being off for six months), but we still have to sit through Genevieve, Daisy, Kyle, Cane, Lily, Ricky, Harmony, Tucker and, worst of all, Sofia(I think JPM’s acting has actually gotten worse of late, which frankly leaves me almost speechless). I wanna say it’s to a point where things can’t get any worse, but I’m afraid MAB will read this and try to prove me wrong out of spite.

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    I’ve never cared for Sweeney as an actress except when Sami’s being a smug bitch. I’ve always HATED her fake sobbing and laughing!

  15. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I hear you Luke. You read my mind. There will be no scenes of Ashley and Cane getting it on, on Cane’s desk. Oh well.

    ChrisGA — Too true about the Abbott clan. Kyle is a whiny-@ssed SOB, and Billy Miller is walking through his scenes the last 6 months. They will probably bring someone over from AMC or OLTL-past to play Ashley in a month or two.

    I am tuning off my Y&R for the first time in 30 years. Don’t want to see Daniel marry his rapist just to see his daughter. As someone who volunteers at a homeless/crisis center, this story-line SICKENS me. MAB, you sicken me.

    Send Eileen D to DAYS as EJ’s mother. That would be great.

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    alstonboy once again has the cajones to keep it real. I’ve been saying from the get-go that Sullivan and Alderson are eating up too much screen time, i just can’t stare at Sullivan’s smeared mascara any longer, and the character is written as something who’s more possessed than with actual DID. Me and my peeps also rolled our eyes from Day 1 when Marcy Rylan appeared on NuAbby. Bad, bad, bad, bad. Gotta agree also re: Sweeney. She as a heroine on death row, ugh, thank God i missed all that. Altho i do say McPherson and Thomas did a good job of keeping her 3-dimensional, interesting, and consistent.

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