Susan Lucci’s Devious Maids Boss Eva Longoria Praises Soap Diva’s Comic Skills

Fans of All My Children will forever remember Susan Lucci’s dramatic diva Erica Kane, but it looks like we will be seeing the funnier side of the pop culture icon! In a new TV Guide article, Devious Maids’  executive producer Eva Longoria gushes about Lucci’s comedic talents.

"She's hysterical — so amazing," raves Eva, who thinks Susan "missed her true calling. She's a strong comedic actress and the loveliest person you'd ever meet. Not at all the soap opera diva."

Longoria produces Devious Maids with Desperate Housewives’ Marc Cherry.

Photo of Eva Longoria by PR Photos

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    She’s always had comedy timing; it was always rumored the reason she kept losing in Best Actress bids was that they always chose episodes with a comedic bent instead of straight-up drama.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I find it a tad ironic that when Ms. Longoria as basically considered a second or third tier presence on Y&R, Ms. Lucci was still in the game as the reigning daytime soap queen….and now Ms. Longoria is Ms. Lucci’s boss. As the world turns, indeed…

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    “Eva recalls not everyone being so warm and fuzzy.”

    While I don’t wonder about such a statement when it comes to Y&R, but had Eva any problems on the set? Never heard of anything like that.

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