Could Will Coming Out Send Sami Over The Edge Next Week on Days of Our Lives?


Will (Chandler Massey) is coming out next week on Days of Lives. No, he isn't escorting a girl to her cotillion at Horton Square ( RIP, Dixie Carter), he'll be telling his parents he's gay. Per usual, look for his drama mama Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) to make his powerful confession all about her!  

Massey and his TV dad Bryan Datillo (Lucas) spoke with Soaps In Depth about how things will play out.

Said Massey:

"Will had gone over coming out to his mom a million times in his head, and he'd prepared himself for all the crazy things she might say."

From Datillo:

"He's [Lucas] always worried about how Sami is going to react — she's always on the verge of some kind of breakdown."

To find out how Sami will react when she learns Will has been confiding in Granny Marlena (Deidre Hall), and just who will set Salem's hottest mess straight, pick up the May 14-28 issue of SID. 


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    I hope the soap takes advantage of the REAL WORLD drama that can come from a child, male or female, coming out to their mother’s can have in a family. When I came out my father, who is a staunch Catholic, was very supportive of me. He said I am his son and he loves me for me not for any other reason.

    My mother on the other hand, faked a heart attack, told me that I was sick and needed to see a doctor and proceeded to cry. Although we are fine in our lives now, it was hard for her to accept. I never forced the issue and she never once refused to see me. She just had to deal with it in her way.

    This would be a great opportunity for Sami, a character that has always been more to the selfish side of things since she came to Salem sooooo many years ago, to show that not every parent is YIPPEE I HAVE A GAY SON/DAUGHTER, and that’s a good thing. As gay people it takes the majority of us time to figure out who we are and now we can’t expect our parents, who raised us with the belief we would be “like” them to come to terms with it.

    EXCITED to see this event.

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    Scooter Smith

    I have been waiting for this, but just curious is SID sponsoring Daytime Confidential now?

    [quote=Jamey Giddens] To find out how Sami will react when she learns Will has been confiding in Granny Marlena (Deidre Hall), and just who will set Salem’s hottest mess straight, pick up the May 14-28 issue of SID.[/quote]

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    That’s awesome that your dad was so supportive. My mom had a similar reaction to your mom when my sister came out. My sister came out 7 years ago and my mom still refers to her as “my gay daughter”. It does take some parents (and other family members) awhile to get used to it. I had no problem with it. It didn’t change her as a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend. Life is too short to be anything but supportive of the people in our lives.

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    I should’ve known Sami’s latest attempt at being redeemed–on the back of thinking her mother and sister were murdered–wouldn’t last long. If there’s a more self-absorbed character on daytime then I must not be watching that particular show that said character’s on. Also hard developing sympathy for a character played by such a one-note actress(not to mention overrated–oh wait, I HAVE mentioned that before)like Alison Sweeney. And we’re losing Christie Clark’s Carrie–AGAIN–for this perennial hot mess? Ugh.

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    To make it real (and reflect my own coming out) I’d love for Sami to throw the f-word at Will, despite how painful (and un-PC) that might be….

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    I really didn’t think redeemed Sami would last long,but that was fast.The way she was watching Will and Marlena on Thur episode,I knew she would be doing something.Also saw a preview of Friday,and it looks like she gives Will some more fuel for his contempt of her.Yes,I think she is the most selfish character on soaps,except,maybe,for Victor on Y&R.

    Hopefully,next week,will be great.From what I’ve read and seen,it should be.

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